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Marching From Behind The Veil
2/13/2011 5:27 PM
(Ty Alexander H.)
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Nothing cuts to the truth like evidence stamped by God's Fingerprint

Every Christian needs to understand what Brideship really is today

Copyright 2/13/2011 5:45 PM

Marching From Behind The Veil
Guidance on what Brideship is for Christians today

Copyright (c) 2011-2015 by Ty Alexander H. All rights reserved.

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Initial publication: 2011 February 13

Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible: New
International Version
, copyright (c) 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society (NIV).

Scripture denoted by NASB indicates scripture taken from the New American Standard
, copyright 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman

Scripture denoted by NKJV indicates scripture taken from the Holy Bible, New King James Version. copyright 1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Scripture denoted by KJV indicates scripture taken from the Holy Bible, King James Version.

Primer 2/13/2011 6:49 PM

What is this?

This is a flowchart or journal of the spiritual guidance given by the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost on the subject of Brideship and walking in Covenant with God. It is in chronological order with notes and links to related information. Essentially, it's a detailed journal of spiritual guidance and experiences given by God on the subject of Brideship and His Pure Bride (see "Terms" below).

All together with the interpretation revealed by the Holy Spirit, it gives a message from God for all His people to heed. The purpose of this is to demonstrate the process of letting God interpret spiritual guidance correctly. Nothing is left hidden, for all that was kept secret was meant to be revealed at the right time (Mark 4:21).

What is the guidance?
Guidance can be Scripture, Words, visions, dreams and other things the Holy Spirit gives through the River of Life (see terms below) or calls to notice. Most of the guidance here was given directly to me. Guidance from other parties is noted appropriately.

A note on Scripture given - the majority of Scripture given to me is a range of verses contained on the two facing pages I was sent to (from a spiritual gift I call "direct Bible guidance," which I describe in the book 3rd Compass). I only list the verse number for the beginning of the Scripture I was given, but the relevant information may be contained in the verses surrounding it as I was called to notice by His Spirit. Sometimes I will also note the ending verse if it is important. At other times I am directed to specific verses by a chain of guidance.

A note about Take His Heart Ministries and the Book of Remembrance
A lot of the guidance here refers to guidance from Take His Heart, which is collectively called the Book of Remembrance (see "Terms" below). The first time I had knowledge of Take His Heart was November 3rd, 2009, but you will see that most of my guidance before that already lines up with theirs. Consider this and all the other parallel events and guidance that prophecy toward the common goal of Brideship when you're considering if these things are worked through God or not. Also note that it was not until 2010 that Take His Heart was given Words from independent 3rd Parties that their website was the Book of Remembrance. You will also see here that my own separate prophetic guidance during the summer and fall of 2010 also reveal Remembrance.

Color Key 2/13/2011 7:22 PM
Red - Words and Spiritual Guidance

Green - Links to related content or guidance; the green arrow => links to other guidance related to a certain theme

Blue - Notes and interpretation as given by the Lord. The notes and interpretation of spiritual guidance came from years of getting this information and linking it together using proper context and guidance from the Holy Spirit on how they go together. These are principles of correctly following God's Spirit so that His interpretation is revealed instead of our own. True prophecy never revolves around the interpretations of men. Interpretation belongs to God (2 Peter 1:20, Genesis 40:8). Alone, the Scripture, visions and other things of the Spirit had little meaning at the time they were given. Putting it all together properly without personal interpretation is essential to getting the correct picture from God. This process is detailed in the Book of Remembrance and this journal demonstrates the results of letting God interpret.

Terms 2/13/2011 7:27 PM
Book of Remembrance, Scroll of Remembrance, Remembrance - The collective guidance from the River of Life given to Take His Heart Ministries revealing and remembering essential forgotten principles, as well as leading the church into Brideship and Total Covenant with God; this was prophesied to come in Malachi 3:16 during the New Testament period and Last Days we are in now; REMEMBRANCE => http://TakeHisHeart.com

Bride - the church in general, all who believe in Jesus Christ; She is engaged to be married to Christ (Matthew 9:15, Matthew 25, Mark 2:19, Luke 5:34, John 3:29, Revelation 19-22); more loosely the Bride is any sect of Christianity including Judaism, Islam and the Mormons, but technically any sect who do not believe in Christ as Lord and Savior is not betrothed to Christ with the exception of the Jews since they were the first betrothed nation and passed down Brideship to the Christian church.

Bridegroom - Jesus Christ, the Son and God; Jesus is referred to as the Bridegroom in the New Testament many times (Matthew 9:15, Matthew 25, Mark 2:19, Luke 5:34, John 3:29, Revelation 19-22).

Brideship/Covenant/Total Covenant - The process of becoming God's Married Wed Wife (see Pure Bride), which is called the Wedding of the Lamb in Revelation 19 (see also Total Covenant).

Harlot Bride, Harlot Church, Harlot - the church not in Covenant with God (not walking in Brideship); some people may take offense to the "harlot" term, but realize that God is pointing to the institution of the Harlot Church, which is out of covenant with His laws defining Brideship or marriage to God (see Total Covenant for more); He is not pointing fingers at individuals or condemning the church, but convicting His people as a whole to change; the reasons for this will become clear as you learn what Brideship and Total Covenant mean in this document.

Messages - The book Messages from the 3rd Compass relaying further guidance about spiritual warfare and prophecy and reinforcing the Book of Remembrance; more "secret" things are revealed about Scripture and the deeper mechanics of our reality.

Pure Bride/New Jerusalem - the church who is in Covenant with God and moved from engaged Bride to married Wife, pure and refined as prophesied in Revelation 19 and 21; She is symbolized by New Jerusalem in Revelation 21; there are actually two forms of being God's Pure Bride: [1] As God's Wife and [2] as a guest to God's wedding and banquet, which coincides with the Parable of the Wedding Banquet (Matthew 22); both parties need to walk in Covenant with God (see Total Covenant), the distinction between them is that His Wife flows more completely with God by maintaining greater intimacy and levels of refinement and responsibility in His Kingdom; for the most part, this document refers to both forms of the Pure Bride as His Wed Wife because God's goal for everyone in His Kingdom is Brideship.

Python/Leviathan/Tyre - the prophesying, seducing and deceiving spirit (Acts 16:16, 1 Timothy 4:1); also symbolized by Leviathan (Isaiah 27:1, Job 41, Psalm 104:26, see 5/14/2009) and Tyre (Isaiah 23, Ezekiel 26-28, see 2/2/2009).

RE: - This is prefixed before guidance that is regarding or expands on previous guidance. The new guidance marked by the RE: and enclosed in parenthesis is usually given days or months after the original guidance, but sometimes new guidance comes during the same day.

River of Life - Spiritual guidance from God, the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost (Living Water). It is also the great outpouring of His Spirit prophesied in the Last Days; "In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people..." (Acts 2:17, Joel 2:28, see 3/23/2009).

Total Covenant/Brideship/Covenant - the full meaning of this will come forward in this document; the Covenant or Brideship term encapsulates the three covenants of marriage His people need to walk in to become wed and maintain that status of being in Covenant or in Brideship with God; Total Covenant is an even closer walk with God in this marriage (see also Pure Bride).

2009 January, February, March 2/13/2011 8:33 PM
1/18/2009 Sunday
Sermon at church was about King Josiah;

See next day 1/19/2009.


1/19/2009 Monday
2 Chronicles 34:12 - about King Josiah exactly like the sermon yesterday;

This was one of the first instances I noticed the gift of direct Bible guidance where any of my Bibles would open directly to Scripture that pertained to events in the moment. I thought it might be a coincidence, but it kept occurring over and over again with a scary precision. In the following chart you will see this precise guidance line up with visions and the gift of prophecy to tell more detailed messages.

By learning how spiritual gifts work, I learned they must all be used with wisdom, humility, and discipline because doing things the wrong way or for the wrong reasons, especially the gift of prophecy, will backfire when the wrong attitudes and knowledge turn a gift into pride and divination that is used by the enemy to move you and others off God's true path.

Remember that God gives spiritual gifts for the common good of all His people, not for personal gain or the success of a particular ministry or church (1 Corinthians 12:7).

=> REMEMBRANCE (How the Holy Spirit Teaches)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/holyspiritspiritualthings.htm
=> Messages 9 and 10 in the Messages

1/26/2009 Monday
Luke 1:1 - witness and record; the foretelling of John the Baptist and preparing God's people;

a solitaire engagement ring;

The engagement ring with a single average size, round or brilliant cut diamond symbolizes the engagement of the Bride to Christ. Like John the Baptist and Luke in the Scripture given, we are preparing the Bride and called to be witnesses/historians with accurate and detailed testimony, such as given in this chart and the Book of Remembrance.

John the Baptist is foretold in Luke 1 but most important, Luke 1:17 says, John will come "in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous - to make ready a people prepared for the Lord," which links to Remembrance about how we are preparing God's people for the Wedding of the Lamb and Wedding Banquet by moving them into Brideship and making His People spotless (Revelation 19:7-19:9, Matthew 22:1-22:14).

Brideship contains principles about following God closely that brings blessings and protections to those in the Spotless Pure Bride (those walking in Covenant). These blessings and protections are also given to our children as witnessed by Remembrance
(see Turn Hearts to the Children). That is one reason why Scripture says, "the hearts of the fathers will turn to the children." It is because the heads of a household who walk in righteous acts and out of sin will bring promised covenant blessings to family members as well. It is a trickledown effect similar to the inheritance of sanctification that believing spouses impart to their unbelieving spouse (1 Corinthians 7:14).

The hearts of parents turning to their children also refers to walking in fuller knowledge of God's laws and covenants, so we can avoid committing sin and bringing the consequences on our children through generational curses (Exodus 20:5, Numbers 14:18, Deuteronomy 5:9, Jeremiah 32:18). If we know and walk in the details of God's laws and covenants, we can prevent these generational curses. It may not seem right that our children and descendents be punished for our sin, but God is saying in this how serious it is to sin and that we need to think about more than ourselves when we are tempted to do wrong or to not think seriously about God's laws and the details of His Kingdom.

This goes with John 7:33 in future guidance (2/28/2009) to show the misconceptions many people have when they interpret Scripture, like still expecting Elijah to come today, but Jesus said John was that Elijah (Matthew 11:14) even though John denied he was Elijah in the flesh or the Messiah (John 1:21), which is true. John was Elijah in power and spirit as well as the fulfillment of the one to come before Christ in the Last Days (Malachi 3:1, 4:5).

=> REMEMBRANCE (Turn Hearts to the Children)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/turnheartstochildren.htm

1/28/2009 Wednesday
Luke 1:1 - witness and record; the foretelling of John the Baptist and preparing God's people (
see 1/26/2009);

Ezekiel 24 - the siege of Jerusalem by Babylon begins, resulting in Israel's exile;

Ecclesiastes 3 - a time for everything, there a proper time and place for things;

John 7:1 - about going out as witnesses and disciples; also about a time for everything;

an old time key/skeleton key; news ticker printer device; armored knight/crusader; a cowboy with huge hat;

Ecclesiastes 3 and John 7 have a common theme - a time for everything, which refers to having patience to correctly get revelation from God. Guidance coming from the River of Life (tickertape machine symbolizes getting guidance from God's Spirit) is a key from the "old" (skeleton key) but true ways to help us understand our crusade of building the Pure Bride (knight, see 3/4/2009). A time for everything alludes to this guidance not being understood immediately. It is only after many months and more puzzle pieces coming forward that these pieces can be understood and the bigger picture seen. This goes with Ezekiel 24 because Israel was sent into exile as a discipline for her unfaithfulness (harlot acts) just as the Harlot Church today is being refined and changed by going through the hardships of our time, which help her see the truth of Brideship.

This plan for God's people has the purpose of renewal behind it (see 4/17/2011). It happens by getting rid of the wrong ways of doing things and changing direction to align with God's plans. Don't confuse the reality of hardship with judgment. This is not about eternal salvation, but has to do with keeping God's laws. Having eternal salvation never negated God's laws (Matthew 5:17) or the requirement for His people to walk in them. The New Covenant of Grace unshackles us from the need to keep the law in every way to have eternal salvation (Galatians 5:1), but there are still serious consequences to breaking the law (see 12/16/2011).

The cowboy with oversized hat refers to showmanship or doing things in a way that detract from God's glory. People often jump to conclusions about dramatic visions and spiritual guidance, as I used to do, and use their misinterpretations to get attention. It hinders true prophecy because God's messages are mangled by our misinterpretations, which is why we must learn to let God interpret the guidance over time using His Spirit (see How the Holy Spirit Teaches). See 6/22/2010 for more about showmanship.

=> Messages 4 and 5 in the Messages
(How the Holy Spirit Teaches)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/holyspiritspiritualthings.htm

1/31/2009 Saturday
Zephaniah 3:17 - in Chapter 3 about the future of Jerusalem, restoring God's people and bringing all the nations to acknowledge Him; this is at the end of the book of Zephaniah and where Haggai begins a call to finish building God's temple;

a cube; our galaxy and then the universe zooming out and crunching/shrinking, and then a Big Bang explosion;

The cube symbolizes God's Kingdom in the Pure Bride/New Jerusalem because its dimensions are perfectly square (Revelation 21:16). The Pure Bride or New Jerusalem coming into existence is like a whole new creation that parallels the New Heaven and Earth of Revelation 21 (universe shrink and explode). The Pure Bride is God's future for His people (Zephaniah 3) and He is calling all of us to help build her.


2/2/2009 Monday
Ezekiel 26:14 - prophesying the fall of Tyre;

a helicopter searching for something;

In searching for the truth (searching helicopter), a mighty stronghold of the enemy will fall (Python symbolized by Tyre, Ezekiel 26). The church doesn't realize how the enemy influences her, but as we go through the truths being revealed in Remembrance and this chart, the enemy's involvement will become apparent.


2/15/2009 Sunday
Psalm 1:1 - Highlights the differences between the righteous and the wicked; Their paths will end up in opposite destinations as it relates to being with God in eternity; Notes how the righteous are to "live and let live" - "Blessed is the man who ... does not stand in the way of sinners..." and to keep God's laws in heart and mind always (Psalm 1:2);

a ring with pear/teardrop shaped gem on a lady's finger, then it changed to a double pointed pear shaped gem ring (marquise cut) (RE: this - a glowing white ball is sticking mostly up out of a surface like fabric and it has a ring of small round gems around it; the pages of an open book are flying flipping backwards like being blown by wind); a speeding train and a car getting struck by it and tumbling (RE: this - the edge of a waterfall facing the lower left);

The shape of the gems on the rings symbolize the Harlot Church's amount of disobedience to God's laws (see
2/22/2011, Psalm 1). The teardrop or pear shaped gem symbolizes God's sorrow for His people who do not understand His laws and Kingdom because they are suffering from the consequences of breaking God's laws. The church is generally doing things wrong because of ignorance. The teardrop progresses into the sharp, marquise cut gem to symbolize the church that is in fuller disobedience and working to actively promote and protect her incorrect versions of God and His Kingdom. This is the church that does not want to listen to guidance from God's Spirit that come through anointed servants.

The white ball and small gems around it represent a perfect meros gem. It symbolizes our inheritance or portion due to us as sons and daughters in God's Kingdom (from the Greek "meros").

These images go with the book pages flying backwards to show how the church must go back to God's laws by Remembrance and change her ways so she can grab her full inheritance in heaven, which is symbolized the meros gem. That inheritance can only be had by grabbing hold of our wedding garments, which is done by walking in Brideship. The pages are blown by wind to represent being "driven" by God's direction or will. This goes with other guidance about being driven by wind, saying it is better to let the wind drive the ship rather than go against it - it is better to let God drive than go our own way.

The train represents a vehicle for going into Brideship. It follows God's narrow path into His Kingdom of the Pure Bride, while the car represents the Harlot Church's vehicle into what she thinks is His Kingdom. It goes with the marquise gem (see 2/22/2011) to symbolize how God's path into His Kingdom will derail the false paths and vehicles the church is using.

The church will realize her errors when she sees her focus problem on the incomplete picture (waterfall edge symbolizes seeing only a small portion of guidance from God) makes her follow uncertain paths. She must acknowledge and walk God's narrow path of Brideship to get to His planned destination, but she can only do that by seeing the bigger picture given through His Spirit instead of focusing on her selective view of Scripture (waterfall edge).

The true and correct interpretation of His Word, whether it is Scripture or His live Spoken Word, cannot be gotten by selecting only the pieces that we think we understand or that peak our interest. All the pieces are needed, as well as God's interpretation (see 10/23/2010, 5/4/2010 and How the Holy Spirit Teaches), so we must see the whole picture and let His interpretation come through to understand the undistorted and complete picture He painted in Scripture and continues to paint for us through His Spirit.

=> REMEMBRANCE (How the Holy Spirit Teaches)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/holyspiritspiritualthings.htm

2/26/2009 Thursday
1 Corinthians 11:11 - about what is proper and God's order, God is the Head of Christ, Who is the Head of the church; everything comes from God and if we judged ourselves we would not come under judgment and receive His discipline;

a ring with large, red jewel and it was placed on a small child's hand, then the child's hand grasped an adult's finger much larger, like a baby grasps a finger; a square;

This guidance links directly to the ruby ring given to me on
11/7/2010. Go there for details.


2/27/2009  Friday
Titus 2:13 - waiting for the return of Christ; conducting a life of faith properly; do not argue over Scripture only witness and present, but make effort to correct believers who do not understand correctly (see 213 Promise in the Messages);

a dragonfly, fairy, butterfly; a fetus in womb; a dragonfly; a baby in a woman's arms; the number 7 shown bright;

These images portray Python (dragonfly symbolizes Python) perpetuating the Harlot Bride with unsound doctrine (fairy/butterfly). The dragonfly is used by the Holy Spirit to symbolize Python using and twisting God's truths to promote false doctrine in the church. It flies around spreading lies or seeds of untruth and makes us fixate on wrong interpretations of Scripture and His Spoken Word based on our worldly minds and desires. This keeps the church from seeing the more complete picture God gives in Scripture and through His Spirit.

This goes with the 213 Promise in the Messages because the birth of the Pure Bride church coincides with end time events, the Tribulation and return of Christ (Titus 2:13). Walking as His Pure Bride is the goal God has in mind for every single one of His people. We who've been given the guidance and experiences to witness this fact are not to argue over interpretations of doctrine (Titus 2:13). We must simply give our testimony and help where we can, but everyone must decide for themselves whether they wish to proceed into Brideship or not.

The church must heed God's guidance linked by the SEVENS (bright 7), which highlights understanding prophecy correctly and returning to God in complete obedience. That includes fulfilling tithe obligations to God and understanding salvation correctly, major themes of the SEVENS chain of guidance.

=> Messages (213 Promise in Messages 9 and 10 and Chapter 3)

2/28/2009 Saturday
John 7:33 about drinking from His Spirit and people's misconceptions about Scripture leading them astray;

There is a parallel about how confused people were about Jesus being the Messiah in that day and today with how God is directing the church. Our preconceived ideas and interpretations of Scripture are blinding us like the Jews were blinded. In John 7, the people were divided about who Jesus was. Was He the Prophet predicted in Malachi or the Christ-Messiah? But isn't the Christ to come from Bethlehem, they asked? Why does this Man come from Galilee? (John 7:41) And so, many rejected Him without further investigation.

They knew God's Word as the church today does, but because of their linear thinking they dismissed Jesus, who grew up in and apparently came from Galilee (Nazareth is in the district of Galilee), but He also came from Bethlehem farther south where He was born. The secular world is blinded by the same kind of linear thinking, dismissing the little details giving evidence for God, and unfortunately, most of the church today is wrong about doctrine like the Pharisees were about Jesus. The church has been overlooking the details brought to light through guidance from His Spirit.

The Scripture of John 7 is given many times on various dates, so it is very important to understand the themes related to it. Don't let a linear mindset blind you to our Living God who is moving and speaking through His Spirit now. Investigate further...


3/1/2009 Sunday
1 Kings 18:19 - Elijah, the last true prophet after Ahab and Jezebel killed the others, gathers all the false prophets at Mount Carmel to show that the Lord is the one true God; all the false prophets are killed afterwards but Jezebel remains defiant of God despite His display against her apostasy and false beliefs;

a cruiser bike; a wine glass/flute shaped like a calla lily then zoom out to two being held by a standing couple who then interlock arms in the lovers' sipping embrace; a monstrous wave and someone struggling in it; an analog clock spinning around and then a hand moves the clock hands to 3:10 (RE: this - a white fabric being pulled left through a rectangular hole in a wall, but the fabric seemed too big to go through all the way); a person laying flat on a bed, the bed tilts upright and then back down and floats into the distance; the couple with arms interlocked with wine glasses again; the Eiffel tower and a couple walking at its base; (RE: these - an inchworm inches right, then a larger caterpillar crawls along right steadily; someone in a white T-shirt holds out his arms and spins them, then he spins very fast and turns into a spinning fan with a bright white light beacon projecting left from the center);

This guidance goes with
3/4/2009. When the guidance was originally given on these days, I jumped to assume that it meant a major earthquake tsunami event would happen because of the large wave, and earthquake images. I focused on the interesting images I thought I understood while I ignored the images that made little sense to me. This was how I often treated guidance at the time and consequently did a lot of tripping up.

I assumed the clock here pointed out a date because in 2008, I got similar guidance when a vision of a clock pointing to 9:10 referred to September 10th later in the year. It was a prophetic puzzle that led me to believe in Christ (see my testimony). However, for the guidance here, the clock would turn out to be more difficult to understand. The clock did refer to 3/10/2009, but it took over two years for the full picture to develop and be understood. The message it tells with the rest of the guidance is a necessary one.

The cruiser motorcycle represents spiritual distance from God because of following the wrong interpretations of Scripture and His Spoken Word. It goes with the Scripture of 1 Kings 18 and the rebellion against God that Jezebel promoted and Ahab submitted to because of his wife (see 7/27/2009). They go together to note that the church's erroneous paths need to be corrected, because it only results in endless spiritual wandering when she is not walking in Brideship. The Pure Bride is God's destination that results in promised spiritual renewal and growth as we follow that path.

The Harlot Church believes she understands God, but the truth is she doesn't because she jumps to conclusions and misinterprets spiritual guidance and Scripture. She hasn't learned how to let God interpret by looking at all the pieces of guidance coming from His Spirit. They are given to many people and must be connected properly. We need discipline to let God interpret spiritual things.

The church's incorrect way of interpreting things has created the wrong notions of His Kingdom, because she overemphasizes feelings and passion, like love and having a personal relationship with God. These elements are true and valid parts of walking with God, but they are only a part and not the most important aspects of God and His Kingdom to understand.

The relationship the Harlot Bride has with God is unhealthy and dying because she has an excessive focus on romantic notions of God and His love (lovers hold calla lily glasses symbolizing death, person in sick bed, wave with person struggling, lovers again, walking in Paris). It makes her believe in unrealistic and untrue versions of His Kingdom that place God's laws and covenants behind her notions of love. She has to turn that around, because law and covenant are the framework creating the structure behind His Kingdom and everything else in Creation.

There is a lot of evidence for the truth of Brideship, but the church dismisses it because she overemphasizes God's love and keeps focus on the fireworks of emotions, joy and celebration she feels (see 8/10/2011). She needs to understand how God's laws and covenants work to have a realistic and stable relationship with Him in eternity.

Most of the rest of the images have to do with taking the time needed to grow into a healthy and mature relationship with God. This relates to becoming His Pure Bride as well as prophesying from the His Spirit. The white fabric pulled left through a hole but getting stuck represents how moving the Pure Bride into reality through a small opening and too quickly will fail.

This image goes with the 3:10 clock because prophesying in the wrong way by jumping to conclusions about guidance prevents us from seeing the correct picture. Patience and discipline must be learned to prophesy as God intends from His Spirit and that same approach is needed to successfully become His Pure Bride and put on our wedding garments, which is the reference to the white fabric. The proper way into spiritual maturity is to progress slowly, while not overemphasizing emotions and worldly interpretations. This goes with guidance that say becoming the Pure Bride is a process of growing and maturing into the role of His Wed Wife.

Further symbolism of progressing into maturity is shown by the inchworm, which is slow and unstable, and then the caterpillar, which is faster and steady but still slow. Taking that path eventually brings the discipline and maturity needed to understand God's guidance and prophecy from it. Growing into this maturity will make the guidance in His Spirit clear as we allow God to interpret it by building an obvious picture for us over time.

False beliefs can mesmerize us and keep us from changing, which is a reason why the church finds it difficult to change. Another reason for the church's difficulties in seeing the truth is given on 12/20/2010. It shows how our worldly interpretations keep us from seeing the bigger picture. Once the church sees all the evidence in witness testimony and charts like this and Remembrance about the truth of Brideship, it's much easier for her to change and understand why. God wants His Kingdom and people to be refined and pure to the furthest possible extent.

Committing to the slow and steady maturing process of the Pure Bride allowed me, a common man (person in white T-shirt) to be a guide for others (man becomes light beacon) by showing how working through hardships (fan spinning; fans symbolize the wind of hardship blowing against us), which were partly due to my own faults (man is also the fan), brought spiritual maturity and growth, so the path of Brideship could be shown. It is a path that has us grow as we follow God closely and change in steps that are different for each individual. The results of Brideship should not expected to a quick, snap of the fingers process.

This all ties back into the Scripture of 1 Kings 18 again, because Elijah showed he served the true God of Israel, which parallels the vast amount of evidence and testimony in the River of Life showing how God truly works and that He is behind the prophesying here and in the Book of Remembrance

=> 3rd Compass, the book (Chapter 3, Ty's Testimony)
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=8059081410797597672

3/3/2009 Tuesday
Job 28:24 - only true wisdom comes from God, who appraised, confirmed, and tested it; "The fear of the Lord - that is wisdom and to shun evil is understanding" (Job 28:28); Job recalls how God blessed and watched over him and his family, but now laments and is mocked by those he considered "lesser" (Job 30:1);

a woman in wedding gown with a train that extended far, she looked back and approached; a comet turns into a speeding bullet and then turns to galloping horses across a plain, they're enveloped by a "supersonic shield"; the woman in long wedding gown again but with wings like an angel; a woman holding a baby in arms and she has a halo and wings on her; flying dragons; angels flying, lots of them;

The church (bride) will move swiftly into the new frontier defined by the Pure Bride (bride faces forward, speeding horses on plain). The Bride is depicted again with angel wings and a halo to show how she is refined into the Pure Bride. The baby is the product of that refinement and represents the Pure Bride.

The last images refer to a separate stream of guidance about untrue notions of what the church calls the Rapture (many flying angels and dragons). Dragons are shown to note that the enemy helps perpetuate false notions of the Rapture and that it will save the church from the Great Tribulation. Those ideas have been shown to be untrue because Scripture clearly states the Rapture comes AFTER the Tribulation when Christ comes back to destroy the Antichrist.

God's people are to suffer great hardship by the Antichrist during the Tribulation as foretold in Daniel 7:21 and Revelation 13:7, but the church takes statements in Scripture out of context about the Rapture that note how God will "snatch away" His people, using a word often meaning "to grab suddenly from harm" (1 Thessalonians 4:17, Revelation 3:10). Even though the "snatching away" is true, we cannot jump to conclusions about how or when it happens. This shows how putting more meaning into God's Word than is stated leads to error.

The truth about the Rapture is shown by including more information. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 says our gathering up to God will be after the Antichrist or "man of lawlessness" is revealed and 1 Thessalonians 4:16 notes how the dead in Christ will rise first, then we who are still alive will be caught up in the air, which is the part of the Rapture the church believes will save her from the Tribulation. This sequence of events mean the Rapture coincides with the first resurrection of Revelation 20:5.

If we continue that logic, then we can see the Rapture occurs after the Great Tribulation because the first resurrection comes after Christ returns to defeat the Antichrist, False Prophet, and nations gathered together against God in Revelation 19:19. After understanding the truth we can see that the church's notion of being saved by the Rapture is an unrealistic expectation that also shows how the enemy has her overemphasizing emotions in interpreting Scripture and God's Spoken Word.

Like Job, the church will be proven wrong and will need to get her understanding from God (Job 28), but it must come directly from Him by accepting the correct way to get revelation from His Spirit instead of interpretations coming from our own minds. This also means the church needs to accept the guidance given to anointed servants who have learned the Brideship principles of correctly following His Spirit.

God will spare His people during the Tribulation, but it will not be how she expects. This ties into the visions of the Pure Bride because it is those in Covenant with God who are promised the protection of Brideship (see
10/25/2010 and 1/19/2011). This protection can be seen right now in people who have been obedient and left the church to go into Brideship.

A dramatic example of the Pure Bride's protection was a couple from Houston who left the church to go into Brideship. Afterwards, God gave them specific instructions through His Spirit to relocate because a major hurricane was coming. They were even told the size and severity of the hurricane, but they were also told not to tell anyone about it.

They lived close to the Gulf of Mexico and were told this many months in advance. They obeyed and were saved from Hurricane Ike in September 2008. It spared their business as well, which would have been destroyed if they stayed.

A more recent example of God?s salvation from the Tribulation was another man who followed God into Brideship. He was told through guidance from His Spirit to move inland before Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast of the United States in October 2012.

It was these people?s obedience of going into Brideship as well as their obedience in following His Spirit correctly that saved them from disaster. These are clear examples of the kind of covenant protection one can expect from Brideship. These cases are also evidence that the major natural disasters, bloodshed and other terrible events around the world today are part of the Tribulation (the disastrous 2004 earthquake/tsunamis and 2011 Japanese earthquake/tsunamis were also major Tribulation events as told through His Spirit).

We see how important it is to understand the truth in whole, however, many people view the statements about leaving the church for Brideship as an attack on the church. That is another gut reaction that does not take everything into account. God asks us to leave the Harlot Church because as His Pure Bride, we can longer support the wrong teachings of the church and keep perpetuating what He is trying to correct through Brideship.

God is not telling us to disconnect from people. Our relationships remain important in the church, but it is the institution of the Harlot Church that we cannot support when we are in Brideship. We must see the distinction between the church of His People (His Body) and the institution of the church to correctly understand why God wants us to leave the Harlot Church when we accept Brideship.


3/4/2009 Wednesday
Zephaniah 3:17 - "The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing... At that time I will gather you; at that time I will bring you home. I will give you honor and praise among all the people of the earth when I restore your fortunes before your very eyes."; the rest of Zephaniah 3 is about restoring Jerusalem in the Last Days;

undersea lava, earthquake; a large modern city crumbling; a Maltese cross, not the typical kind but very pointy one; a turbaned man sitting cross-legged (RE: this - tickertape of grasshoppers); a woman with medium hair grooming; many images of a mother holding a baby in arms, mostly in a sitting position; a "Tron" person running towards me and then clasp my head with his hands like a hug (RE: this - a tapered tube like a lamp shade; a tube standing under a veil, it changes into a square tube with water flowing out the sides and there is white mist all around the scene; a stretchy fabric pulls on a panel to the left like opening a door and reveals a glowing lattice grid (RE: this - a ragged line of hanging hair then a wall is on the right and below, feet or hands like paws in open boxes stamp on the wall (RE: this - pistons pushing up and down in a row out of sequence, then they start to synchronize and pound together to the beat of a large steam engine))); a stub growing into a tree next to a great tall tower; a row of white badminton shuttlecocks or birdies with the ball side up so they looked like standing gowns, one rotated into a flower with the dark inheritance gem in the center, then another shuttle was shown with a dark meros gem as the center ball (RE: this - bright white glowing ball sunken in a crater; tickertape line comes out of a surface going left, then wraps around a woman's head making a headband or crown, then her image is sucked left like fluid and for a brief second it was a fabric being sucked left); a flush mount ring with large round gem that turns into a split shape like a brain;

This guidance conveys several complicated themes and links back to

The earthquake links back to 3/1/2009 with the tsunami wave and goes with other guidance showing the church is being brought through the Tribulation for refinement into the Pure Bride (see 1/28/2009). The Maltese Cross defines the knighthood that protects the Pure Bride. These knights are God's anointed servants who promote Brideship to bring the Pure Bride forward. Without anointed servants to do this, the Bride falls prey to her own wisdom and the misleading of the enemy.

The vision of the original 8-pointed Maltese Cross was the first time I recall seeing that symbol. It contrasted sharply with the common Maltese Crosses I knew from motorcycle and popular culture, so later I looked it up and found the original cross was a symbol of the Knights of Malta (also called the Knights Hospitaller or the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem). They were knights working in Jerusalem charged with the care and protection of the Holy Land. After Jerusalem was taken by the Muslims, they relocated to the island of Malta, which is where the name comes from. The symbolism in this is that the knighthood nurtures and protects the Pure Bride and God's Kingdom by upholding the truth of Brideship and teaching its principles.

Without this knighthood working to correct the church, she will continue to follow the wrong paths with God and promote incorrect doctrine. The skewing of true doctrine is even worse in religions that promote love and peace over the Gospel of Jesus, as well. These religions are strongholds of Python using the misdirection of universal peace, love and spiritual fulfillment without the salvation of Christ. The image of the turbaned man sitting "Indian-style" refers to these New Age and Asian philosophies. Some even claim to be more enlightened religions by trumping "divine knowledge or secrets" gotten through spiritual experiences like visions, but reveal themselves to be misled because they also teach that Jesus is not Lord and Savior (1 John 4:1).

The Harlot Church is like these New Age and Asian philosophies because she also focuses too much on love, peace and other comforting things from God's Word, whether it is His Written or Living Spoken Word. The grasshopper tickertape goes with this and means focusing on the love and peace guidance from God's Spirit turns us into grasshoppers. The grasshopper symbolizes being small in our own eyes and turning away from God's directions (Numbers 13:33, see Messages 9 and 10 in the Messages). It goes with the peace and love philosophies making God's people ineffective in His plans because they turn away from anything that doesn't fit their ideas of God and His Kingdom. The Christian who doesn't focus on God's greater goals won't change from the Harlot Bride into the Pure Bride because she views the difficulties of the transition as too great despite being told what God wants.

We may have to go through difficult times and accomplish the near impossible, but God encourages us to prepare the Pure Bride (woman brushing hair symbolizes preparing for Brideship, Zephaniah 3). "The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you..." (Zephaniah 3:17). He calls us together to do this, so we may be fully restored in the Kingdom He planned, "At that time I will gather you; at that time I will bring you home" (Zephaniah 3:20). That Kingdom is the Pure Bride (mother with baby, see 12/25/2010) because the covenant principles of Brideship define entry into God's eternal Kingdom as well as how to conduct His kingdom affairs by handling God's treasury correctly and following directions from His Spirit precisely.

The Tron scene and related guidance talk about how God's Kingdom of the Pure Bride is a real realm that is intermeshed with our everyday-experience, physical world, like the "grid" world of Tron is real in that story. Unlike the grid, which is contained only in a fictional computer system, God's Kingdom is tightly intertwined with our tangible world. It was created that way from the beginning. The spiritual and physical realms are one in the same reality.

The Tron person running to embrace is like God running to embrace us once we cross over into His Kingdom. This could only happen for me once I understood Brideship and was cleansed of false ideas of what God's Kingdom is. Let us not be confused about eternal salvation and God's Kingdom here. The church has assumed they are the same thing, but they are not. They run are linked to each other because entering God's Kingdom requires having eternal salvation through the Gospel of Jesus.

Correcting this understanding is what the images of the tubes convey. The tubes represent tunnels or the crossing over bridges into God's Kingdom. They are a picture of progressively changing the notions of entering His Kingdom. The tapered tube is a skewed or false idea of what the bridge into His Kingdom is. It's the church's common misconceptions I just mentioned. The normal tube under veil, which is a round and straight tube, represents entering into Brideship, because the veil represents God's Marriage to us and the round shape represents covenant. The square tube with water flowing out represents the final picture that the Pure Bride or "New Jerusalem" is the true Kingdom of God (see 12/25/2010). The water flowing out of it represents the River of Life (God's Spirit) flowing within and out of her (Ezekiel 47:1, Revelation 22:1). The white mist all around the scene symbolizes a pure cleansing force, which corresponds to cleansing the false notions of what God's Kingdom is.

The next images go with the Tron theme and represent the make-up or composition of God's Kingdom (fabric reveals glowing lattice grid). The ragged line of hair means the Harlot Bride has not prepared for the Marriage. This is because of false beliefs she won't let go of, which are represented by "pets" in guidance (see Pets). Those are what the paws stamping on the wall symbolize. They are in open boxes to represent the pistons in the next image, which represents the engine powering the Pure Bride. The Harlot's engine is firing out of sequence, so she remains unprepared for God's Marriage. Once she learns how to fire her engine in sequence with God, then she will successfully enter into Marriage and the Pure Bride. This is represented by the pistons moving together and at the rhythm of a large steam engine, which links to other guidance about the Pure Bride running from Water or God's Spirit. By being out of sequence or out of Covenant with God, the Harlot Church maintains a distance from God and His Kingdom that the Pure Bride has corrected.

The image of the tree and tower represents spiritual growth with God (tall tower) by walking in Brideship (growing tree). The image conveys standing in the shadow of a very large structure, which links to Remembrance about the "Secret Place" and standing in God's shadow to meet with Him (see Secret Place). It alludes to how the Pure Bride loses all sense of "self" to conduct Meetings with Him (see 3/5/2011).

The images of the badminton shuttles symbolize focusing on the wrong things. The dark meros gem (see 2/15/2009) is shown with them because our false beliefs (the darkness) and carnal minds ("brain" ring) move our focus from God's truth. We focus on keeping the false and comforting things in the air (shuttles) instead of the harder truths contained in Brideship. Instead, we must sink into the role of the Pure Bride (ball sunken in crater, see enduo 2/19/2011) by following guidance from God's Spirit (tickertape crowns woman). It makes the Pure Bride (God's Kingdom) a reality (woman and fabric sucked left). The ball is shown sunken in a crater here to symbolize the true weight of the Pure Bride in the world. She has real, tangible weight that can be seen and felt (see 3/5/2011).

The flush mount ring also goes with the bad focus theme. The image refers to how love and romance cannot cure everything. It is an unrealistic view of reality that mirrors the unsound doctrine of the Harlot Church because love alone will not fix everything. We have to understand why by leaning on God's understanding instead of our own, which is what the brain on the ring refers to. The brain represents using our own interpretations and reasoning to understand things instead of God's. The only way we can use God's mind is to learn how to correctly follow His Spirit like shown here and in Remembrance (see How the Holy Spirit Teaches).

=> Messages (Messages 9 and 10 in Chapter 2)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/powerofthewilldeathofapet.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (Secret Place of the Most High),
=> REMEMBRANCE (How the Holy Spirit Teaches),

3/5/2009 Thursday
Luke 1:1 - witness and record; the foretelling of John the Baptist and preparing God's people (
see 1/26/2009);

a man, tall and slender wearing a tie holding a baby; elephant holding a large scroll in its trunk then a caravan of elephants with people on them (RE: this - pencils arrayed in a row inside square slots; (RE: what the elephant holds - a bright, shiny ball)); elephants again;

The Pure Bride (baby) comes from the commitment and nurturing of anointed teachers (man wearing tie) to bring Her into existence. The caravan of elephants represents the migration of people into the Pure Bride. They carry the solid doctrine of Brideship with them (elephant carries large scroll, bright ball symbolizes God's Kingdom). The symbolism of the elephant caravan is that of a people from foreign or impure influences, which refers to philosophies and teaching coming from the world and Harlot Church.

The pencils in square slots, like an array of rockets, represent launching the Pure Bride by the efforts of anointed servants to write and speak out for Her (the teachers). This links to Luke 1 because of the role to record and witness the truth of Brideship.


3/6/2009 Friday
a mountain range flying by and factories on the foothills (RE: this - a ring is slipped on a folded bundle of hair; a rod lifts a bundle of hair and moves like combing it); machinery breaking (RE: this - a needle for thread points outward and rotates in tight circle around its center then it is a sword pointing out); vase pouring water;

Ezekiel 24 - the siege of Jerusalem by Babylon begins, resulting in Israel's exile (see 1/28/2009);

an eagle hood ornament on a Rolls Royce type car, then it is a real eagle and changes into a vulture; (RE: this - layers of white tickertapes flowing, the top layer flows through a standing hole that is zipped closed; a very bright atomic explosion flashes and mushroom cloud; the modern United States Air Force symbol; a bomb bay in an airplane opening and dropping bombs);

Drinking from the River of Life (interpreting information from God's Spirit) and understanding how the process works (vase pouring) will break the Harlot Church's enterprise (machinery breaking) as we continue in discipline with spiritual warfare (needle/sword points forward). The needle and sword symbolize spiritual warfare and taking out the enemy with precise knowledge, like a sniper uses his knowledge and skill to hit a distant target with pinpoint accuracy (the pin symbolizes this pinpoint accuracy). This precision refers to rightly dividing God's Word whether it is Scripture or His live Spoken Word (2 Timothy 2:15). It means to use correct context and principles to interpret with God's mind instead of our own. These principles are learned by understanding the Brideship principle of following God's Spirit correctly (see How the Holy Spirit Teaches).

The mountains and factories at their base refer to God's people encamped at the base of God's mountain, for "His foundation is in the holy mountains" (Psalm 87:1 NASB). The factories symbolize the Harlot Church because her "industry" is to conduct ministry like a business enterprise, which is not how God wants His church conducted. He calls the church to rectify this by going into Brideship and preparing ourselves with discipline by walking as His Pure Bride who follow His directions closely (ring slipped on hair, rod combs hair; the ring symbolizes the wedding band of the Pure Bride; images of grooming hair symbolize preparing for Brideship).

The last images have to do with nuclear war in the Last Days. The eagle hood ornament and real eagle go with the Unites States Air Force symbol to refer to the United States. The hood ornament on an antique car refers to the United States as the original for automobile mass production, which helps to identify the meaning of the eagle here are representing the United States. The eagle turns into a vulture to symbolize how the United States will turn into a vulture during this time of atomic warfare (atomic explosion and mushroom cloud).

The truth about nuclear war during the Tribulation goes with the theme of Ezekiel 24 and related guidance (see 1/28/2009). However, only the United States is shown to be dropping atomic bombs here (atomic explosions, modern Air Force symbol, bombs dropping). When linked to guidance from other parties (white tickertapes, see God's Protections and His Plans), we can see a bigger picture that the United States will be hit by atomic strikes as well as drop nuclear warheads.

The layers of white tickertapes refer to the many streams of guidance God gives to His servants in Brideship. They reinforce each other to show the truth and provide another fingerprint authenticating true prophecy coming from God. Understanding God's true fingerprint on prophecy closes down all the misinterpretations that plague the Harlot Church (standing hole zips closed on top tickertape) by showing the church that His anointed servants in Brideship are the true prophets and apostles that she needs to listen to.

There isn't anything else more important to fulfill than God's plans of Brideship, because in the acts of becoming His Pure Bride everything else is taken care of in the three Covenants of Brideship: [1] securing eternal salvation, [2] handling and distributing God's money correctly, and [3] following His instructions exactly as He specifies through His Spirit. These principles make up God's Kingdom and walking in them ensures we fulfill our roles in His kingdom plans.

=> REMEMBRANCE (God's Protections and His Plans)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/godsprotectionandplans.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (How the Holy Spirit Teaches)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/holyspiritspiritualthings.htm 

3/7/2009 Saturday
the Liberty Bell ringing; a woman in a princess gown; Lady Liberty crying and the grim reaper (RE: crying - I felt the wetness of spiritual tears);

Luke 16:3 - The Parable of the Shrewd Manager/Steward;

This guidance links to
4/15/2009, which also talks about misconstruing freedom in Christ. The Liberty Bell is ringing here to symbolize that a message needs to "ring out" through the church, which is contained in the rest of the images. The Liberty Bell and Lady Liberty symbolize freedom and the freedom in Christ theme (see 4/15/2009), but the grim reaper, which symbolizes death, is shown with Lady Liberty to refer to the spiritual death that comes from the meaning conveyed by the princess image.

The princess symbolizes the church with fairytale notions of God and His Kingdom. This represents how the church's over emphasis on love and passion create false ideas of God's Kingdom (see 8/10/2011 and 10/28/2011) that not just prevent her from growing spiritually but also brings her harm, because she doesn't realize how breaking God's laws bring curses despite having eternal salvation.

The sorrow of the hardship and suffering coming from those curses is why Lady Liberty is crying and why I was given the spiritual tears linked to that. The church needs to realize her situation and understand the full truth so she can accept and walk in Brideship. Continue to 4/15/2009 for more about the freedom in Christ guidance.

The Parable of the Shrewd Manager goes with the theme of tithing and how the false belief of freedom in Christ includes freedom from obeying God's laws and commands, like many people think we do not have to honor our tithe obligation to God when we live in Christ. However, that false belief brings suffering and death when we go against God's laws and commands, like the law of tithing. People think God does not require His People to tithe anymore because it was only for Jews under the Law of Moses, but that is not true. God has given much guidance that tithing is still required of us today. See "Properly Handling God's Tithe and Our Taxes" or 12/7/2011 for details about tithing and what the Parable of the Shrewd Manager means.

=> Properly Handling God's Tithe and Our Taxes:

3/8/2009 Sunday
Mathew 1:1 - Genealogy of Jesus;

a woman holding a baby; a bearded man; a person that looked like royalty wearing a strange rounded hat; the number 7;

This guidance highlights an important message about focus and inheriting the royal Kingdom of God through Jesus (Matthew 1). The bearded man and person wearing a round hat is King Solomon who is in that line from Abraham to Jesus (see photo below). He is shown here to symbolize a parallel focus problem that the Harlot Church has.

Solomon took many foreign wives and perhaps most notably a daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt (1 Kings 3:1, 11:1), whom Song of Songs is reckoned to be written about. He did these things despite being told by God not to (1 Kings 11:2) because their foreign mentalities would turn him away from God's path. But because of a focus on carnal things, Solomon took a vast harem of foreign wives and they did turn his heart away from God (1 Kings 11:4).

The Harlot Church, too, falls to this focus problem, because she interprets God with a carnal mind and worldly notions of love. It's led her follow "foreign wives" and false kingdom paths like King Solomon did, such as the beliefs that faith in Jesus alone is sufficient to be saved into eternity and that God's Kingdom is only a vague concept of walking without sin and having salvation in heaven. She's missing the important details in the mechanics of salvation and the effects of walking righteously within God's legal system.

The church has lost sight of God's plans - that the Pure Bride is His planned Kingdom (woman with baby, see
12/25/2010) and walking in the acts of Brideship is how she becomes that Kingdom. This doesn't mean those who are not in Covenant (prepared for God's wedding, Matthew 22:1-22:14, Revelation 19:7-19:9) will lose eternal salvation if they have it. It only means they will not be able to participate fully in God's Kingdom and receive their full inheritance in it (Matthew 22:13). Remember we will have lesser and greater roles in eternity based on our actions and works (2 Timothy 2:21).

The church must learn the principles needed to become God's Pure Bride. They define the path to spiritual fullness that God has planned for us (number 7). See 2/27/2009 for notes on the link to SEVENS guidance.


Portrait of King Solomon
resembling the vision

3/10/2009 Tuesday
Isaiah 57:18 - in the middle of "Comfort For The Contrite," which starts, "Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people!" (Isaiah 57:14); the Lord accuses His people of being rebellious and indifferent to His laws and wishes; God's people do not know how to truly fast and work righteousness, but He is showing us how to correct ourselves (Isaiah 58);

Zechariah 1:11 - Israel is newly freed from bondage and exile; the nations that oppressed her feel secure but will be disciplined (Zechariah 1); the Lord's new temple is measured out and He Himself will protect and dwell with Her (Zechariah 2); Joshua the High-Priest is saved from Satan (Zechariah 3); the coming of Jesus and the New Covenant are foretold (Zechariah 3:9); sin is removed from the land (Zechariah 5);

This guidance is linked to
3/1/2009 and initiated the beginning "111" part of the 213 Promise in the Messages. It was a promise I did not understand at the time, but after many months of getting guidance about it, I finally understood it was a message of building God's new temple of the Pure Bride through Brideship - a blessed and promised union with Christ and the church that stems from God the Holy Trinity (111, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, see "The Meaning of Numbers"; see Chapter 5 in 3rd Compass for an explanation of the Holy Trinity). God's marriage plans are meant to remove sin and correct the church so she can regain her purity (Zechariah 5).

We are building up God's people to walk as He wants (Isaiah 57). Those of us who've witnessed the cause and effect of fulfilling or breaking God's laws and covenants can attest to the importance of understanding them and how covenants work (see 10/25/2010). If we understand how they work, such as the covenants defining Brideship, we can understand the deeper mechanics of God's Kingdom and walk in them.

The guidance is part of a larger chain of intertwined themes linking to the Great Tribulation and the church's problem of spreading the wrong messages based on incorrect interpretations. This problem makes her blind to God's plans for building His new temple of the Pure Bride/New Jerusalem. The beginning of Zechariah, like many prophecies, was written with multilayered meaning in mind. It not only prophesies about future events for the people at the time (past for us), but also prophesies farther into our time and future during the Last Days now (see 12/14/2011 for more about God's fingerprint of multilayered prophecy).

The parallels in Zechariah are easy to see when you understand the picture the church is in today. She is in "bondage" like Israel was for disobedience, but instead of being literally held captive, she is being changed and refined as she goes through the Great Tribulation (see 1/28/2009). This path through hardship makes the church face the truth that she needs to change and go farther with God than she has, which is to go into Covenant with Him as His Pure Bride.
We can see that clearly in Zechariah 2:3 where God says, "Jerusalem will be a city without walls because of the great number of men and livestock in it. And I Myself will be a wall of fire around it... and I will be its glory within." This goes with descriptions of New Jerusalem in Revelation 21, which also states She is God's Pure Bride (see 12/25/2010). She has no walls because She is the people in Covenant with God, not a physical, worldly city. And She is protected by God Himself ("I Myself will be a wall of fire around it") because She legally earns the protection by walking in Covenant as God's Wed Wife.

However, the church is not seeing these connections and instead makes the wrong conclusions about Scripture and God's Spoken Word. She is teaching in error and overemphasizing a physical relationship with God. The woman in the basket of Zechariah 5:7 symbolizes this sin. God will take it away, but the church must acknowledge His directions for doing it in His Spoken Word and not just in Scripture.

The only way the church can break out of her cycle of breaking God's laws and covenants is to acknowledge the direction He gives to anointed servants who were taught the correct way to understand things given by His Spirit, such as recorded here and in the Book of Remembrance. Acknowledging God's commands in real-time is a very important aspect of life with God. Without listening and truly understanding God's Spoken Word, the church will continue to wander endless paths that do not end up where He has planned.

God is calling out to His people through anointed servants to a new frontier (see Uncharted Waters). That frontier is the Pure Bride.

=> 3rd Compass, the book (Chapter 5, The Big Picture)
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=7621734615035252712
=> REMEMBRANCE ("Uncharted Waters")
, http://www.takehisheart.com/instructionsunchartedwaters.htm
=> 213 Promise (Messages 9 and 10 and chapter 3) in the Messages
=> "The Meaning of Numbers" in the Messages
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=8161957154485815272#j_8509252532317486056

3/15/2009 Sunday
John 7:33 about drinking from His Spirit and people's misconceptions about Scripture leading them astray (
see 2/28/2009);

a "V" (RE: this - a massive industrial drill like used to bore tunnels for trains with the center spinning one way and the outer spinning the opposite way; RE: spinning in opposing directions - a long belt of long, sharp pointed bullets); the left arm of a strongman flexing and showing strength (RE: this - a regular drill bit spin vertically and changes into the large spiral spinning; the rays spreading out from the upper right corner; square plates of different sizes spaced equally on a rod and spin forward facing toward the right, they seem to churn up or eat into a surface; a hand hold a piece of paper; feathers wrapping around a ball from below);

This represents a picture of walking the narrow path of Brideship (V) to destroy the misleading of the enemy (strongman arm, John 7) through proper teaching and sowing pure spiritual seeds from the God's Spirit (square plates and paper). The correct knowledge nurtures God's kingdom (feathers wrapping ball like a nest) so that misconceptions about God can be destroyed and corrected. The narrow path comes from the "V" linking to other guidance about V-shaped necklaces, narrow channels, and the bridge for "crossing over" into the Pure Bride (God's true Kingdom for His people). That bridge's cross section looks like a V-shaped channel (see Crossing Over).

The bridge is detailed in the Book of Remembrance. It symbolizes the more complete path of being in God's Kingdom than only having eternal salvation. The church has a common misconception that having eternal salvation is sufficient to be a part of God's Kingdom, but it is only the starting point and prerequisite for being a complete heir in God's Kingdom. The "V" is also symbolic of pointing in a direction and with the narrow path and channels it means to walk in Brideship by following guidance from God's Spirit, which is also symbolized by waterfalls, rivers, tickertapes, and cards. All these images represent guidance making flowcharts such as this one.

The square plates spinning on a rod represent the many discs of a farm plough or harrow, which dig the many parallel channels in a field to plant seeds. The rays spreading refer to illumination of God's wisdom from the teaching of knowledge given by His Spirit. The rays spread from the top right because the right side represents spiritual (left represents physical while right represents spiritual) and the top represents the top layer of spiritual understanding. Together this symbolizes teaching that is coming from the spiritual and moving into the physical and deeper layers of spiritual knowledge.

The rest of the imagery refers to how industrial strength, no nonsense, military grade methods (massive drill machine) are needed to pierce and put down the enemy (armor piercing bullets) with attacks from different angles (drill turning in more than one direction). We can't mess around with this, because the enemy has a tight hold on the Harlot Church (strong arm flexing), misleading her to stay in harlotry, especially when it comes to preventing the church from following into true Brideship (left arm represents marriage).

Home grade tactics (regular drill bit) will not affect how the enemy perpetuates false, unsound winds of doctrine (spinning spiral or corkscrew, like wind sculptures commonly hung outside). This means attacking the enemy with our own reasoning instead of by God's precise methods will be useless (see 7/28/2009, Spiritual Warfare).

=> REMEMBRANCE (Crossing Over)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/cometolifedoorpostboundaries.htm#over
=> REMEMBRANCE (Spiritual Warfare), http://www.takehisheart.com/satanintroduction.htm

3/17/2009 Tuesday
Lamentations 3:60 - God's people are in sorrow for being exiled because of disobedience;

Ezekiel 24 - the siege of Jerusalem by Babylon begins, resulting in Israel's exile (see

The Scripture in Lamentations given here are the same pages I was given on 2/23/2011, but in a different Bible so the first verse I recorded is different. Ezekiel 24 ties into the exile theme (see 1/28/2009). See 2/23/2011 for notes on this guidance.


3/22/2009 Sunday
I was water baptized today;

Luke 1:1 - witness and record; the foretelling John the Baptist (see 1/26/2009);

Water baptism is a righteous act that every person in the church should go through after they've attained eternal salvation. It was something I did not want to do because of my introverted nature, but after getting guidance to have it done, I scheduled for it.

The importance of water baptism is noted by Jesus in Matthew 3:15 where He asked John the Baptist to perform the ritual on Him, "Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness." Jesus insisted on doing it despite John's hesitation to show that even though it is not a requirement, it is an act that shows our desire and commitment to God, "the pledge of a good conscience toward [Him]" (1 Peter 3:21). This act of witnessing our faith in Christ is considered righteous because of this outward display of belief that parallels the covenant terms for eternal salvation requiring confession of belief in Jesus to another person. Luke 1 is referenced with this guidance to go with that witnessing theme.

Another important note about water baptism is that as long as someone, a child for instance, understands their belief in Jesus as Lord and Savior and the commitment of following Christ, they can go through water baptism. Some churches restrict water baptism to people of a certain age or use other criteria to determine if they can go through the ritual, however, water baptism should not be restricted by any means whatsoever. It is not the church's responsibility to control the rights of individuals who wish to be water baptized. The church only needs to confirm that the individual understands their belief in Jesus and why they want to be water baptized (to express commitment to Christ).

The importance of water baptism should not be exaggerated to be a requirement for eternal salvation. It is a separate act from attaining eternal salvation and does not grant eternal salvation. Understanding that is a part of being an "approved workman" in handling God's Word by using correct context and proper interpretation (2 Timothy 2:15, see 1/19/2011).


3/23/2009 Monday
2:13pm; Joel 2:13 - leads into "The Day of the Lord" about the Last Days and River of Life;

a boy wearing a Mexican type sombrero hat laying stomach down on the beach playing (looked like my son); funnel cloud on earth at distance and storms and lightning; a forest of trees on fire or being overrun by huge waves (pyroclastic flow); a ship like a battleship getting overturned in a giant wave; pistons and crankshaft moving up and down;

This guidance started the 213 part of the 213 Promise because I noticed 2:13 repeating like 1:11 did before
(see 3/10/2009). This was the first piece of guidance related to the H1N1 flu pandemic (boy with sombrero). I originally thought the vision had to do with my son because the boy in vision looked just like him. However, about a month later in April, I found out that Patient Zero (the first person to contract a disease) for the swine flu or H1N1 virus was a Mexican boy who contracted the flu in the early days of April, about two weeks after I had the vision.

I was shocked when I saw the news article about Patient Zero because the photo of him looked exactly like my son. That confused me when I had the vision because I took it to be some kind of personal guidance, so I did not report it publicly in March. However, when I did report this interesting development to my friends, I was jeered for making up something after the fact. Still, I was not deterred and noted that the other guidance I got here pointed to the Last Days (Joel 2:13, funnel cloud, pyroclastic flow, giant wave).

The given Scripture is where the "The Day of the Lord" is written, which prophesies about events of the Last Days. Putting this together with the visions meant that the H1N1 pandemic is part of the "signs on the earth," part of the chaotic events of the Last Days (Joel 2:30, Acts 2:19). However, my friends scoffed and said that H1N1 is harmless, killing only a handful of people compared to the regular seasonal flu. I acknowledged that, but there was a reason for getting this guidance.

A couple months later on May 29th, I received further guidance instructing me to tell my friends that the swine flu would begin spreading faster and the death toll would rise dramatically very soon, in a matter of days or weeks. I also told them that I thought H1N1 appeared innocuous so that the guidance would be proven true.

Almost two more months passed and I had not paid much attention to the H1N1 pandemic, but I thought I should take a closer look to see if anything was going on. I found something very interesting. Look at the following graph, which I compiled from World Health Organization statistics on their web site. It charts the number of laboratory confirmed deaths from H1N1 worldwide until the WHO stopped collecting statistics in early July because the number of cases were too numerous to track. The data clearly supports the spiritual guidance with real world empirical data.

It's easy to see there are two distinct periods in the graph. The first half shows a relatively steady and flat number of deaths, while the latter half shows a definite increasing trend in deaths. Peculiar? I thought so, especially for a disease that should spread continuously at an upward rate. On closer examination, I saw that the two periods are split by May 29th, the exact same date of my visions saying that the death rate would increase dramatically.

During the first period of infection starting at Patient Zero in the first days of April, there are 59 days (about two months). The death rate is 1.678 per day in that period. In the period of the next 3 days after my visions on May 29th, the rate immediately jumps to 5.333 per day, and for the entire period after my visions, which is 35 days or almost half the first period, the rate is 8.086 per day. Almost 5 times the rate of the first period, but in half the time.

Even though these numbers only represent lab confirmed cases and the actual number of deaths is likely larger, the H1N1 pandemic still did not appear to be harmful. However, on July 9th, 2009, I received guidance that appeared to say the judgment on nations is just beginning and unfolding, and H1N1 will rage and cascade uncontrollably when the world thinks it has passed harmlessly.

All this is linked together with the 213 Promise (the promised return of Christ to wed His Pure Bride) and the Tribulation (funnel cloud, storms, volcanic eruption, battleship in wave) as part of the events of the Last Days (Joel 2). The funnel cloud, tsunami wave and storms all symbolize events of the Tribulation, which are happening now. The battleship symbolizes warfare during this time and the pyroclastic flow symbolizes how all the events of the Tribulation play a role in refining the world by fire, like a forge furnace. It all goes with Brideship because the church will mature by successfully going through the hardships of the Tribulation as she is directed by God and protected by the promises of being in Covenant
(see 3/3/2009).

Joel 2:28 prophesies the River of Life and all the prophetic things people will experience in these days, "And afterward, I will pour my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days. I will show wonders in the heavens and on earth, blood and fire and bellows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved; for on Mount Zion and Jerusalem there will be deliverance, as the Lord has said among the survivors whom the Lord calls."

All the exciting images and prophetic validation was awe inspiring, but the focus on shocking information had me miss the bigger picture and message. I was overlooking the part of the 213 Promise that calls us into Brideship to prepare for Christ's return. God wants us to focus on that instead of all the traumatic events happening during the Tribulation (pistons, crankshaft). The crankshaft and pistons symbolize the engine for Brideship getting started. It goes with other guidance about the church's focus problems preventing her from seeing the truth of God's Pure Bride (see 3/10/2009, 12/20/2010, 1/19/2011, 8/10/2011, 10/13/2011), so the Lord is noting how the church is also focused on the wrong things, just as I was. She needs to refocus on moving into Brideship.

See the Christmas Watchman Prophecy for more guidance about the H1N1 flu pandemic.

=> ROD LIFTING VEIL (Christmas Watchman Prophecy)
=> Messages (Messages 1 and 2; Chapters 4 and 5)

3/25/2009 Wednesday
Hebrews 1:1 - Jesus is "appointed heir of all things" (Hebrews 1:2) and "crowned with glory and honor" (Hebrews 2:9);

This Scripture was given to point out a very important part in understanding correct tithing doctrine. The correct doctrine as taught by Brideship is difficult to accept because the New Testament doesn't state much about tithing. However, enough guidance has built up to let me understand why God didn't need to spell it out for us.

The beginning of Hebrews notes that Jesus inherited ALL things, and in reviewing guidance related to tithing I saw that on 2/2/2011, I was given the Scripture of Luke 11:42 and Matthew 23:23, its parallel. They both link to Hebrews 7:9 in my guidance as the only three New Testament passages that talk about the tithe or the "tenth." I was given Hebrews 7:9 many times and knew tithing was talked about for a reason, but I didn't get it in the bigger picture of why tithing is still valid under the New Testament.

I already knew that many of God's laws are eternal (Psalm 119:152, 119:160) and in effect before the Law was given to Moses since mankind was brought to judgment in the time of Noah when none of His laws were written. God also says in Leviticus 20:23 that the nations before the Jews (before the Law of Moses) were coming to judgment because of sexual immorality. This gives an obvious picture that we do not need God's laws written down in Scripture for them to be valid.

Next, we must know why Apostle Paul was talking so much about tithing to Melchizedek in Hebrews 7. He says the priesthood paid the tithe to Melchizedek through Abraham, even though they were born well after Abraham. The logic works by inheritance or ancestry. This is the same reasoning Paul uses in saying we all sinned because Adam did (Romans 5:12).

Paul also talks about Jesus being greater than Melchizedek and how He inherited everything in Creation. That goes back to Hebrews 1 about Jesus inheriting all things. What does that mean? We owe God the tithe also by the logic of inheritance. We belong to God's Kingdom through Jesus because we become one of His people when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior (1 Peter 2:10). That makes us legally obligated as people in God's Kingdom to acknowledge and fulfill the laws of His Kingdom.

The law of tithing is one of those eternal laws still in effect now (Psalm 119:152, 119:160). Proverbs 3:9 is proof of this because it is a command outside the Law of Moses to tithe: "Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops..." This command refers to giving God 10% of our wealth, the firstfruits of all our crops, which is commonly known to mean the tithe.

In many earthly monarchies, the king legally owns everything in his kingdom and can take any property if he wishes, but most kings wouldn't just take someone's wealth and property on a whim. Instead, they expect to be recognized and honored through taxes and any other requests they decree. Jesus is no different. He inherited everything under God, so legally, He owns everything as King (Deuteronomy 10:14, Psalm 24:1, 1 Corinthians 10:26, Hebrews 1:1, 7:26), and His people have a responsibility to recognize the tithe is His King's Share and that He is the one who determines how to spend it. The church has forgotten how to do that and subsequently has been breaking the law of tithing.

Ironically, I've heard churches preach the stewardship principle when they urge congregations to tithe. They say we are to give back what is due God (His King's share), but then they fail to understand that every cent of the tithe belongs to God, not the church. The Harlot Church spends His money as if He weren't in the room, but He is right here, and He's not happy about how she acts as steward (Malachi 3:9). God says His people rob him, which is more like a bank robbery than a theft of ignorance or slip of the mind. The reasoning behind His choice of words is that God's people should not be treating His tithe with such casual oversight.

God is the one who decides where His money goes, but the Harlot Church has been spending it as she sees fit. How do we become truly righteous stewards? The mechanics of tithing as God wants it now isn't spelled out in the New Testament, so when we give our testimony about doing it correctly (see 12/7/2011 and Tithing), people look around in Scripture trying to find proof, but anyone who does that is not understanding the larger picture.

Scripture only records what God wanted to record. Everything is not in the Bible, some things were lost in translation (see 5/4/2010), and others were encoded or hidden purposefully, so they could be revealed later (see 12/14/2011). You have to see the bigger picture with wisdom to understand you can't just live by the Written Word alone. People were condemned far before the Written Word, and we also know Scripture doesn't list every single thing we can do wrong, nor does it list everything we must do. We must be careful to acknowledge Scripture rightly, but not worship our Bibles or put the translated words, which may or may not have been translated correctly, above the truth. The Jews erred because they did that and let their opinions of Scripture blind them to their living God in Jesus Christ (see 2/28/2009). We can't let that happen again.

God is living and speaking still. He told us His laws aren't going to be "Scripturized," but written in another way. If we continue in Hebrews 8, He says about the New Covenant, "I will put My laws in their minds and write them in their hearts," which means God doesn't need to spell everything out in Scripture because His Spirit is writing His laws on us. The River of Life (guidance from His Spirit), where all the information for Remembrance and this chart is coming from, is how God reveals not just the laws of His Kingdom, but everything else that is important in our lives, both here and through eternity.

Consider carefully how all the revelation about Brideship and the truth weaves in and through Scripture and the physical world in a precise and orchestrated way to tell the bigger, ongoing story that the lines in our Bibles can't reveal on their own (see 12/20/2010, 8/10/2011, 10/28/2011, 12/7/2011 and Chapter 7 in the Messages). It is God's fingerprint of authenticity.

=> REMEMBRANCE (Tithing)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/givingtithesbibletithing.htm
=> Messages (Chapter 7)

3/27/2009 Friday
2 Chronicles 35:22 - where God gives Neco, king of Egypt, instruction to do His will (see 7/7/2009);


2009 April, May, June 2/13/2011 8:36 PM
4/15/2009 Wednesday
the Statue of Liberty holding up a bright fireworks sparkler (RE: this - many Venus flytrap mouths);

The Statue of Liberty refers to guidance about the church misconstruing freedom in Christ
(see 3/7/2009). It is another commonly misinterpreted Scripture that is misconstrued to mean we can do what our hearts desire and live life to its fullest, so long as we are generally good Christians. These notions come from Scripture like "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom" (2 Corinthians 3:17) and "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" (John 10:10).

This freedom in Christ, though, is not speaking about having what we want or doing things our way, but pertains solely to having eternal salvation, the freedom from the condemnation of the Law. It is not the worldly notion of freedom to do as we please, but only refers to the freedom from needing to fulfill God's laws in every way to get eternal salvation. The church, though, uses her notion of freedom to promote prosperous lifestyles and the choice to take part in popularly accepted activities and philosophies, even though they may go against God's standards. This jumping to conclusions misleads people when the church takes statements in Scripture out of context.

Thinking that we can live as only "good" Christians overall without giving up our worldly lifestyles and material wishes is no better than the rest of the world thinking that being a "good" person overall is all that is necessary to live a proper life. The church knows that being "good" without believing in Jesus or following in godly righteousness only ends up in eternal condemnation, but then she doesn't understand that following in righteousness as a true coheir with Christ also means sacrificing ourselves, our wants and desires, leaving behind sin and worldly things, and conducting ourselves according to the Laws of His Kingdom. This means living in obedience to our King as a member of His people and allowing God to run our lives.

The symbolism of the fireworks sparkler refers to the church's overemphasis on joy and celebration (see 8/10/2011). That goes with the Venus flytraps to convey how misconstruing and taking truth too far, like freedom in Christ, so that it becomes untrue and traps the church, because those beliefs prevent her from growing spiritually with the full truth.


4/21/2009 Tuesday
Proverbs 26:4 - Curses are always deserved;

a hand holding a lit candle/sparkler and lifts it up (RE: this - many moving machine gears in a huge machine; a glowing white ball shoots to the right at first and then loops around and comes toward me); elephants and people walking; a large glowing ball spinning on someone's finger and it zooms into the finger part and it turns out to be a scepter head (RE: this - a transparent figure walks out from behind curtains on a stage; the edge of a frilly curtain);

There is always a reason for a curse as the given Scripture notes, "Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest" (Proverbs 26:2). Understanding (lit candle lifted) that curses are the result of breaking God's laws is a major factor in understanding how God's Kingdom works (machine gears). Following knowledge about spiritual laws and keeping it close (white ball goes right and comes close) will help the church continue into Brideship (elephant caravan, see
3/5/2009) as she comes to understand the mechanics of His Kingdom.

God's Kingdom is balanced on His scepter, a solid foundation of His laws and wisdom (glowing ball on scepter). Law and covenant are the framework the church needs to focus on most, because everything else builds upon that foundation. God is making it clear how important this is (transparent property of the figure), because the church is conducting ministry in the wrong ways (figure on stage) and using the wrong interpretations of Scripture and guidance from His Spirit (frilly curtain).


4/27/2009 Monday
John 21:14 - where the section titled "Jesus Reinstates Peter" begins
(see 1/19/2011);

This guidance begins a chain pointing out the full meaning of the Scripture that talks about Peter denying Jesus (Matthew 26:34,26:69-75; Mark 14:30,14:66-72; Luke 22:34,22:54-62; John 13:38,18:15-18,18:25-27) and Peter's later reinstatement (John 21:15). It gives further Scriptural support for the true mechanics of eternal salvation. See 1/19/2011 for the final summary.


5/2/2009 Saturday
Ecclesiastes 4:9 - "Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken";

The Scripture noted here emphasizes how people strengthen each other. However, it is not for companionship or safety that this guidance was given. God is noting how the spiritual guidance of His anointed servants reinforce each other by intertwining, not just people and spiritual guidance, but events and physical things that show God's fingerprint of authenticity on Brideship and the things taught here and in Remembrance. See
5/4/2010, 11/23/2010, 12/20/2010, 8/10/2011, 10/28/2011, 12/7/2011 and 12/14/2011 for further examples and insight showing this fingerprint. When the details are examined, it is easy to see that only God could have woven so many separate elements together to speak the truth.


5/14/2009 Thursday
a man swinging a large sledge hammer into the ground many times; a horn (like a bull's horn) being blown; a scroll unrolled very long; a round topped temple covered with a transparent veil (RE: this - a wide artist's paint brush painting; a hand on the bristles); a hand holding a small ball and lets it drop to the floor; a small girl wearing a bonnet; someone shakes a cloth and wraps it around her waist like a skirt, then she holds a crown over her head and puts it on; a baby being held in arms and wrapped in blanket;

Isaiah 27:10 - about slaying Leviathan, which symbolizes Python, God's power coming, which symbolizes the Great Tribulation, and moving God's people into safety by His call to listen to His directions;

This guidance is calling notice to the times we are in and how to handle them. We start in Isaiah 27, where it says, "In that day, the Lord will punish with His sword, His fierce, great and powerful sword, Leviathan the gliding serpent, Leviathan the coiling serpent; He will slay the monster of the sea," which links to guidance depicting Python as an enormous sea serpent
. This refers to how God is moving to rid the church of the enemy's influence on her.

The man swinging the sledge hammer symbolizes the Great Tribulation coming by God's power. It links to the given Scripture where Isaiah 28:2 states, "See, the Lord has One who is powerful and strong. Like a hailstorm and a destructive wind, like a driving rain and a flooding downpour, He will throw it forcefully to the ground." This links to other guidance announcing that the times of the Tribulation have arrived (see 2/23/2009 and links below). This reality means there are things the church needs to do, but it is not the trauma or hardship of the times that we need to focus on.

The next images state what our focus should be. God is calling the church to a purpose (horn being blown, see 7/27/2009) through guidance from His Spirit (long scroll), so that she can move into Brideship (temple with wedding veil over it). However, the church is letting His plans fall away (hand lets ball drop) because she is misinterpreting His guidance in Scripture and live Spoken Word (wide paint brush, hand on bristles).

The symbolism of the wide brush refers to the church using "broad strokes" to understand God and paint His Kingdom, like overusing love and physical, worldly perspectives to interpret His guidance (hand on bristles symbolizes using physical senses and understanding). It causes her to misunderstand Scripture and guidance from His Spirit, which reinforces deep set misconceptions about God and keeps the church off path.

One misconception is the church thinks she does not need to do anything to prepare for God's wedding plans. They're a very important part of this age (Matthew 22:1-22:14, Revelation 19:7-19:8), but God is noting here that action on our parts is required to complete Brideship (girl wearing bonnet). The girl wearing a bonnet refers to guidance showing how the church prepares for her own wedding, the Wedding of the Lamb (see 10/14/2009).

She is depicted as old fashioned or traditional (wearing bonnet) because the process of Brideship follows that of a traditional Jewish betrothal and wedding as revealed in Remembrance (see links below). One of the "before" acts the Bride must perform is to cleanse herself before the ceremony. This is the same cleansing referred to in Revelation 19:7, "His Bride has made herself ready," which says she (we the church) did it ourselves. However, most of the church has not prepared herself because Scripture doesn't say how to do this.

But we have a clue in the next verse, "Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear. (Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the saints.)" Now we see our clean wedding gown is the "righteous acts of the saints," but who are the "saints?" The Biblical definition of a saint is simply anyone who believes or one of God's people. That's all of us, the Bride herself, so it's our acts that must be considered righteous to make us ready for marriage. But what are those acts?

Remembrance revealed they are the acts of going into Covenant: the three Covenants of Brideship (see 3/6/2009). They supply the church with her wedding garments and walking in them gives her the crown of the Pure Bride (woman wraps cloth on herself and crown put on). It is each individual's responsibility to walk in Brideship, which is why this message is a "call to arms" (horn blowing). Without doing this, it's impossible for a person to bare the fruit of God's Kingdom and fully participate in it (baby symbolizes the Pure Bride and product of Brideship).

God is calling the church to focus on Brideship instead of the Tribulation because the Covenant promises of Brideship include protection from the most severe hardships of this age (see 3/3/2009, 10/25/2010 and 1/19/2011). Learning to walk in Covenant prepares us to follow God closely through this age and into eternal life with Him. We need make no other concern our priority because God takes care of everything else through our fulfillment of the Covenants of Brideship, especially in the Covenants of tithing and following His Spirit, because tithing correctly puts His money exactly where God wants it and all other important directions come out of following His Spirit correctly.

=> Messages (Great Tribulation in Chapters Two & Five)
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=8161957154485815272#j_7810315407600785384
=> REMEMBRANCE (The Riders Are Riding!)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/the_riders_are_riding_rev%206.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (Are We Living in the Last Days?)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/endtimeslastdayslastdayevents.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (Boot Camp for the Bride)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/bootcampforthebrideindex.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (The Narrow Path to Brideship)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/narrowway.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (Protections)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/protect.htm

6/9/2009 Tuesday
a dead woman being carried by someone and then put down (RE: this - a toothed disc like a sprocket spins along a line going left; many square pieces of paper are laid down into channels resembling seeds being sowed in a field; a wide light beam shines down on the papers and moves about);

John 7:33 about drinking from His Spirit and people's misconceptions about Scripture leading them astray (
see 2/28/2009);

There is a misconception (John 7) that today's church is healthy and vibrant, but she isn't (woman laid down). The signs are not obvious, so she doesn't see the shape she's in or what she's doing is bad. Because of this she thinks she is doing things correctly since she has many signs of prosperity - wealth, influence, large congregations, spiritual gifts, and members full of His Spirit. However, those measures are man's, not God's. The church cannot see what she is doing wrong.

The only way the church can see the truth is to pay attention to what God gives to His anointed servants who have correctly learned how to follow His Spirit (light shining on papers symbolizes illuminating the truth of Brideship). We are sowing the seeds of truth (toothed disc is a plough disc, square papers planted in field, see 3/15/2009), but the church needs to listen and accept the truth if she is to understand her situation.

The toothed disc is a plough harrow disc, which refers to their use in chopping up rough chunks of soil left after the initial plowing of the seed channels (see 3/15/2009). This provides better soil for the growth of seeds, which in this guidance refers to preparing the seeds of truth to sprout by providing "good coverage" of spiritual guidance that reinforces the truth from many angles (see 10/13/2010). The disc is traveling along a tickertape line, which symbolizes the guidance coming from God's Spirit, like this flowchart. The tickertapes seed the channels with the truth of Brideship (square papers symbolize God's guidance about Brideship; squares and cubes symbolize the Pure Bride, see 1/31/2009).


6/12/2009 Friday
Titus 2:13 - waiting for the return of Christ; conducting a life of faith properly; do not argue over Scripture only witness and present, but make effort to correct believers who do not understand correctly;

The Scripture given here goes with the entire 213 theme about the return of Christ and preparing for His Wedding with Brideship. Also noted in that Scripture, are repeated instructions given to other anointed servants about how we are not to argue over interpretation of Scripture because it is fruitless (Titus 3:9). Our job is to present what was given and try to correct those who do not understand correctly (Titus 3:10).


6/25/2009 Thursday
someone looking at a vacation brochure with a landscape scene on it; a large ship like cruise ship; a cross;

Jeremiah 27:15 - The king of Judah is told to submit to Babylon and not listen to false prophets who say that no harm will come;

Jeremiah tells the king, priests and people not to listen to prophets who say everything is safe and that Babylon will not take them. The false prophets spoke without God's consent. This notes how the church and its leaders are also speaking the wrong messages without God's consent.

The images of the cruise ship and vacation link to "Uncharted Waters" where God calls His people into new waters with Him by boarding the "Bride Ship" or Brideship. That guidance, given to Take His Heart in January 2000, was one of the first pieces of the puzzle calling us into Brideship. The ship symbolizes our journey through "waters" (the River of Life/God's Spirit) to reach our destination, which is the Pure Bride/New Jerusalem symbolized by the island in "Uncharted Waters."

The image of the cross symbolizes the church and goes here to note how God is calling her to Brideship. It is a command that should not be ignored because it is first in priority for His people (see 12/22/2010).

=> Remembrance (Uncharted Waters)

2009 July, August, September 2/13/2011 8:37 PM
7/7/2009 Tuesday
a hand writing with a marker; a flying bird but then it turns out to be a bat; a teapot; a candle; someone holding a corded phone to their ear and then puts a cell phone to the corded phone like an intercommunication; a make-up compact opened and used by a woman; an ornament shaped like a strawberry and it is melting;

2 Chronicles 35:22 - where God gives Neco king of Egypt instruction to do His will;

Hebrews 7:9 - paying the tithe to Melchizedek (see 3/25/2009);

This guidance is about not listening to God and doing things the wrong way. This message is very important and needs to be spoken out in BOLD (writing with marker symbolizes making a big, bold statement).

The problems come from different sources. One is that of showmanship (bird flying links to showmanship on 6/22/2010), because the wrong attitudes and presentation styles easily turn things given by God into untruths because of misinterpretation and jumping to conclusions (bird turns into a bat to symbolize this).

Another problem is that of mistreating God's Word in Scripture and His Spoken Word given today (teapot, see 10/13/2010), because the majority of the church has not learned how to prophecy correctly from His Spirit (see How the Holy Spirit Teaches). This has led the church to bare false witness (candle here symbolizes witnessing falsely) that is based on her misinterpretations of what God gives.

This happens in large part because the church has the misconception that Old Testament style prophecy continues today (corded phone symbolizes OT prophecy), which is not true, because Jesus sealed up vision and prophecy (Daniel 9:24, see 7/8/2009). Prophecy and revelation through the Holy Spirit operate differently today (cell phone symbolizes New Testament prophecy). God gives complete messages through many pieces of spiritual guidance that are meant to be combined so that the interpretation is built by God instead of our own minds. This is important because true prophecy never revolves around the interpretations of men (1 Peter 1:20, see 7/10/2010 and 10/13/2010).

The pieces of guidance can come through many people and over very long time spans, so patience and discipline is needed to correctly follow God's Spirit and allow Him to interpret. The reference to 2 Chronicles 35 is relevant to that theme because King Neco was not a prophet or part of the Holy Nation of Israel, yet he was chosen to do something for God. This refers to how God uses people outside the "typical" church, like myself, to accomplish His goals. We should never judge anyone because of their background or apparent level of experience, and should pay attention to what God gives through them. The two types of phones being put together symbolize this listening or intercommunication with God and His anointed servants who have learned the correct way to interpret His messages (cell phone brought to corded phone). It is important for the church to listen to them because God does not give everything to everyone, but chooses people for certain roles so the entire Body of His church can function properly.

Without listening to what God gives through anointed servants, the church cannot function as God intends and she ends up falling to error and promoting the wrong doctrine (make-up compact symbolizes the Harlot Church), which hurts her in the end. Doctrine like tithing correctly and understanding His laws and covenants (Hebrews 7:9, see 3/25/2009) are the foundations for His Kingdom that need to be taught correctly for the church to come out of the many wrong paths she is committed to.

However, the church has another problem preventing her from changing, which is symbolized by the strawberry ornament. Strawberries symbolize the stubborn hearts of God's people (see 9/2/2009), and it's no coincidence that real strawberries look like biological hearts. God uses this symbolism to refer to how people do not want to let go of their ways, like traditions, which is why the strawberry here is also an ornament, like hung on a Christmas tree. It is shown melting to mean that the church must get rid of or melt away her stubborn heart so that she can throw away her old ways and accept the full truth given to His anointed servants.

=> REMEMBRANCE (How the Holy Spirit Teaches)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/holyspiritspiritualthings.htm

7/8/2009 Wednesday
a person riding a horse; a girl princess holding and spinning a guitar around and around along its long axis; a hand holding a small slip of paper like a fortune cookie fortune; woman in wedding veil spinning her hands around something that turns out to be a large ornate ring with many small round gems all around it, then it is a bracelet put on a woman's arm with many more, then the bracelets are all held in one hand; (RE: these - someone dumps things from a paper grocery shopping bag with two handles; a long white fabric extend into the distance, it has dark stripes and intermittent tassels on both edges (a prayer shawl or tallit));

Daniel 9:16 - The Seventy Sevens; "...to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy." (Daniel 9:24);

Brideship is our new frontier (the horse riding symbolizes going into a new frontier, see
6/25/2009), but we can't bring old habits or beliefs that oppose God's ways (girl twirling guitar symbolizes a rock star mentality, see showmanship 6/22/2010). The girl with guitar appears as a princess to refer to the Harlot Church having a fairytale mentality in interpreting God (see 3/7/2009). ). This mindset leads people to believe in and follow false things (to run after fairytales). This focus is a big problem in the church that happens when people read Scripture and get spiritual guidance that sparks personal interest and makes us feel good. This creates a tunnel vision people get lost in because they lose sight of the bigger picture.

The images of having rock star and fairytale mentalities refer to how the church conducts ministry. They are problems that need to be addressed because these attitudes shift the church's focus to the wrong things and misconstrue the truth.

The hand with a fortune goes with the given Scripture noting how Jesus sealed up vision and prophecy (Daniel 9:24). It doesn't mean they are no more, but have changed. God's messages are not delivered as in the Old Testament anymore (see 7/7/2009). That is how He has sealed up vision and prophecy. Prophecy and revelation now go down the River of Life (His Spirit) in bits and pieces to be assembled with patience, discipline, and prayer (the white fabric is a tallit or Jewish prayer shawl). The tallit symbolizes how interpretation of spiritual guidance needs to go through God's Spirit to get its correct meaning. Without the knowledge of how the process works and how to do it, the church will continue to error in her misinterpretations, which is symbolized by the bride with bracelets.

The large ring revealed by the bride is a woman's engagement ring. It symbolizes the Harlot Church's engagement ring, but instead of wearing it as a true ring, the Bride or church wears it as a bracelet with many others. These bracelets represent the church's many incorrect notions about Scripture and God. She wears them as adornments instead of as she truly should. In later guidance, these bracelets are taken off, which refer to the removal of wrong attitudes and unsound doctrine, like the church's incorrect ideas about prophecy, God's Kingdom, and how to conduct ministry (fortune cookie, princess, rock star/showmanship mentality). The church must dump her old ways (grocery bag dumped) and be refilled with the proper "food" contained in Brideship that nourishes the Body of Christ. The church will never truly wear her wedding ring until she understands how to enter into true Brideship (horse riding).


7/24/2009 Friday
Zechariah 13:7 - about the return of Christ, "The Lord Comes and Reigns";

Zechariah 13 and 14 talk about how there will be cleansing and refinement of God's people before He comes back to reign. Prophecy is specifically addressed in chapter 13, giving another reference to how God "sealed up" or changed prophecy and vision (Daniel 9:24, see
7/8/2009). The roles of prophets have not changed since Christ came, but the way prophecy is dealt with was radically changed as we can see by the guidance being revealed here and in Remembrance. The church must understand this very important part of God's Kingdom, because it is through the prophetic guidance given to His anointed servants that He leads His people to find their destined place.


7/27/2009 Monday
2 Kings 9:23 - Jezebel and the whole house of Ahab are killed here, then all ministers of Baal (ministers of idolatry); earlier at the beginning of chapter 9, Jehu is anointed king and a trumpet is blown;

someone blowing a bull's horn with an ornamented band on its end; a guitar being stroked;

Ezekiel 24 - the siege of Jerusalem by Babylon begins, resulting in Israel's exile (see 1/28/2009);

The horn blowing refers to the given Scripture where Jehu is anointed king (2 Kings 9:13). It also symbolizes a call to assemble and prepare for Brideship (bull horn, see
5/14/2009). It is a call to fight rebellion against God's wishes, which is what the rest of the given Scripture refers to (2 Kings 9). Jezebel is a symbol of rebellion against God, and in the Scripture here, she is killed along with everyone in Ahab's house, which notes that being complacent about fighting rebellion, like Ahab and his house were, is just as bad as acting in complete rebellion against God. Jehu's appointment is noted here to symbolize a change in leadership that will lead God's people where He wants. This refers to God anointing me and other leaders for Brideship to move the church into the destiny He has planned.

Stroking the guitar links to 7/8/2009 and symbolizes embracing a "rock star" mentality and showmanship (see 7/8/2009 and 6/22/2010). This refers to the Harlot Church using those techniques in ministry, and goes with the given Scripture to note that those ways are not the right ways to conduct His church.

Listening to God's directions that were properly understood by His anointed servants and committing to Brideship shows our heart and love for Him as we faithfully deliver His wishes despite our fears and doubts. The Tribulation is here now, which is why Ezekiel 24 if given here (see 1/28/2009 and 3/3/2009). That is important to acknowledge because it is time to prepare for God's wedding plans (Revelation 19:7), which is the focal point He wants His people to focus on despite all the other events in this time.


7/28/2009 Tuesday
a dream I was in a mixed martial arts fight with an opponent that did nothing but take a beating but still stood strong and when the fight was over it was declared a draw and announced we had to do it over again. I couldn't believe it. The ten minute fight felt like it took hours and I was drained and did not want to repeat it;

The dream refers to spiritual warfare and how it is useless to fight the enemy without first binding the strongman (Mark 3:27), otherwise the struggle will go on indefinitely (tiresome match in dream repeated). Different spirits require different ways to bind or render the spirit powerless. Simply casting a spirit out will only be a temporary deliverance if its hooks into the victim are not also removed (Matthew 12:43-12:45). This is because they have legal right to come back if we persist in sin. That is why Jesus told the crippled man to "stop sinning or something worse may happen to you" after He healed him in John 5:14.

=> Remembrance (The Enemy and Python), http://www.takehisheart.com/satanintroduction.htm

7/30/2009 Thursday
a king standing with a long, thick cape, he takes it off and walks forward to a woman in wedding veil to the left and they stand facing each other in front of someone else, the person in middle (conducting marriage) has a large candle and gives it to the man and woman and candles are lit (marriage ceremony);

1 Timothy 4:11 - "Command and teach these things. Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching. Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through a prophetic message when the body of the elders laid their hands on you. Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers."

This guidance shows Christ (the King) marrying His Bride (the church), which happens by fulfilling the covenants of Brideship
(see 12/22/2010). This Marriage is God's first priority for His people (see 12/22/2010), which leads into why the Scripture was given.

1 Timothy 4:11 says we are to "command and teach" correct doctrine and persevere in them, which refers to the correct principles of God's Kingdom that Brideship teaches. The Scripture also emphasizes that the leadership of "young" Christians, like Timothy, is not to be ignored. Many elders in the church discard spiritual things given to new Christians because they don't think an "unlearned" Christian should give counsel. We must remember, though, we're all barely beyond spiritual infants no matter how long we've believed, how educated we are, or how much experience we think we have.

The Scripture also notes how Timothy was anointed by a prophetic message and laying on of hands. It is a mark of people who are truly anointed by God. In my case, this was fulfilled through prophetic messages that brought me to meet with Take His Heart Ministries where they laid their hands on me during my visit (see 12/22/2010). My anointment was also validated by another event where the purpose of my anointment was made clear (see 3/5/2010). These events occurred outside of my control and through external parties, which shows God's fingerprint of authenticity.

Though it is my primary duty to teach the truth, the effort to spread the truth is for the entire church to embrace and uphold. It is the church's responsibility to recognize truly anointed servants and accept the things they were given through spiritual guidance. Without doing this, the church cannot function as God intends or become His pure Kingdom because parts of the church Body are not listening to Him.


8/10/2009 Monday
Lamentations 1:1 - God's people are in sorrow for being exiled because of breaking God's laws and covenants; their sin was exposed;

The given Scripture talks about the sorrow of God's people coming from the breaking of God's laws and covenants, and links to themes on
2/23/2011. We will all go through difficult and sorrowful times, but like Israel, the church as a whole will come to difficult times. Also like Israel, the Harlot Church will be exposed and her incorrect paths, which break God's laws and covenants will be made apparent.


8/12/2009 Wednesday
an analog clock pointing to 3:35; a cross;

Jeremiah 9:17 - the Lord notes His people follow the "stubbornness of their hearts" instead of His laws; judgment is coming for those with "uncircumcised hearts," even for God's people because they've broken His covenants; God reminds His people, "Do not learn the ways of the nations or be terrified by signs in the sky..." (Jeremiah 10:2);

This guidance links to
3/10/2009 and 12/20/2010 about how the church ignores God's guidance and continues to follow her own ways. The vision of the clock links to the lunar eclipse on 12/21/2010.

The 3:35 clock and lunar eclipse are a part of the overall message that state the times of the Tribulation and Last Days are truly being fulfilled now (see 12/20/2010), but like the given Scripture states, we are not to be "terrified by signs in the sky" (Jeremiah 10:2). This is a time when all the nations and people of the world need to pay more attention to God and His promise of eternal salvation because of what's happening around the world (Jeremiah 9). But the church (the cross here symbolizes the church), especially, needs to pay careful attention to the guidance He gives to anointed servants who have learned the correct way to interpret and follow God's spiritual guidance.

The proper focus for God's people is to listen to what He gives through His Spirit, not Tribulation events, "signs in the sky" (Jeremiah 10:2), or the interpretations of those who are not truly anointed servants. God is giving His Kingdom plans through the guidance He gives to servants anointed to lead the rest of the church into Brideship, so it is important for her to listen closely and align with God's wishes.


9/2/2009 Wednesday
a strawberry-like ornament;

Psalm 81:6 - about the Lord delivering His people out of Egypt, but they often would not listen to His ways and so He left them to "their stubborn hearts"; if His people would listen to what God tells them, they would be delivered completely instead of being left to their own devices (Psalm 81:12-81:16);

The strawberry links to
7/7/2009. The meaning of the strawberry is not apparent until we look at the given Scripture. The strawberry symbolizes the "stubborn hearts" of God's people (Psalm 81:12) who won't let go of their ways, their wants (strawberries are an indulgent fruit and it's no accident they are shaped like real biological hearts), and their traditions. It is shown as a Christmas ornament here and on 7/7/2009 to refer to the theme about keeping traditions.

On 7/7/2009 the strawberry was shown melting, which symbolizes getting rid of the mentality to hold on to our own ways. It means the church needs to let go of her way of doing things and take up God's ways, which are contained in the principles of Brideship. However, the church does not want to listen to what God wants, even though He delivered them from bondage (Psalm 81:11). This refers to the church not wanting to listen to God's wishes for her to go into Brideship even though He delivered them from the bondage of sin through the promise of eternal salvation.

If the church would listen to God's guidance, she would be delivered from the results of being left to her own devices (Psalm 81:13-81:14). This refers to changing her ways through the principles of Brideship so that the results of her breaking God's laws and covenants would no longer affect her.


2009 October, November, December 2/13/2011 8:41 PM
10/1/2009 Thursday
Titus 2:13 - "...while we wait for the blessed hope - the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ...";

This Scripture goes with the 111 and 213 guidance that have to do with the return of Christ to complete His Marriage at the end of this age (see
3/10/2009 and 3/23/2009). The verse number aligning with the meaning of 213 (see 3/23/2009) gives another example of God's fingerprint of authenticity on Brideship and how Scripture is truly God-breathed exactly as He intended (see also 7/7/2010 and 7/30/2010).


10/9/2009 Friday
a stick with a rolled up scroll dangling on a line and it is cast like a fishing line;

This vision refers to "fishing" for men with the spiritual guidance God gives through His Spirit, like contained here and in Remembrance (scroll on fishing line). This fishing is for the purpose of saving everyone into Brideship, which is why God is giving so much reinforcement for the full truth. Brideship is first in priority on God's agenda
(see 12/22/2012), so it is important for the church to acknowledge this.

10/17/2009 Saturday
water rapidly going over a waterfall;

Jeremiah 6:10 - Jerusalem is under siege because of disobedience; "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls." (Jeremiah 6:16);

The vision of the rapid waterfall symbolizes how God is giving a lot of guidance about Brideship. It goes with the given Scripture to note how the church is at a crossroads today and that God is telling her which direction to take. He asks her to take the path of Brideship, walk in it, so that she will find rest (Jeremiah 6:16).


10/27/2009 Tuesday
Acts 5:41 - about selecting people "known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom" to distribute food for those in need (Acts 6:1-6:5);

This given Scripture links to Remembrance about correct tithing doctrine
(see Tithing). The reference to widows is important because they are one of the groups of people who are legal recipients of the tithe (see 12/7/2011). The selection criteria of people to distribute to the widows is also very important. They are to be "full of the Spirit," like "Stephen, a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit," because the proper distribution of God's tithe is to be done through guidance from His Spirit. This ensures God's wealth is delivered exactly as He wants.

, http://www.takehisheart.com/givingtithesbibletithing.htm

11/6/2009 Friday
a hand with pencil draw a circle and then arc symbols above; a prism;

Haggai 1:1 - "A Call to Build the House of the Lord";

This guidance refers to other guidance supporting the true mechanics of eternal salvation (see 12/8/2010). The circle here symbolizes covenant and the arc symbols above it refer to "arcing" or connecting two important pieces of Scripture that show how the covenant of eternal salvation works (see 12/8/2010). It is not based on faith alone, but also requires a confession of belief in Jesus to another person (see The True Gospel and Salvation).

The prism here refers to how the church incorrectly interprets Scripture, and consequently has failed to understand the true mechanics of eternal salvation because she uses her varying points of view to interpret Scripture (reading through a prism). However, when all the relevant pieces of information are included it is easier to see how the church has erred. God's Word cannot be understood correctly without knowing all the context surrounding it, so it is important to get God's interpretation by following guidance from His Spirit correctly as taught by those principles of Brideship. Without doing this, the church will continue to read through a prism and get many interpretations that do not reflect the truth.

The Scripture given here (Haggai 1) refers to building God's Kingdom of the Pure Bride, which starts at each individual by the fulfillment of the first covenant of Brideship - having eternal salvation. No one can be in His Kingdom without fulfilling its covenant terms.

=> REMEMBRANCE (Mechanics of Salvation), http://www.takehisheart.com/salvationconfessionstraitgate.htm
=> The True Gospel, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1637356888129281768

11/11/2009 Wednesday
from Take His Heart: a tractor with a silver grill and deer's feet instead of wheels, it was laying on its side in a mud hole; the word, LOCATE;

The tractor symbolizes a vehicle with the power to do something (in this case, a delivery vehicle for Brideship), but it is stuck in the mud. It has a silver grill to symbolize refinement and the deer feet represent standing steady and gracefully on the heights (2 Samuel 22:34, Psalm 18:33). This image symbolizes my ministry (the tractor) being stuck in the "mud" because of my false beliefs and ignorance in the ways of God. Most specifically it was because I didn't know how to prophecy from God's Spirit, bit by bit, and let Him interpret. At this time, I was having difficulties understanding what was going in. However, refinement would come (silver grill) and I would be able to have solid footing at the summit (deer feet) after I learned how to get out of the mud by learning the correct principles of following God's Spirit. That would take over a year, though, when I finally understood what the Pure Bride was and how to follow God as His Wife.

The word LOCATE was a command for Take His Heart to seek me out because my role in prophecy would complement the Book of Remembrance. However, at the time we didn't realize this, so our physical meeting and cooperation would not come until late 2010 after I accepted and understood Brideship (see 12/22/2010).


12/4/2009 Friday
Lamentations 1:1 - God's people are in sorrow for being exiled because of breaking God's laws and covenants; their sin was exposed;

a woman in wedding veil;

This links with other Lamentations guidance
(see 2/23/2011), and like 8/10/2009 it shows the link with correcting the church's errors by completing Brideship (the bride symbolizes the church going into Brideship).


12/10/2009 Thursday
Songs by Celtic Woman;
Song, "Angel Doves" by Lynn Hilary;

These songs were the first I realized God was sending to me and linking by spiritual guidance. See
"Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds" for the details associated with Celtic Woman. I came across Lynn Hilary's music sometime after I learned about Celtic Woman because she was a member of the group at the time. I don't have specifics about when I first heard her song, "Angel Doves," because I didn't record the details. I only know I came across the song between this date and 1/10/2010 when I bought her album.

I do remember her song moved me immensely to keep trust in God and continue on, because at the time I was dealing with failures in prophecy related to misinterpreting guidance I got throughout 2009 (see Message 9 in the Messages for full details). I hadn't yet learned how to follow God's Spirit correctly and allow Him to interpret the guidance. Lynn Hilary's lyrics noted perfectly how I "couldn't see the writing on the wall" and the message of hope in the song helped me keep faith and trust in God to continue my role as a prophet, because it was obvious in all the guidance I got that was my duty, which would be later reinforced by external people (see 3/5/2010).

The next song I got from God was further encouragement to not quit after failing as a prophet (see 2/20/2010). It was a lengthy time of learning through error, but eventually my eyes would be opened the messages God was giving. With later guidance related to "Angel Doves," I would understand that trusting God in darkness and through loss of hope will bring renewal and joy as He replaces our tears with infallible, shimmering new hope. We only need rid ourselves of those false beliefs that keep us from growing further and keep faith in His true plans for us. Those true plans are contained in Brideship, which I failed to understand in the beginning.

Guidance related to Celtic Woman also linked to guidance about Taylor Swift's songs (see 3/8/2011). God used them to symbolize spiritual concepts. While Taylor Swift was used to symbolize the Pure Bride (the church fulfilling Brideship and in Covenant with God), Celtic Woman symbolizes the opposite "pretty girl" that everyone is paying attention to in the Taylor Swift songs: the Harlot Bride who is not in Covenant with God.

Why did God use Celtic Woman to symbolize the Harlot Church? It's because Celtic Woman focuses on music that evokes emotion and makes us feel good. They also use gorgeous, showy concert productions, which are great for the music industry and making money, but not for God's church.

God is making a parallel to the mentality of the contemporary church, who overemphasizes unsound doctrine based on exaggerations of love and passionate worship, and uses showy presentation and merchandising to make a profit. God calls her the Harlot Church because she promotes herself in the wrong ways, moves the focus to herself instead of God, and profits from her role as His representative. This prevents the church from representing God as He wishes and makes her dismiss God's true plans in Brideship because she is focused on promoting her own agenda (see The Harlot Bride).

Some people take offense to the "harlot" or "prostitute" term, but one must realize that God is pointing to the institution of the Harlot, which is out of Covenant with His laws defining Brideship. He is not pointing fingers at individuals or condemning the church, but convicting His people as a whole to change. This change is more important than the church realizes because she does not understand the mechanics of God's laws or how define His Kingdom. When she is out of Covenant and breaks His laws it allows the church to be cursed with all kinds of hardship that bring needless suffering to His people.

In order to properly understand God, the church needs stop listening to her gut (see 11/23/2011), like dismissing Brideship and related guidance because she doesn't like the Harlot term or other truths that make her uncomfortable. God can only be understood through Himself (His Spirit, 1 Corinthians 2:11), so without knowing the principles of correctly following His Spirit, bit by bit, and through prayer and meditation, the church will continue to stumble along in misinterpretations (see 3/15/2009).

This concept of properly using God's Mind (1 Corinthians 2:13-2:16) to interpret guidance not only involves fitting together prophetic guidance by waiting on pieces over time, but also requires using God's Spirit in conjunction with listening to His voice through our reborn spirits to complete the picture. Without knowing the correct principles for this, it is impossible to correctly walk in the Brideship covenant of following His Spirit (see How the Holy Spirit Teaches), because using our own minds and logic, like the church has been doing, only leads to endless misinterpretation and spiritual wandering.

Without rightly dividing guidance and letting God interpret, the visions, Words and other things given by God can have any number of interpretations, most of which would be completely wrong. Even so, the church tries to run with the wrong interpretations just the same as the rest of the world does.

This is similar to how the world embraces Darwinian Evolution. The church relies on her own mind and logic, like the secular world does, to understand reality, making conclusions only from what they see and know, like the world has accepted Evolution to explain life and our existence. So like the secular world, the church falls to error because the things she doesn't know or have overlooked are critical pieces to understand the entire picture.

Evolution makes great sense from a macroscopic viewpoint. After all, there is a lot of physical evidence supporting it. Likewise, the church's interpretations of Scripture also make great sense... that is, until you look closely at the details. The premises of Evolution fall apart when you zoom into the details of how life and biology work. Their mechanics simply cannot be fueled by random or natural selection no matter how much time you give them (see 3rd Compass, Chapters 2 and 5).

The Harlot Church's premises for her versions of salvation and other doctrine also fall apart with you look closely at the details. God left clues for them everywhere, but no man or committee of men would have connected the dots properly using their minds. God did it for us by reminding us how to use His Mind, so the truth could be revealed and prepare us for the next age.

The next song in this chain is on 2/20/2010.

=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1910734824069846760
=> REMEMBRANCE (The Harlot Bride), http://www.takehisheart.com/harlotharlotrybride.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (How the Holy Spirit Teaches), http://www.takehisheart.com/holyspiritspiritualthings.htm
=> Messages (Message 9 in Chapter 2)
=> 3rd Compass, the book (Chapters 2 and 5)

2010 January, February, March 2/13/2011 8:43 PM
2/11/2010 Thursday
a sombrero with a strip of cloth draped over one end; a sombrero;

The sombrero links the H1N1 flu pandemic (
see 3/23/2009). The strip of cloth refers to the fabric page markers that some premium books have built in, especially Bibles. The imagery points to the flu being marked to return as well as being related to specific Scripture. See the Christmas Watchman Prophecy for further details.

=> ROD LIFTING VEIL (Christmas Watchman Prophecy)
=> Messages (Message 2)

2/20/2010 Saturday
Song, "Don't Quit! Not Quite!" by Hey Hi Hello! in the album Keep You On Your Toes!

I was led to this song by a vision on 2/5/2010. The vision was a red-hued scene of a woman adjusting a webcam to view herself. It linked to this day when I came across that woman, who was a video blogger on YouTube (woman adjusting webcam). She was a young, redhead (red-hued scene refers to her hair color) who was video blogging about her new puppy. It was amusing, but nothing about it moved me spiritually until the very end when a short clip of the song was played. The lyrics were about being in "cloudy days" and waiting for spring to thaw you out.

At this time I was struggling with understanding prophecy and seriously doubting I had a greater role to play. I knew all the prophetic guidance I got was not coincidental, but I couldn't understand why all the pieces didn't fit together. I wanted to drop anything related to ministry and quit, but the video and this song, especially, picked up my spirits because I saw the reason God pointed it out. He was giving encouragement and saying, "Don't Quit!" with His unmatchable timing.

The next song in this chain is on

=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1910734824069846760

3/5/2010 Friday
After a friend's Bible Study this morning, a woman who was not involved in the study was moved to pray for me. I accepted and as she started, I felt the energy of the Spirit come upon us. She spoke in tongues intermittently, and said, "Do not doubt the Word given to you" and other things to encourage me to continue in my duty, such as giving me the power to break chains through the witness of testimony and having the Full Armor of God. The Spirit also said through her, "I anoint your lips to speak Truth." There was so much energy during this, I could tell it was hard for her to keep praying. Afterwards, she said she hoped I understood what was said because she didn't, which points to the Spirit speaking through her. I'd never met her before, so she couldn't know what was going on in my life.

This happened at a time when I was seriously doubting everything about the guidance from the River and my role as a prophet, so it was given to me as encouragement and to ensure me that I was anointed as a prophet. I mentioned this experience in the Messages with only a note about "not doubting the Word" given to me, because I had always been reluctant to share the rest about anointment as a prophet. However, after the experiences with the 4/13 sign stemming out of
3/5/2011, I understand now that it is important to assume our God given roles in full (see 4/13/2011).

=> Messages ("4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7)

2010 April, May, June 2/13/2011 8:44 PM
4/13/2010 Tuesday
a robed figure with arms outspread and waving them about, then angel wings appear on the figure; a wide paint brush stroking along;

This guidance is calling attention to the truth of Brideship and a problem with the church (robed figure waving arms; robed figure is a ministry leader). The angel wings appear on the robed figure to symbolize how walking in Brideship refines us into spiritual fullness
(see 3/3/2009). The wide paint brush refers to a problem the church needs to correct. It symbolizes how the church paints (interprets) God with broad strokes, which misconstrues the truth (see 5/14/2009).

We can see in this guidance how symbols refer to entire themes. This is common in guidance from His Spirit and must be noted. Part of letting God interpret is to allow Him to give the meaning to certain symbols, which can have subtly differing meaning based on the context of the message so we can never jump to conclusions about what things mean.


4/22/2010 Thursday
the number 5 in the style of the channel 5 logo for KSTP; a 4 on a card with rounded corners held by a hand; a 2 alone floating and glowing; loudly, I heard a small dog's sharp bark (pet)

This guidance begins a chain going with
4/25/2010, 4/28/2010, and 5/4/2010. Continue on 4/25/2010.


4/25/2010 Sunday
found out the KSTP number 5 on 4/22/2010 links with a couple interviewed by KSTP News about their decision to start a new life and missionary in Africa;

This guidance is part of the chain starting on
4/22/2010. Continues on 4/28/2010.


4/28/2010 Wednesday
saw the road sign to Hope with the number 4 in a square with rounded corners on the way down to Texas linking to the "5, 4, 2" on
4/22/2010 (photo below); the sign also notes a certain direction to be taken;

This is part of the chain starting on 4/22/2010. See
5/4/2010 for the meaning of the "5, 4, 2" chain of guidance.


5/1/2010 Saturday
a page with 4:13pm on it;

The "4:13" here starts a chain of guidance continuing on
6/13/2010. The "4:13" guidance would end up showing me how my false beliefs affected my judgment and had me turn my back on Brideship (see 7/10/2010).

=> 4:13 => SONGS
Messages ("4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7)

5/4/2010 Tuesday
1 Corinthians 13:8 - "Love" and verse 13:13, "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

The given Scripture revealed the meaning of the "5, 4, 2" visions from 4/22/2010. When the Scripture was given, I realized the two thirteens of 1 Corinthians 13:13 was meant to link to previous guidance about the number 213 or two-thirteen related to the 213 Promise, which was later shown to represent the great promise of love and blessing in Brideship coming with the return of Christ. This precise weaving of Scripture related to the numbers is a clue to how exact God is (see 7/7/2010 for another example of Scripture lining up with the meaning of numbers).

Given the links in the chain of guidance, I saw that the meanings of the numbers five, four and two aligned with "faith, hope and love" in 1 Corinthians 13:13. Five means Faith, Four means Hope and Two means Love. I also noted the meaning of "5, 4, 2" came on May 4th (5/4), the first two numbers of "5, 4, 2". It alludes to God being in total control and how we are predestined when a series of complex, interwoven events unfold to tell a story as He planned. The meaning of "5, 4, 2" came like a countdown with guidance linking to the "5" first, then the "4," and finally the "2" tying it all together on this day. See Chapter 3 in the Messages for the full story and details about this chain of guidance.

The sound of the dog bark given with the "5, 4, 2" visions was still puzzling, though. It wasn't until later in 2010 when I had understood guidance about "pets." They symbolize false beliefs that we don't want to let go of, just like the pet animals we love to keep (see "Pets"). In that, I understood this guidance was pointing out a false belief related to the Scripture and the world's idea of Love. This Scripture, which emphasizes Love, and others like it, such as John 3:16, are extremely popular, but they are also overused and misconstrued because of the world's fondness for love, especially romantic notions of love.

God is pointing out that misconceptions about Love are very dangerous, because they blind us to the full truth. The "pet" or false belief here was shown to be that "love" supersedes everything else. However, when the knowledge of how God's Kingdom is built on His laws and covenants and that the rules they define are the foundation for everything else, we can see how dangerous it is to overemphasize love.

The true mechanics of eternal salvation make this obvious, because its covenant terms must be fulfilled for us to be saved eternally, while love for God or His love for us have nothing to do with how we actually secure our inheritance in heaven. Scripture makes this clear because believers are condemned to eternal death if they do not adhere to the terms of eternal salvation, even if they have faith in Jesus (John 12:42-12:50, see SPARKED for details). Faith and love are simply not enough to be truly saved into eternity, so it's easy to see why the world's overemphasis on the incomplete picture creates more harm than good.

Another troublesome issue brought to light here is that of translation of Scripture. The church's assumption that translation is not a large problem is also a "pet" of the church. This is seen in the Scripture of 1 Corinthians 13 when the word "charity" is used instead of "love" in many older translations. There is a reason that word is used, and in many ways it is more accurate than "love" because of modern notions of love overemphasizing its romantic quality. Unfortunately, the constant changing meaning of words is an issue in understanding Scripture, so there may no longer by any single word today that accurately describes what God means by "charity" and "love" in this Scripture.

These problems are important because God has used many translations of the Bible in spiritual guidance, sometimes giving guidance referring to a particular translation because it conveys His thoughts as they were meant to be understood. This makes it obvious there is no "favorite" version and that the translations of men do not properly convey what God means in the Words of Scripture. This is why it's so important to get God's interpretation by correctly following the guidance of His Spirit, fitting spiritual guidance together, like shown here and in Remembrance, so we do not continue to fall to errors of interpretation. Some errors of translation and interpretation are so bad that they actually prevent people from seeing the truth. These problems cannot be bypassed by continuing to rely on the interpretations coming from our own minds.

, http://www.takehisheart.com/powerofthewilldeathofapet.htm
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=5048191927247535080

6/3/2010 Thursday
a folded fabric tied many times by a cord around the middle and it was also tied to the upper underarm of a right arm that bent at the elbow and raised up so the elbow pointed up;

I recognized the tied fabric linked to guidance about Brideship and tithing doctrine (the fabric symbolizes our wedding garments secured (tied by string) through Brideship), but I wondered why was the fabric tied to an arm in a peculiar position? It wasn't until
enough guidance built up that I understood what it meant. It's information about tithing that God wanted to paint a picture about here (see 3/25/2009).

After getting the blanks filled in, I understood the fabric tied to the arm symbolizes being leisurely about handling God's money (the tithe) because the arm bent with the elbow up is the position the arm is in when you have your hands behind your head and elbows up in a reclined posture. Once I understood that I saw it linked to other guidance where God is warning the Harlot Church that she is too at ease with His money (see 12/7/2010 and Sparked). Continue this thread on 3/25/2009.


6/7/2010 Monday

a pocket watch with string tied around it, then it was a wristwatch on a wrist with a slender band for a woman's watch, then it was taken off;

These images refer to the church rejecting Brideship (woman's watch taken off). The pocket watch symbolizes a time for something and with the string tied around it, it refers to the time for Brideship has come because the string here refers to images of fabric tied around the center by a string (see 6/3/2010), which symbolize securing our wedding garments through Brideship (the fabric symbolizes those wedding garments).

The wristwatch is a representation combining the pocket watch and bracelet symbolism that refers to the church's misconceptions (see 7/8/2009). It is a woman's watch to refer to it belonging to the Harlot Church, who takes it off and rejects Brideship because of her misconceptions.


6/13/2010 Sunday
the sermon at church was about Philippians 4:13, "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength";

Links to other "4:13" guidance on
5/1/2010, and continuing on 6/15/2010 and 7/7/2010.

=> 4:13 => SONGS
=> Messages ("4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7)

6/15/2010 Tuesday
a standard round microphone with ball top, in a tall stand fall out of the holder and then it is caught in hand and used; another microphone in a stand except it is more flat and rectangular like used by singers in recording studios;

These images link to the microphone vision the next day. Go to
6/16/2010 for notes.

=> 4:13 => SONGS
=> Messages ("4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7)

6/16/2010 Wednesday
a standard round microphone in a holder and it swiveled down and turned into a rocket array, appearing ready to launch; moments later, the same vision repeated;

The round microphones refer to my role to promote and teach Brideship. The first vision of the mic falling out of the stand on
6/15/2010 refers to being ineffective with the method of presentation I was using at the time. It was neither compelling nor directed by spiritual guidance. The mic being caught in hand goes with the next image of a different kind of microphone.

The flat microphone is a typical music recording studio mic and refers to the SONGS chain of guidance (see Refining Wisdom). It goes with the first mic being caught in the hand to symbolize having a firm grasp on how to present and promote Brideship, which is to correctly follow God's Spirit for guidance, directions and timing to compose the work. The imagery of the mic falling and used differently symbolizes a change of tactics as well as a change in focus, because I often focused presentations on the wonder and love of God instead of the deeper wisdom and knowledge being revealed about the truth.

The images on 6/15/2010 lead into the visions this day to note how the change in focus and relying on God to direct things make promotion of Brideship and the truth much more effective (rocket array symbolizes launching the truth). This guidance links to the 4:13 chain continuing on 7/29/2010 about my role to speak for Brideship.

=> 4:13 => SONGS
=> Messages ("4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7)
=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1910734824069846760

6/22/2010 Tuesday
a round electric plug with two prongs and strands of something on it; a scroll on two spools unrolled long and then a hooded figure put it on like a scarf or sash around his neck; a hair roller rolling off a thick strand of hair and then a much larger roller roll back onto the hair; a large ring pass down the bride with headband and it was taken out and away, the veil brushed against the ring as it was taken out like it was a floating veil showing there are no strings in a magical trick for a floating person; a two pronged electric plug again; a wizard with a wizard cap, his arms were up and his head nodding like bowing to an audience (RE: this - bright light behind something flapping on a mound, it takes off is a bird flying with very bright light behind it so I only see the silhouette; a tickertape going left over rods);

Knowing the context behind this guidance is important to understand its overall message. At this time I was trying to understand my errors in prophecy and I was waffling or changing my mind about Brideship. The round electric plug links to 2/19/2011 where it is shown like a city because the Pure Bride is also called the city of New Jerusalem in Revelation 21 (see 12/25/2010). These power plug images symbolize getting power from the truth of Brideship by accepting its principles.

This goes with the scroll being worn by a disciple (hooded person symbolizes a disciple) to represent putting on Brideship, which involves putting together spiritual guidance correctly (long scroll) so that the larger picture can be understood. Once I learned how to follow God's Spirit correctly and get the correct revelations, I would be able to understand the truth.

The cowboy hat symbolizes showmanship, which goes with the earlier images to note how my focus on getting attention prevented me from understanding the truth because I rushed and jumped to conclusions about the spiritual guidance I got (see 3/1/2009, 3/8/2011 and 10/13/2011). This impatience led me to ignore guidance I didn't understand or whatever wasn't interesting to me. A showman does things with flare to call attention to himself, which was what I often did when I got exciting guidance, like visions of tsunamis and explosions. I announced my own interpretations of the guidance without going through the bit by bit process of letting God interpret and give its true meaning.

Working through my errors helped me understand things better in the end. Our misconceptions and immaturity prevent us from understanding the truth, so sometimes more forceful methods are needed to get us to move into Brideship (larger roller used to prepare hair). My personal tribulations with misunderstanding prophecy and learning about spiritual warfare are examples of this. Having the church go through the Tribulation is another example.

The rest of the images go back to the showmanship theme. The ring passing down the bride mirrors the hoop used in a levitating woman magic trick. It notes the wrong way to present God's spiritual guidance. God is not revealing things through the River of Life like this for show or amusement. He has a serious agenda to plug His people into the Kingdom He planned (power plug) and combat the wrong notions and false doctrines that are damaging to His people.

The wizard bowing is another picture of showmanship. It's the wrong way to deal with anything related to God's Kingdom and spiritual guidance because the tickertape going over rods refer to guidance about showmanship being another act of the Harlot Church calling attention to herself instead of God. However, that is not the only problem with showmanship, because when flare is added to God's instruction, whether it is in Scripture or by His Spirit, our focus often shifts to the showy elements of a presentation instead of the true message.

The image of a flying bird in front of bright light refers to this shift of focus. When we focus on the moving showman (the bird), it makes it harder to discern the details that God wants conveyed (the bright light symbolizes God's wisdom). The details blur out because over emphasis on dramatic or emotional things send the wrong message about God's Kingdom and how it works. As a result, the flashy strokes of a showman mislead the church into focusing on the wrong things, which often also prevents people from accepting the truth of Brideship.

This theme goes with guidance about leaving behind a "rock star" mentality (see 7/8/2009).


6/25/2010 Friday
Ecclesiastes 7:1 - "Sorrow is better than laughter, because a sad face is good for the heart. The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of pleasure." (Ecclesiastes 7:3); "Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what he has made crooked? When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, a man cannot discover anything about his future." (Ecclesiastes 7:13);

This Scripture goes with the guidance on

=> "4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7 in the Messages

2010 July, August, September 2/13/2011 8:45 PM
7/7/2010 Wednesday
a friend sends me Philippians 4:13, "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength";

This was another reminder of the 4:13 pm vision (see 5/1/2010) and the Scripture of Philippians 4:13 that was first given on 6/13/2010. This time I noticed the two numbers, four and thirteen, of the verse had meaning as well. The four linked to Hope from the "5, 4, 2" and the thirteen linked to Promise and Blessing from the 213 Promise (see 5/4/2010 and Meaning of Numbers). Philippians 4:13 was symbolically and literally a statement of hope and promise giving strength to those who have difficult things to surmount.

This link to meaning of the words and the verse numbers gives another clue that Scripture is EXACTLY as God intended it to be, God-breathed, verse by verse (2 Timothy 3:16). I had seen this connection before in dealing with the 111 and 213 in prophetic guidance (see Messages Nine and Ten).

This stream continues on 7/10/2010.

=> 4:13 => SONGS
=> "4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7 in the Messages
=> Messages
("The Meaning of Numbers")
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=8161957154485815272#j_8509252532317486056
=> Messages
(Messages Nine and Ten in Chapters 2)

7/10/2010 Saturday
4:13pm; the meaning of the "4:13pm" vision on 5/1/2010 is revealed;

The context around this guidance is an important part of the message. At the time, I was confused about many prophetic puzzle pieces I got because I thought they contradicted what I learned about Brideship in 2009. The revelations from the "Faith, Hope and Love" guidance on 5/4/2010 gave me further clues to the truth, but I still didn't have the detailed answers I wanted. I hadn't learned what the dog bark meant in that guidance and other parts of the puzzle were still a jumble.

On this day, I went to a quiet, lakeside park near my house to think and pray. It had been months since I'd been there, and I felt it might help clear my mind to be outside in peaceful surroundings. I remembered the woman on 3/5/2010 who told me through the Spirit, "Do not doubt the word given to you."

I thought it meant I should trust that I understood my guidance correctly, but as I thought about it more, I wondered what "word" was being referred to? I wrestled with the details when it dawned on me. I should take the statement as, "Do not doubt the Word given to you," as in the Scripture I'd been given, so I thought I had to trust God's Word in the Bible.

I remembered I was directed to the pages starting at 1 Corinthians 10:31 through the Spirit, and at the very end of those pages was Chapter 13, "Love," so I was given the Scripture about the importance of love both directly through spiritual gifts and indirectly through the "Faith, Hope and Love" guidance. The promise of love was an important key, or so I thought.

There was a reason I was given so many confusing puzzle pieces, so many bits of knowledge. I thought the only way to straighten out my understanding was to completely acknowledge God in Scripture. I recalled 1 Corinthians 13:8 again, "...where there are prophecies, they will cease... where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophecy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears."

And I said, "It doesn't matter what we know, does it? We aren't meant to know everything. Yes, there is Your Law and it affects us, but You want us to understand there are more important things than strict law... Faith, hope, and love. 13:13. And the greatest is Love."

That was the answer I thought I needed, so I rushed home to write it in my journal, and as I typed the words, I looked at the clock and it had just turned over to 4:13 pm. Exactly as the vision of the page displayed on 5/1/2010. I nearly dropped to the floor in amazement. I laughed and said, "Lord, you're very clever. I can't believe You did it this way. Always with perfect timing."

The timing and synchronization of everything - Scripture, numbers, actions, and events - was all perfectly executed as only God could do, and I thought I could finally move forward and correct my understanding of prophetic guidance. I really could do everything through Him who gives me strength, which goes back to the references to Philippians 4:13 in this chain of guidance.

My gears started working again, but later I found I was not right about how to trust God's Word. The truth about "we know in part and prophecy in part" is so true. I only had a piece of the puzzle with the importance of Faith, Hope, and Love, but with that one piece I jumped to conclusions and made it out to be more than I should have. I had forgotten about the dog bark related to the Faith, Hope and Love guidance, and so I started to dismiss the principles of Brideship and went back to the popular beliefs of Harlot Church.

That "pet" piece and further pieces to the prophetic puzzle would be critical to understand what God really meant in this guidance (see 5/4/2010), but I used too much of my own interpretation and jumped to conclusions instead of relying on God to fill in the blanks. I had not completely learned how to let the Holy Spirit teach me and allow God to interpret. I also put too much confidence in the interpretation of Scripture by men, but the truth is the very acts of translation and interpretation puts meaning from the minds of men into God's Word (see 5/4/2010).

The church is in the same position of error I was. She follows God incorrectly by misinterpreting Scripture as well as the spiritual guidance from His Spirit. She too must understand that true prophecy never revolves around the interpretations of men (2 Peter 1:20) and that God changed how "vision and prophecy" work after Jesus sealed them up (Daniel 9:24, see 7/8/2009). She must learn how to let God interpret by understanding and walking in the Brideship Covenant principles of following His Spirit, just as I did.

This stream continues on 7/29/2010.

=> 4:13 => SONGS
=> Messages ("4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7)

7/29/2010 Thursday
the Word, ARK;

This continues the 4:13 stream from
7/10/2010 and goes with the guidance on the next day. Continue on 7/30/2010.

=> 4:13 => SONGS
=> Messages ("4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7)

7/30/2010 Friday
a short, rectangular microphone in a tabletop stand rotate to face me;

Exodus 4:13 - "But [Moses] said, 'Oh my Lord, please send someone else.'"

The microphone refers to the same type of recording studio mic on
6/15/2010. It rotates to face me to go with the Scripture given and my role to promote and teach Brideship.

I was reading an article about being an introverted ministry leader this morning and noticed it opened with the Scripture of Exodus 4:10 to 4:13. That is where God called Moses to lead the Jews out of Egypt, but Moses balked at the task being someone who was "slow of speech and tongue" and used to running away and hiding. In Exodus 4:13 he begged God, "O Lord, please send someone else to do it."

As I was reading, I remembered the Word, "ARK," given yesterday when the article mentioned how Moses was hidden in an ark when he was a baby. The significance of the Word refers to both Moses in Exodus and the symbolism of Noah's Ark, which refers to how Brideship is today's Ark for the church through the Last Days (see 3/3/2009 and 1/19/2011).

I also thought it interesting that the verse number for Exodus 4:13 matched the 4:13 of Philippians and the other guidance in this chain. It wasn't hard to understand the message God was telling me, because like Moses, I am a reluctant speaker, yet I was called to this task to help build God's Pure Bride.

I knew then the 4:13 link in Philippians and Exodus was no funny accident. It was more evidence that Scripture is God-breathed, exactly, as He wanted, because Moses needed the strength to do something unimaginable for God (Exodus 4:13), and he could only do it with the power God would provide (Philippians 4:13). This message helped me face my own reality of doing the impossible for God, even though I am as ill prepared and reluctant as Moses.

This stream continues on 8/28/2010.

=> 4:13 => SONGS
=> Messages ("4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7)

8/21/2010 Saturday
While on vacation in the Black Hills, South Dakota I got two Words while at the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs: the initials to my previous name and "SAUZEK 828";

This guidance links to
8/26/2010 and the rest of the REMEMBERING chain of guidance. I recognized the 828 went with Romans 8:28, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." With the rest of the REMEMBERING guidance, it said that my prolonged period of stumbling on prophetic puzzles was being worked out for my good. It would all eventually lead me to correction by accepting the work of Pastor Roy Sauzek and the Book of Remembrance at the end of the REMEMBERING chain in November.

, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=938998207451499368

8/26/2010 Thursday
While meeting with a pastor who led a church motorcycle group, he brought up a pencil drawing that someone with the gift of prophetic art gave him. It was a gift from God about fond memories of his life before coming to Him;

RE: the biker retreat - a towel or sheet raised up and twisted slightly; a bell on a necklace ringing;

These things link to the Words given on
8/21/2010, as well as future REMEMBERING guidance on 9/22/2010 and 11/3/2010. The retreat was an unexpected time of remembering of what God does in our lives. The guidance given here convinced me to go to the retreat because I knew the bell ringing went with spreading a message, so I thought it was important for me to go. I was right, but I didn't know exactly what that final message was until November. The retreat was yet another "twist" in getting me to understand the Pure Bride and Brideship (sheet raised and twisted). See the REMEMBERING blog for more details about this guidance.

, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=938998207451499368

8/28/2010 Saturday
Philippians 4:13, "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength";

the Word, COURAGE, given to me by a pastor;

While checking into a Christian motorcycle retreat
(see Remembering), I noticed a wood plaque in my cabin's bathroom quote Philippians 4:13, which immediately gave me a smile because of all the 4:13 guidance that started months earlier (see 5/1/2010). I thought it was just a warm reminder from the Lord about pushing through financial hardship, but that evening, the lead pastor gave me a Word that would remind me of the true message God intended.

While we were praying at the chapel after the evening service, the pastor said he got a Word for me, "COURAGE," very clear. It was then I remembered the other parts of the 4:13 guidance and my role as the Lord's prophet to speak the truth and help lead the church into Brideship. It was a sobering reminder of my duty that I had often tried to forget and push into the background.

This chain continues on 9/9/2010.

=> 4:13 => SONGS
=> Messages ("4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7)
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=938998207451499368

9/4/2010 Saturday
hands compress on something like doing CPR; someone wearing a crown under a transparent veil lift it off and hold it, then the veil is draped over an arm and a row of small rockets like fireworks appear along the arm;

God is trying to revive His dying Bride, the Harlot Church (CPR, see 2/28/2009) by revealing anointed servants in Brideship (king under wedding veil uncovered, see knights on 3/4/2009) who lead the way for the rest of the church to follow. The row of rockets symbolize vehicles for Brideship that are ready to launch (see 3/5/2009, 6/16/2010, 1/19/2011 and 2/19/2011). These vehicles are the ministries that support and lead Brideship.


9/9/2010 Thursday
1 Timothy 4:13 - "Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching. Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through a prophetic message when the body of elders laid their hands on you."

a book opened and looked through and then it is held by one cover to let hang and much stuff falls out of it (RE: this - four fingers standing in inverted V shape with rings pushed down on them, then the fingers are a curtain parting open upwards); a rolling ticker machine with a little ticker arm on the bottom ticking off slowly; a bright lamp with conical shade is pointed at me, then moves around and illuminates bare branches, twig shapes; a small oblong bag with a card in it and it all melts;

The Scripture given goes with the 4:13 theme of accomplishing difficult goals (see
5/1/2010 through 8/28/2010). Here it relates to my role in teaching about Brideship. The first images refer to information about Brideship being revealed (rings slipping onto fingers, curtain opening) through the correct interpretation of Scripture (book with things falling out, ticker machine). Letting the information fall out of the book refers to how to let God interpret by following guidance from His Spirit correctly (ticker machine symbolizes guidance coming from His Spirit). This process of letting God interpret happens at a much slower pace and in a different way than most people realize (ticker machine works slowly, see How the Holy Spirit Teaches).

The last two images refer to illuminating a problem with the church (lamp shining light). It is my role to point out the truth (lamp points at me first) and teach the church how to correct herself (1 Timothy 4:13, conical shade symbolizes a speaker's megaphone). The truth being pointed out is that the church is spiritually dead (lamp illuminates bare branches), because she is focused on the wrong things (see 8/10/2011).

This focus problem is represented by the image of the bag and card. The card symbolizes God's guidance from Scripture or His live Spoken Word. It is in a small, oblong "keepsake" bag to refer to how the church treats His guidance. She sentimentalizes it, treating it like a keepsake, which can skew the true meaning of the guidance because feelings get attached to it when they should not be.

A prime example is the skewing of Scripture referring to Love, such as in 1 Corinthians 13 (see 5/4/2010). This is a problem because when we overemphasize emotions and worldly notions of love, it prevents us from seeing what words truly mean, which can literally prevent spiritual growth (lamp shines on dead branches). This problem of sentimentalizing God's guidance needs to be corrected and washed away (bag with card melts) by understanding the principles of Brideship, which teach how to correctly interpret spiritual things by following His Spirit correctly.

=> 4:13 => SONGS => BRACELETS
=> Messages ("4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7)
=> REMEMBRANCE (How the Holy Spirit Teaches)

9/20/2010 Monday
the ring or bracelet with many bright jewels around the band like yesterday;
a vivid vision dream of cutting or engraving a kind of gray ceramic stone with a rod-like tool, it inscribed a line around it and dug other parts out of it;


9/22/2010 Wednesday
Song, "What If?" by Nicole Nordeman;

A Christian friend suggested this song to me
(see What If). The lyrics start "But what if you're wrong? What if there's more?..." The singer is talking about people being wrong about God and His Gospel of Jesus, but this time it ends up being a nudge to me. I was wrong about the information coming from the River of Life. It leads into 11/3/2010 where I finally put it all together with the other guidance about REMEMBERING (see 8/21/2010 and 8/26/2010).

Song, "Brave" by Nicole Nordeman;

I came upon this song when I reviewed the album "What If?" came in. I had heard a different rendition of it in church, so I was surprised to see the original artist was Nicole. I was even more surprised to see it was 4 minutes 13 seconds long (4:13) when I transferred it to my music player. This had me recall my experiences with 413 (see 3/5/2010 and 5/1/2010). It's no coincidence this number goes with a song about being brave for God and leaving behind the "status quo" in Nicole's terms or the accepted way of doing things. Soon after I got this song, I got guidance to be brave and reach out to a fellow Christian who needed some friendly nudging (see What If). It also goes with the other guidance related to 4:13 about stepping up for God as His servant, for "I can do all things..."

The next song in this chain is on 9/25/2010.

, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1408475421414661864
=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds

9/25/2010 Saturday
Song, "Take To The Sky" by Owl City;

I was moved spiritually to look at this song closer after hearing it for the first time. It's about taking flight, facing tough obstacles, and being brave - common themes among the songs His Spirit called to take notice in this chain of guidance. Another important theme in the song is that of embarking on something you never could have imagined. This theme was prevalent in my own journey of learning the truth and my role in teaching it.

The next song in this chain is on 12/28/2010.

=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1910734824069846760

2010 October, November, December 2/13/2011 8:46 PM
10/13/2010 Wednesday
an Irish or Scottish man in a kilt walking towards me drinking from a liquor flask and then continues to walk off;

This starts the MOVIES chain of guidance where God uses films and documentaries to reinforce teaching about Brideship and especially the information in the SHADOWS stream of guidance
(see 9/13/2011). This vision does not refer to alcohol abuse, which would be a conclusion drawn by using our minds to interpret. It links to 10/23/2010, which shows how to let God interpret using His Spirit.


10/23/2010 Saturday
the Word, SCOTTISH;

This Word links back to
10/13/2010 and a documentary I came across on television some hours later on this day. It was about a man in the United Kingdom living somewhere in Scotland, which refers to the Word here and vision on 10/13/2010. He got prophetic visions in lucid dreams, often recording notes in the middle of the night. The show tried to test if his visions were truly prophetic by taking him to an undisclosed location after monitoring him the night before.

In the night, he got the visions of a narrow arch, three eggs in a basket, and a steam engine. Something the man and the people in the show did not realize was that his visions were spiritual guidance from God's Spirit. They correctly linked all three symbols to the location he was taken to the next day, which was an urban area around a famous hotel, but like most of the church, they failed to see how God gives revelation by requiring pieces of guidance to be connected to more guidance in the future, so the true and complete message from God can be understood.

The vision of the arch referred to a bridge, the eggs and basket to the famous hotel's logo emblem, and the steam engine to an old factory by the river that used to run with a steam engine. The links were accurate, but inconclusive in proving if the visions were prophetic or simply coincidental. It may not be obvious, but God is using that man's guidance and the show to tell us how true prophecy works now, after vision and prophecy were sealed up (Daniel 9:24, see 7/8/2009).

Prophecy no longer comes in obvious Words that speak a message clearly, like in the Old Testament, but it comes through bits and pieces that build up over time to complete a picture that must be interpreted by the Holy Spirit, God's Mind, not ours, because true prophecy from God never revolves around the interpretations of men (2 Peter 1:20). This helps identify and test true prophecy from God as opposed to false prophecy from the enemy or the misinterpretations of men.

We see in this example that a prophetic message is unclear in the immediate context, but it's no coincidence the symbols God gave the Scottish man all link to Brideship. God is reinforcing how to understand Him through the River of Life, which requires linking pieces of guidance over time. When we do that, we can see the message God is revealing here. That's the reference to the vision on 10/13/2010.

The man drinking from the flask represents how the Harlot Church indulges in guidance from His Spirit, but does not understand how to let God interpret it. The image goes with other guidance about drinking and filtering water to properly get revelation from God (see 7/7/2010 and 10/13/2010). The church has been trying to interpret with her own mind and jumping to conclusions, which has caused her to misstep and walk in the wrong paths with God.

The vision of the narrow arch refers to the correct path of Brideship, because guidance has shown that circles and arches represent covenant and narrow things represent the narrow path of true Brideship, which is also shown to be a narrow bridge, linking to the physical bridge at the location.

The eggs in a basket refer to guidance about eggs, which symbolize useless or futile pursuits and outcomes that result in nothing (wild goose chase and big goose egg analogies). They often represent worldly pursuits and interpretations, which goes here to reinforce how the Harlot Church's and secular world's approach to God and life are futile pursuits that have no direction or permanence in eternity. The main reason for that is not understanding God's laws and covenants that define the true bridge into His Eternal Kingdom. Brideship teaches those principles, which goes back to the first vision of the narrow arch.

The steam engine refers to how the Pure Bride runs on God's Spirit (see 3/4/2009). The Brideship Covenant of following His Spirit correctly by letting God build the picture and then following His directions with obedience is essential to becoming pure and refined as His Pure Bride. Understanding and following the instructions from His Spirit are central to our Covenant walk with God. That's why the River of Life flows from God's throne and through His new temple and New Jerusalem, which both symbolize His Pure Bride walking in Covenant (Ezekiel 47:1, Revelation 22:1, see 3/4/2009).

All these spiritual elements linking up to the physical world with the documentary and location attest to God's ability to staple the physical with spiritual guidance that has been shown over and over. It is a fingerprint of God that authenticates His signature on true prophecy and the truth of Brideship (see 10/28/2011 and 12/14/2011).

This helps the church let go of her faulty assumptions about God and His Kingdom that she clings to because of her reliance on worldly interpretation (see 12/20/2010 and 8/10/2011). She cannot arrive at the destiny God intends in the Pure Bride if she continues to follow the wrong interpretations of His truth that come from a carnal mindset. She must let go of her old ways and popular beliefs and learn how to trust and follow God fully through His Spirit. Continuing to follow God with worldly notions of love that are fueled by the excitement of passion and celebration will only keep her from achieving her full destiny as the Pure Bride (see 3/4/2009, 3/8/2009 and 5/14/2009).

This chain continues on 11/23/2010.


10/25/2010 Monday
Joshua 7 - the results of breaking God's covenants are seen when Achan does not obey God's covenant terms;

Conditional covenants are promises that come after certain conditions or terms are fulfilled. This means if we do not uphold the conditions of the covenant, the promises of the covenant are not given. Conditional covenants take the form, "You do this and I'll do that" (see "Armor Of God"). It is only WHEN the conditions of the covenant are made that THEN the promises are given.

This is especially important to understand concerning salvation because the New Covenant of Grace in Christ is a conditional covenant with terms to fulfill and keep. It's a conditional covenant that promises eternal life with God if its terms are met. These terms were spoken by Jesus in Matthew 10:32-33: "Whoever acknowledges Me [Jesus] before others, I will also acknowledge before My Father in heaven. But whoever disowns Me before others, I will disown before My Father in heaven."

This states how we must acknowledge Jesus to other people to be acknowledged in Heaven (Matthew 10:32), which means we have to confess our belief in Jesus to someone else. That is the covenant condition for getting eternal salvation and why the apostle Paul says, "If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved" (Romans 10:9-10). We see here that our faith is only our justification for being saved - it is the beginning point - but faith alone is not what actually saves us into God's Kingdom. It is our confession of faith in Jesus to someone that saves us since Paul says, "it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved."

Without a proper confession, the covenant term for getting eternal salvation in Matthew 10:32 is not fulfilled, so without the confession the person is not saved through Christ even if they believe in Him. The Scripture of John 12:42-50 confirms that believers are eternally condemned for this reason (see SPARKED for more on this), and this unfilled covenant term is why Jesus says, "I never knew you" to believers who said they prophesied and performed miracles in His Name (Matthew 7:21-23). Jesus never knew them because they were never saved into His Kingdom through a confession even though they believed in and used His Name.

The Narrow Door of Luke 13:22-30 also speaks about how believers are turned away from God's Kingdom. They say, "We ate and drank with You, and You taught in our streets" referring to having communion (breaking bread and drinking juice/wine) with Jesus and teaching His Gospel, but He tells them, "I don't know you or where you come from" because they were either never saved in the first place, like the people of Matthew 7:21-23, or they lost their salvation.

But that isn't all. Our confession must come from the heart, from our own soul, and cannot be a repeat-after-me statement. God has shown that repeating someone else's statement does not fulfill the New Covenant's term for acknowledging belief in Jesus, because it was not a statement coming from the person's own heart, such as when a minister tells someone "Repeat after me: I believe Jesus is Lord."

The confession of belief in Jesus needs to be generated from the person's heart, which is why we were taught to draw confessions from people instead of having them "repeat after me". You do this by asking someone to answer yes or no to a question, like "Do you believe Jesus is Lord?" When they go through the thought process of answering and say, Yes, it is a confession coming from their own heart. See "Mechanics of Salvation" for more details and testimony.

I talked a bit about how to become saved but only mentioned losing salvation. The other half of the covenant terms for Grace is stated in Matthew 10:33, "But whoever disowns Me [Jesus] before others, I will disown before My Father in heaven." It says how we lose eternal salvation - by doing the opposite for getting it - which is to deny belief in Jesus or disown Him in front of people. That will have you denied in Heaven, even if you still believe in Jesus.

These covenant conditions for eternal salvation are extremely important to understand. The church's overemphasis on God's love and faith makes people think that only faith in Jesus and having a relationship with Him are sufficient to have and secure eternal salvation. But the full truth is, we need to fulfill and keep our confession of faith in Jesus secure through this life (Hebrews 10:23), no matter the circumstance or threat. Many Christians have died and are dying today to keep that confession secure, whether they know they are keeping the covenant terms for Grace or not. They would rather die than turn away from Christ. That is how God wants His People to act - to put Him before all else, even this present life. There is nothing in this life worth more than eternity with God in the next life.

The Scripture of Joshua 7 is a reminder of the consequences of breaking God's covenants and commands. In Joshua 7, Achan and his family broke the covenant God made for plunder taken in Jericho (Joshua 6:17-19). Items of value were to be put in the Lord's treasury but Achan secretly kept some. This was a sin that took away God's protection in the first battle to take Ai after Jericho (Joshua 7:4-5). It only took one instance and one person to break God's covenant and many died afterwards when God withdrew His protection.

See the links below for more about how salvation and sin work together and further Scriptural back up and testimonies.

=> The True Gospel, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1637356888129281768
=> Walking In Righteousness, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=5046731480754762728
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=5048191927247535080
=> REMEMBRANCE (Armor Of God), http://www.takehisheart.com/tithearmorgodprotection.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (Mechanics of Salvation)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/salvationconfessionstraitgate.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (Turn Hearts to the Children),
=> REMEMBRANCE (Learned in Heaven),

11/3/2010 Wednesday
my ex-wife gave me the ruby ring with 7 gems;

After I finally accepted I was wrong about how God was working and the validity of the Book of Remembrance, I committed to Brideship because I could now see why I got so much guidance about REMEMBERING in the last months. I left the Harlot Church to fulfill my roles in Christ, which you can now see in the fruits of this flowchart. This point ends the REMEMBERING chain of guidance and I announced my errors later in a blog
(see How Deep?). Now that I did remember and sought to return to God completely, I got a wonderful token of appreciation (the ruby ring), perfectly timed as He always is. See 11/7/2010 for the revealed meaning of the ring.

, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=3619491707503874536

11/7/2010 Saturday
I received 7 repeated devotional emails from July of this year and noticed they were centered on July 12th, my birthday, which mirrored the ring I just got on 11/3/2010 because the center gem is a square cut ruby, my birthstone. And like the emails with six devotionals surrounding the central July 12th one (three on each side), my ring has six small diamonds around the center gem, also with three on each side of it. Seven emails, seven gems, and on the seventh of the month.

It was puzzling to get all the references to the number seven and the seven repeated emails from earlier in the year, especially right after receiving my ring, and having them connect through my birthday and birthstone. The emails started coming in one at a time during the night of 11/6/2010. This morning, after checking email I noticed the seven emails curiously centered around my birthday. Then it hit me.

The devotional arrangement matched the gemstones on the ring I just got. The "center" devotional of July 12th goes with the large, center ruby. It was about God, The Holy Trinity, which has obvious importance as the centerpiece, but the gem is also square cut, which further symbolizes the Pure Bride/New Jerusalem because guidance has revealed squares symbolize the Pure Bride and New Jerusalem going with the perfectly square dimensions of New Jerusalem in Revelation 21:16. This center gem symbolizes God's promise of making His Pure Bride a reality, making the ring a signet ring for my role to help build the Pure Bride.

The other "supporting" devotionals, which correspond to the six surrounding gems around the ruby, are as follows:

The July 9th devotional talks about how King Cyrus and King Josiah were prophesied hundreds of years before they were born, even being called by name (1 Kings 13:2, Isaiah 44:28). King Josiah was important in my guidance as an example of a righteous king who repented greatly when he found out he and his people were wrong in their beliefs and actions (see 1/18/2009 and 1/19/2009). He brought Israel back to God without needing proof or calamity. All he needed was hearing what God wanted from the lost Book of the Law (2 Kings 22, 2 Chronicles 34). King Cyrus has also been referenced in guidance through the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, and Zechariah, which all talk about rebuilding God's temple after the exile in Babylon. King Cyrus, though a foreigner to the Jews, was God's instrument in getting them back to Jerusalem and providing the resources they needed to rebuild the temple. This parallels what is going on now with getting God's people to come fully back to Him into Brideship and building His new temple, the Pure Bride. The link to my ring is that I am like King Cyrus because of my role to promote Brideship.

The July 10th devotional talks about how God's power, grace, and peace exceed understanding. It alludes to how His covenant for eternal salvation works and how different the true workings of His Kingdom are compared to what the church thinks.

The July 11th devotional is about "entropy," the shame or turning inward that goes with failing to witness and speak for God. Speaking up and not hiding is a duty for all Christians, especially for His anointed servants today. We should have no shame whatsoever to speak what is right and true.

The July 13th devotional talks about resurrection, especially of everyone in the Last Days. This goes with Message 5 in the Messages stating that the resurrections (what the church calls The Rapture) actually occur after the Great Tribulation. See Chapter 5 in the Messages for more on that. I also noted the numbers for the date 7/13 are symbolic of a Full (7) Promise (13) as I noted about the meaning of numbers in the last chapter of the Messages. It goes with Daniel 7:13 as a full promise He would come as Jesus linking another Scripture to its symbolic meaning in the verse numbers as well as the literal meaning of the words (see 7/7/2010 for another example).

The July 14th devotional is about the good seed being His Word sown by Christ and the children of His kingdom who took His seed and were regenerated. It pertains to things here because God is still sowing His good seed with the guidance given by His Spirit, and the church needs to accept that seed to yield the full crops of destiny that He has planned for us in the Pure Bride.

The July 15th devotional is titled "Learn By Example" and talks about Apostle Paul's example of being a Christian in 2 Timothy. This links to guidance here about rightly dividing His Word and understanding the difference between what was recorded in Scripture as opposed to what God meant when He stated it. See the guidance about 2 Timothy 2:13 on 2/6/2011. It also makes note of listening to the testimony and experience of others who were called into Brideship first. A good deal of faith is required to move into Covenant because I know the feelings of uncertainty and not wanting to change. I wasn't given all the proof I wanted before I committed to Brideship, and you likely won't either. I had to trust what others were saying and most of all I had to trust God completely on this. It's only after we make steps forward that we can see where we were before.

I also noted the devotional for this day (November 7) was about "biblical irony," which goes with the deep mysteries being revealed now in Remembrance and here. Ironic that so many who believe to be saved are not. Ironic that so many are under a curse for not tithing properly, but don't know it. Ironic that the church thinks they know how God works and what He wants, but really know little about what is going on.

All the details of the devotionals synching up with my ring had me scratching my head. It made me remember guidance some time earlier when I saw a ruby ring, so I looked and found on 2/26/2009 I was given guidance telling me the significance of the ring. It refers to a ring with a large red gem, which I thought was a ruby at the time. A square shape is given as well, going with the main square gem, and the Scripture given with the images also notes God's order and that "everything comes from God" (1 Corinthians 11:12), which refers to how my ring actually came from Him.

Perhaps most importantly, the ring in the visions was given to a "child" being comforted. I understood from this guidance that the child was me and Who the ring actually came from, but that isn't all. My ex-wife gave me the ring on the last night we lived together after our divorce. She wanted to give it as a gesture of goodwill, so it was reconciliation after rough times. I knew this paralleled my path with the Lord after hard times dealing with prophecy and spiritual warfare because the day I got the ring was also my first Golden or "In Him" Meeting with God after deciding to leave the Harlot Church.

These Meetings are a part of fully accepting Brideship and fulfilling the Covenant of following His Spirit, though they are not a requirement of Brideship. They are a part of acting in the government of His Kingdom, which is a choice of Brideship to participate in, even though the Covenant of following His Spirit is a requirement for anyone to be in Brideship. The distinction is that having Meetings and participating in God's government agenda is a further requirement of His Pure Bride Wed Wife, while not participating in government affairs but following His Spirit is a requirement for everyone in Brideship.

The Pure Bride who does not conduct Meetings and follows God in His government plans is called a "Guest" in Brideship as opposed to the "Wife" in Brideship. It is the Pure Bride Wife's responsibility to take God's government directions through His Spirit and act on them. God's Kingdom is run directly by Him through His Spirit in this way, which is why Revelation 22 notes the River of Life (His Spirit) comes down from His throne (His government reign) and through His Pure Bride (New Jerusalem). This is why the Pure Bride is synonymous with His Kingdom and why the product of God's union with His Wife, the "Man-Child," will "rule all the nations" and be taken up to God's throne (Revelation 12:1-12:5).

With the seven repeated devotionals (resent because of a "computer error" as the ministry apologized later), the ring is a constant reminder of how real God is and what to hold most dear:
  1. God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and His plans of Brideship - front and center, ALWAYS!
  2. What He wants - His new temple built, His Pure Bride ready for marriage.
  3. God and His ways are much more than our reasoning can comprehend. Don't lean on your own understanding, but on His.
  4. Never shy away from our roles in Christ. Seek your duties in God through His Spirit and walk in them.
  5. Hold on to His promises, no matter how great the troubles are.
  6. Remember His Living Word is just as important as His Written Word. The River of Life is sowing the good seed as we speak.
  7. Learn by the example of others! Rejecting witness testimony keeps the you confined to a smaller part of the truth, which leads you to the wrong conclusions, just like the majority of the world has done by rejecting witnesses to the Gospel.
Later, I understood guidance revealing the ring to be a signet ring that goes with guidance about the Book of Haggai (see 11/6/2009) and the signet ring in Haggai 2:23. It all refers to my role in building God's new temple of the Pure Bride/New Jerusalem.

Sometime later in 2011, I got another surprise from this ring. During this time I had gotten guidance that one of my duties in Brideship is to bring high definition detail to the Pure Bride. It refers to guidance, like in this chart, that give further proof for the validity of Brideship as well as further refining the details of Brideship.

What does that have to do with the ring? I also found the inside of the ring's band is inscribed with the words "BLU RAY," which likely refers to whomever made the ring, but the amazing thing is, Blu-ray (BD) video discs are the high definition standard replacing DVD video discs offering over four times the video resolution. I found this to be no coincidence as I worked on a documentary video to support Brideship late in 2011 (see Walking In Righteousness), because God left clues and signs everywhere to link to prophetic guidance about bringing a high definition picture of the truth to the church. God's attention to detail is absolutely mind boggling.

=> Messages (The Tribulation and Rapture in Chapter Five)
=> Walking In Righteousness
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=5046731480754762728

11/17/2010 Tuesday
John 3:3 - "In reply Jesus declared, 'I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.'"

The Greek of "born again" here means "born from above." This goes with our spirit needing to be reborn to enter God's kingdom and the moment that happens is when our confession of faith is acknowledged by another person. See
The True Gospel for details or Walking In Righteousness documentary for visual presentation.

=> The True Gospel, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1637356888129281768
=> Walking In Righteousness
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=5046731480754762728

11/23/2010 Tuesday
a hand pats the hand of an old woman resting on a shoulder (RE: this - facing near left, someone behind a narrow pane of glass and places a hand over the top edge like it is an open car window, then the hand looks like a head of hair); a bright light beam shining around, it illuminates a grasshopper which disintegrates in the bright light (RE: this - a thin white lattice grid); many people walking forward and one is in a wheelchair; a hand holds and pushes long stems of flowers, like roses, into a cylinder container used for shipping; the neck of a guitar is picked up; someone pushing a small cart with a very, very long pole (RE: this - burning sheets hanging over a dark pyramid); a long pole is pulled into someone's abdomen, then it is a taut rope or line going into a sleeve covering that extends far off into the distance (RE: this - a door with holes in it and a raging fire is behind it (a furnace door)); (RE: the line going through the stomach - a fake jellyfish swim to left along a line); a hand pulls out a narrow slip of paper from a container; a robot clamp hand holds a bundle of money and releases it, it falls and then many small pieces of paper fly out, going through different channels to different destinations, the scene zooms out and the paper keeps flying far and wide (RE: this - at top, a stream of white particles fall into a chomping mouth pointing up, the mouth becomes part of a dark wrinkled eel, then the stream is bright white light and the eel devours it, the eel changes shape into a narrow cone tube for a moment and then into a tube with a black ball inside); a spinning, upside down Christmas tree, it looks like a tapered, stepped drill bit, leaves open up on it and it turns into a fuzzy flower with large almond shaped petals, the scene zooms out and shows the silhouette of a frond sea plant or flower waving its arms (RE: the sea anemone plant - a wide, white brush stroked up and down slowly, like the wood sanding/planing action, then it is a spiky white splotch); rain dropping on a surface with printing and  pictures on it;

This guidance continues the MOVIES chain from
10/23/2010. Many of the visions refer to the movie Tangled, which I saw for the first time at the theater on the next day (see 11/24/2010). After seeing the movie, I realized God was saying something related to the story of Rapunzel, which is a Disney version of the original Rapunzel fairytale. It wasn't until much later that further guidance revealed the prophetic message to be a shocking truth about the Harlot Church (see 12/24/2010 and 10/30/2011). The guidance also shows, once again, how God orchestrates people and their work with precision to give a message, even without their realizing it (see "Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds" for more examples).

This wasn't the first time God gave prophetic guidance related to a movie. The first instance was in the fall of 2009 related to the Eagle Eye film (see Message Five in the Messages), which talked about the purpose of going through hardship during the Tribulation.

This time, the message is much more detailed as can be seen by the large amount of guidance here and in the connected chains. The first set of visions refer to Rapunzel and her "mother," Gothel, who was a gypsy witch that kidnapped Rapunzel as a baby and deceived her into believing she was her real mother when in truth, Gothel was keeping her prisoner.

Mother Gothel symbolizes the Harlot Church, while Rapunzel is the Bride (the church as well), who was brought up to believe the ways of the Harlot are God's true "home" or "mother" when in fact she is not, or more accurately, the beliefs and paths that the Harlot Church promotes are not God's ways or His true path into Brideship. This false mother also refers to Words that tell us to "come out of your mother..." (see "Uncharted Waters").

The false mother theme links up to guidance showing that the Harlot Church is an imposter of God's Pure Bride (see 10/30/2011). The vision of the old woman's hand on a shoulder refers to Mother Gothel's hand on Rapunzel's shoulder, while the other hand is Rapunzel's, who reluctantly accepts her false mother despite the unreasonable constraints Gothel places on her. The image refers to the Harlot Church trying to comfort and keep the church where she is, but when the church realizes who she really is (the person in the car window scene symbolizes facing physical reality, facing left) and that her true destiny is to be God's Pure Bride in Covenant with Him (head of hair in narrow car window scene represents preparing for Brideship in that narrow path), she will leave the Harlot (hand on car window, the scene represents looking out the window as she leaves her false mother).

The reference to movie posters (printed surface with rain falling on it refers to movie posters) refer to the general theme that Hollywood films portray unrealistic, romantic versions of reality that blind people and the church from spiritual truth (see 1/19/2011). The church must wash herself of these overly romantic viewpoints about God and His Kingdom (rain falling on printed surface symbolize washing away the movie posters). Romanticizing God and our relationship with Him (flowers shipped out, guitar picked up refer to singing romantic songs to God) not only blinds us to His true image and Kingdom but it also makes us ineffective in His plans.

This spiritual blinding from false beliefs causes the church to become "grasshoppers" (grasshoppers, see 3/4/2009 and Messages Nine and Ten in the Messages) and debilitated (person in wheelchair), so she does not step forward into Brideship (people walking). But once she understands the truth about how God's Kingdom works (light beam illuminating grasshopper, white lattice grid, see 3/4/2009), the grasshopper mentality will disappear (light makes grasshopper disappear) and the church will go on to the purity and glory that is destined for her as the Pure Bride (see 3/25/2009 and 10/28/2011).

The next set of images refer to the truth about the Tribulation, Brideship and the church's false paths being rejected because of pressure from the enemy (Python symbolized by the fake jellyfish, see 1/16/2011). The Great Tribulation is happening now and the deeper truth that it is a refining fire to move the church into change and true Brideship needs to be known (long pole and lines represent the "life line" of Brideship to save people into eternity, the line goes into a sleeve/covering to symbolize how Brideship strengthens our relationship with God, sheets burning and dark pyramid refer to the Harlot Church disappearing through change and the refining fire).

This information is being ignored by the church because the enemy pressures her into keeping her false beliefs (furnace symbolizes heating up the sinful nature and worldly thinking) by leveraging her gut response to the truth and true Brideship (line goes through stomach). But it's been shown the church cannot trust her gut feelings based on a worldly mindset, because they blind her to the truth (see 12/20/2010, 8/10/2011 and 10/28/2011). The church doesn't realize her blindness and has been unwittingly working against God and silencing the truth about her false paths.

The church doesn't realize she is doing wrong, because she's been misguided by the enemy and her gut feelings. She thinks her teaching is right when in truth she has become an imposter and is misleading God's people (false Mother Gothel is the Harlot Church). It's time the church realizes her true destiny as the Pure Bride (see 12/24/2010) and prepare to walk in Brideship.

One of the first things she must do is shift focus from a Hollywood romance with God towards a more realistic and healthy relationship based on principles that will carry the relationship through eternity. Those principles, which Brideship is built upon, help us focus on fulfilling righteousness by understanding and walking within God's laws and covenants. His commandments are the eternal foundation for His Kingdom of Heaven because God's laws are eternal (Psalm 119:152) and having eternal salvation is required to be in God's side of eternity.

Seeing past our romantic views of reality and embracing the full truth is the focal point of this guidance, but the romance of the main characters in the movie is the focal point most people naturally zero in on. We have to let go of the warm and fuzzy feelings and bypass our natural, gut reactions to the truth (robotic clamp releasing money, slip of paper from container represents a "snap cup" filled with warm and fuzzy notes to people). They not only blind us to the full truth, but also prevent us from acting towards it (grasshoppers, person in wheelchair).

The symbolism of the robot clamp refers to the programmed or instinctual responses of our biological, carnal nature. The clamp lets go of money to symbolize letting go of those gut reactions to the truth, which refers to Brideship as a whole (life line going through stomach) and specifically to the Brideship covenant of tithing correctly (money being released). Most people's initial reactions to the true mechanics of salvation and tithing are filled with doubt, because they go against their notions of a loving, benevolent God.

However, the reality of the situation is most people don't have the knowledge to understand the full truth. People must also understand the details of God's laws and covenants and God's "stern and kind" nature (Romans 11:22) to grasp the wisdom and truth in Brideship. Furthermore, the church is kept from accepting the truth, because she is blinded by her carnal mindset taught by popular notions, which the enemy uses to keep her (dark eel gorges on white light, fake jellyfish) from going any farther with God, just like Rapunzel was held captive most of her life without her even knowing it.

The dark eel turning into a cone and then a tube with dark ball on top represents how the enemy influences the church so she promotes the wrong or false paths into God's Kingdom (cone, skewed tubes, see 3/4/2009). It keeps the church spinning in circles, because the truth of the church's situation and Brideship is being kept from going out (dark eel devouring light). But once we understand the truth and let go of romantic and gut reactions, God can move us towards our destiny as the Pure Bride and distribute His money exactly as He wants (released money goes through many channels everywhere). This requires complete trust and faith in God, but the church has a problem accepting correct tithing doctrine because she fears losing money, which is another gut reaction preventing her from changing and conducting God's Kingdom affairs as He wants.

However, if we all follow into Brideship correctly, there should be no fear of provision because teaching the correct principles of God's Kingdom, which includes promoting Brideship, also makes it clear how everyone in His Kingdom is required to tithe by law. It will put God's money where He wants and ensure it benefits the best overall good (money released goes everywhere). God reminds us to focus on the spiritual first, on righteousness, then material things will follow, so don't worry over worldly things (Matthew 6:33).

The church, though, is focused on the wonder and feelings of a mostly romantic relationship with God, which keeps her from seeing His Kingdom and destiny for her. This bad focus also makes her overlook the essential details of God's laws and covenants. The church's state of being spiritually stuck and blinded is likened to a state of being spiritual nomads, who walk with God in a random fashion without a set goal or direction.

God is taking His people out of that spiritual wandering and leading us to the destiny of His set goal in eternity, which is His Pure Bride/New Jerusalem (see 9/27/2011). He isn't moving us into Brideship by force, but showing His plan by revealing one truth after another after another, giving so much evidence that it becomes impossible to ignore.

One of those truths shown here and in related guidance is how the enemy uses our carnal nature to mislead us (dark eel gorges on white light, fake jellyfish, line through stomach). This leads into the next set of images showing a Christmas tree (a symbol of traditions) blooming into a fuzzy flower with almond, marquise shaped petals and then a sea "flower" with thick fronds like a sea anemone.

The Christmas tree changing into those things represent how the Harlot Church's focus on traditions and celebration produces false spiritual blooming and growth (flower with marquise petals represents blooming in the wrong paths with God, see marquise shape 2/22/2011) because she does not have a clear idea of God's Kingdom (flower is fuzzy). The tree is also a stepped, drill to symbolize how the church is rescued (large drills symbolize a rescue operation, see 3/15/2009) and sinks into Brideship in steps. In concert with the rest of the themes here, this symbolizes letting go of false beliefs and bad focus, like overemphasizing celebration, tradition and romance, in the same gradual way.

The silhouette scene of a sea flower, like an anemone, refers to the lunar eclipse analogy stating how the church's worldly focus prevents her from seeing the truth (see 12/20/2010 and 8/10/2011). This produces false spiritual growth from following His Spirit incorrectly and misinterpreting guidance, whether it's in Scripture or His Spoken Word in the River of Life (underwater sea life theme, the thick worm-like fronds of the flower symbolize worms and lowliness). The next images elaborate on this, stating that painting God's Kingdom with broad strokes (wide paint brush, sanding/planing movement refers to building and finishing God's House), like overusing love, produces the wrong messages (spiky splotch like an ink splatter represents the wrong message, see 12/7/2011), even though some truth was used (splotch and brush are white symbolizing truth being used).

We have to remember to keep correct focus to see God and His Kingdom with sharp detail. The broad and fuzzy strokes of romanticizing God and focusing on the intense feelings of joy and celebration, like using love songs and intense emotions in worship (flowers being packaged, guitar), keep the church stuck in a fairytale (Tangled movie theme) that won't last through eternity if she doesn't also understand the foundations of His Kingdom that Brideship teaches.

Furthermore, focusing on love and celebration doesn't just keep the church physically stuck, but spiritually as well. Ignoring the mechanics of God's laws and covenants prevents true spiritual renewal and growth because the effects of fulfilling covenants cannot be understood without understanding their details. God promises real spiritual-physical change and blessing when we walk in Covenant that simply won't happen if we don't take those actions. Our wedding garments are not given only from loving God. They come from the righteous acts that loving God moves us to complete with Him (Revelation 19:8, see 5/14/2009).

This chain continues on 11/24/2010.

=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1910734824069846760
=> Messages (Message Five, Nine and Ten)
=> REMEMBRANCE ("Uncharted Waters")
, http://www.takehisheart.com/instructionsunchartedwaters.htm

11/24/2010 Wednesday
Meeting; the eraser end of a giant pencil held up by a tiny person who pulls a wrapped piece of paper off it; a large crowd of many people walking and someone in the crowd runs toward me; someone barefoot wearing long pants walking forward with long strides (skipping) on a wet surface (RE: long pants - someone bowing toward lower left and a rod with round foot like the bottom of a crutch moves down on the surface like walking); a row of piano keys, then a hand behind them grabs them and pulls them back (RE: this - a small faint white ball drops with a black spiky splotch covering the background); a tool with a round handle and crescent shape on top, like a tuning fork, is held up and coins come out of it, piling up more and more; a person in a cloak with a large head; wooden people marching along, one is slouched over like tired and they just keep marching along, two or three of them like zombies (RE: the bottom of a frilly curtain); a parade party scene with people jumping up and down, dancing (RE: the jaws of a person from the side chomping down repeatedly, then again in a different profile more from the front);

This group of images continues the MOVIES chain from
11/23/2010 and reveals many big errors of the church so they can be corrected (giant pencil eraser with sleeve pulled off). This is conveyed by the first vision of a giant pencil eraser, which symbolizes making corrections. The size of the pencil refers to the size of the church's errors and the paper sleeve being pulled off it symbolizes uncovering or revealing the truth.

The next images refer to the Tangled movie and guidance from 11/23/2010. The person running and skipping in water refer to Rapunzel in two different scenes in the movie. They symbolize how the church focuses on the exuberance of romance and passion with God because she is freed by His grace in eternal salvation. It is a passionate and well intending response, but overemphasizing that joy and emotion are making her overlook important details about eternal salvation and His Kingdom.

This is conveyed by the images related to the long pants and skipping in water (person bowing, foot of a crutch walking). They link to another movie in this chain that shows how overemphasizing emotions is the wrong approach to law (see 12/6/2011). The long pants and crutch refer to the injured police officer who takes the witness stand in the movie, A Time To Kill. He clearly makes an emotional point to defend his friend who is on trial for murdering two people that attacked his young daughter, stating that he would have done the same thing out of love for his own daughter.

The main point of the guidance related to that movie was that we cannot use emotions to judge and uphold the law, because justice is not served by allowing a vigilante to take revenge and then walk free without having the consequences of breaking the law himself. God's laws and Kingdom do not work that way, because even though having eternal salvation frees us from the eternal condemnation of breaking His laws, it does not negate other consequences of sin. God disciplines us when we do wrong (Psalm 39:11, Psalm 94:12, Proverbs 3:11, Proverbs 10:17, Proverbs 19:20, 1 Corinthians 11:32, Hebrews 12:4, Revelation 3:19) and the enemy further bring negative consequences of our sin by bringing curses that can severely affect us (see 3/19/2011).

The truth that consequences for sin still remain under the New Covenant of Grace highlight the need for the church to balance her focus and passion, so that she does not overlook the importance of keeping God's laws and commands. This need to keep proper focus is also conveyed by the image of worship (bowing person in crutch vision), which refers to how the church needs to change her focus in worship to move away from the emotions of love and romance (see 11/23/2011) to focusing more completely on exulting God.

The next images of the piano keys refer to guidance about love and the sad consequences of focusing on that instead of spiritual things first. This is because everything, all pursuits and activities, even those focusing on ministry and love, such as evangelizing and having family time, ends up being meaningless and temporary if spiritual things, like having eternal salvation, are not taken care of first. The church focuses too much on love and relationships instead of on the details of getting and maintaining complete salvation, which are defined by the principles of Brideship that focus on eternal salvation and fulfilling God's laws. The church's skewed focus causes her to promote God and His Kingdom in the wrong ways (faint white ball symbolizes false ideas of God's Kingdom), which spreads the wrong message that law and covenant are not as important as they should be (black splotch is an ink splatter which symbolizes wrong messages).

This leads into the next images about teaching Brideship. The tool with a crescent head refers to the crescent moon in the 3rd Compass ministry logo. The tool looks like a tuning fork to refer to this ministry's role to change and fine tune Brideship (coins coming out of the tool symbolize change), so it can be better understood and taught by the church. This links to the next image of a person in a cloak, which refers to how we cannot teach Brideship (person in cloak symbolizes a disciple) with haughtiness or an arrogant attitude (large head symbolizes haughtiness). This is important because many truths being revealed can be taken the wrong way, so a patient and tailored approach to teaching the truth needs to be made based on individual people and circumstances.

The last images note some truths that can be taken the wrong way if they are presented too directly or in the wrong way. The image of mindless wooden people walking symbolize how the ministry of the church focusing on love and passion creates an "unthinking" congregation because they focus more on feelings than the correct principles of God's Kingdom. This keeps them in the wrong ideas of life with God (frilly curtain symbolizes a barrier based on overgrown wrong beliefs) and prevents them from going further with Him into the full truth.

The emphasis on feelings and celebration (parade party) also prevents the church from understanding God by following His Spirit correctly, because her excitement and passion make her impatient and "gulp down" His guidance (jaws of a person chomping symbolizes properly "chewing on" guidance), so she misinterprets it instead of letting God interpret. The truth of this is hard to accept unless the church changes her viewpoint from a love and relationship based kingdom to the more accurate law and covenant based Kingdom of Brideship (point of view changes in jaw scene).

This stream continues on 12/2/2010.


11/29/2010 Monday
Hosea 4:6 - "Lack of knowledge" quoting Hosea 4:6 which Remembrance notes... "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...";

See blog
"What Was Hidden" for more on this guidance

=> WHAT WAS HIDDEN, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=5062415036039435240

12/2/2010 Thursday
strings oozing out of a tube; a fabric going down a drain; a long hinge of some kind;

These images link to the guidance on
1/19/2011 by the strings coming out a tube and fabric going down a drain. The first image refers to the constant daily walk in the principles of Brideship (tube refers to toothpaste symbolizing daily cleansing practices). Doing that prevents Brideship from draining away (fabric going down drain, see 1/19/2011) and allows it to be opened up to the church (long hinge) through the example of people in the Pure Bride. Without people in Brideship openly promoting it, the church will continue to ignore God's call for His people to move into Brideship.

This stream continues on 12/24/2010.


12/7/2010 Tuesday
RE: "pets" - hands rubbing over a wicker basket with things in it; hands interlock their fingers and flex forward (the "it's easy" gesture);

Amos 6 - "Woe to them at ease in Zion?"; the leaders of Israel are told they are overly secure about their way of life, because it is against the Lord's ways and is why Israel is given to ruin;

This guidance says the church and leaders are at ease (Amos 6) in correctly handling God's money (the tithe). It goes with guidance about "pets" or false beliefs (see
5/4/2010 and Pets) because it is a false belief that the tithe can be used for any purpose that the church wants. However, the tithe can only be legally given into the hands of people who God declared it for (see 12/7/2011 and Tithing). The improper distribution of the tithe has caused problems that the church does not realize. Handling God's money incorrectly breaks the law of tithing, which allows the church to subjected to curses that seriously harm her (Amos 6; see Walking In Righteousness for graphic instruction).

, http://www.takehisheart.com/powerofthewilldeathofapet.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (Tithing)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/givingtithesbibletithing.htm
=> Walking In Righteousness
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=5046731480754762728
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=5048191927247535080

12/8/2010 Wednesday
the Word ARC with Matthew 10:32-10:33 and John 12:42-12:50 - the two Scriptures of the covenant terms for eternal salvation (Matthew 10:32-10:33) and the results of not confessing belief in Jesus (John 12:42-12:50) are "ARC'ed" or linked together;

SPARKED for details on how this important revelation about eternal salvation came about.

=> SPARKED, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=5048191927247535080

12/20/2010 Monday
I see on CNN.com this day that the total lunar eclipse at night will be full at about 2:41 am EST and turn a vibrant red color at 3:35 am EST. This information made me recall the vision of the clock pointing to 3:35 clock on
8/12/2009. I got the feeling they were linked but didn't connect them until further guidance came forward in 2011 that went back to this topic (see 3/10/2009 and 8/10/2011).

It turns out the lunar eclipse does go with the 3:35 clock and specifically fulfills the Scripture about the Last Days when God says, "The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood ..." (Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20). It is one of the signs out of many in heaven and earth that signal the nearing of Christ's return. However, guidance related to this on 8/12/2009 makes it clear that God does not want us to focus on dramatic signs or worry about the events of this age. Our focus is to walk in Brideship so we can be prepared to walk closely with God through this age and into the next.

Guidance also revealed the lunar eclipse had an amazing dual meaning that paints an ingenious message using a grand display of "stapling" real world events and objects with spiritual guidance to show how the church is overlooking true Brideship. The first message is that the Last Days of Revelation has arrived, so it is important to prepare now.

The second message uses the lunar eclipse to show how the Harlot Church lets worldly notions eclipse or overshadow God's wisdom and truth in Brideship. To see this, you have to understand that a lunar eclipse happens when the earth is in line between the sun and the moon, so that the earth's shadow blocks out the sun's light on the moon, sometimes producing a red hued moon when the conditions are right (see photo below).

Next, we plug in the symbolism given through God's Spirit, replacing the sun with God's wisdom, the earth with the church, and the moon with true Brideship. Once the symbolism is in place, we can see how the church is ignoring God's plans of true Brideship because she is eclipsing God's wisdom with her worldly focus and interpretations (see photo below). She is not listening to God because she keeps focus on her misinterpretations of Scripture and His Spoken Word instead of getting understanding directly from God by following His Spirit correctly (see How the Holy Spirit Teaches).

When the church lets her interpretations overrule what God says is true, she ends up reflecting herself in her spiritual walk instead of God, just like popular philosophies do the same thing. This a reference to other guidance about mirrors and reflective objects symbolizing how the church and world create false kingdoms of God that are only reflections of themselves because they follow their own interpretations (see 10/28/2011).

God wants us to follow His true reflection and wisdom. Learning the principles of Brideship, which contains precise knowledge about God's laws and Kingdom, will teach the Godly wisdom needed to move His people into the maturity and closeness He wants for all of us. It is not just for spiritual growth, but the Pure Bride is the destiny God has planned for us all. This guidance goes with the themes given on 3/10/2009, 8/12/2009, 12/20/2010 and 8/10/2011 as well. See those dates for more details concerning the reasons why the church ignores Brideship. The reasons cannot be understood without the knowledge contained in the bigger picture.

=> REMEMBRANCE (How the Holy Spirit Teaches)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/holyspiritspiritualthings.htm

12/22/2010 Wednesday

Initial notes: The Words "DUTY FIRST and PURPOSE" refer to our duties as the Pure Bride. Duties, like conducting Corporate Meetings, have serious purposes in God's Kingdom. The Word "CONDITIONAL" refers to the Covenants of Brideship being a choice for every individual, just like accepting the Covenant of Eternal Salvation is a choice for every person.

The Words "OPEN MINDED and CONCLUSION" refer to keeping an open mind being important to accept the principles of Brideship. This is important because our natural, carnal gut responses to the truth are often negative and lead us off the path God wants for us.

The Words "PARLEY NOT and SUPERLATIVE" refer to the covenant terms for Brideship being nonnegotiable. SUPERLATIVE means the highest order and refers to how the Covenants of Brideship are God's highest command for His Kingdom. The three Covenants encompass:
  1. Becoming part of God's Kingdom by fulfilling the terms for having eternal salvation, the Covenant of Grace
  2. Handling God's treasury by fulfilling the law of tithing and distributing His money correctly
  3. Walking with God closely by following His directions coming through His Spirit
Keeping those covenant terms define whether or not a person is in Covenant and fulfilling Brideship. God's covenant terms are always determined by Him and do not change unless He explicitly changes them (see 10/25/2010), which is what the "PARLEY NOT" Word means. Everyone in the Pure Bride must consistently be walking in the three Covenants of Brideship, but there is a further distinction between being a "Guest" to God's Wedding and being His "Wed Wife." God's Pure Bride Wife assumes the further responsibilities of conducting His Kingdom governmental affairs by also committing to having regular "In Him Meetings" (see 11/7/2010 and Meetings).

The Words "COMPEL, DUTY BOUND, COMPEL THEM and HEED ME" refer to our Brideship duties to promote it and compel the church to understand and accept Brideship. God is telling us to get the church to listen to His commands. The last three COMPELs also refer to this duty to move the church into Brideship. Its importance is emphasized by the Word repeating three times. Brideship is the single most important thing for the church to focus on.

=> REMEMBRANCE (Meetings)

12/24/2010 Friday
vividly, an old fashioned typewriter head with a page going past the head to the left, the page centered on the head was a bar code of some kind made of short vertical lines, there was a separator line over the top and bottom, the code was sparse and evenly spaced at first and as the code went behind the typewriter head, the head struck the paper to put more bars in, it started striking at a moderate pace and then it went very fast for a few moments and slowed down again, then fast again and slow and it kept striking the paper as the barcode passed by, then the same bright lamp light I saw last night was superimposed on this scene; the code resembled a DNA barcode (RE: what is revealed? - a rod behind a curtain or sheet (did not see curtain hangers) lifting and pushing it to the left and then the rod comes out from behind by sliding it toward me to the edge of the curtain;

RE: Christmas Watchman Prophecy - a rod held in a long white fabric cradle like a sling (RE: this - the heel of someone wearing a heavy boot or heavy soled shoe is up and then walks left; various hats - a top hat, an Uncle Sam hat, a baseball cap; a stylized wavy flaming sun with large wavy rays like a thick sun starfish (RE: this - two arms slip out of a large thick shackle, but they were still handcuffed together and then the handcuffs disappeared; a glowing light and a train being pushed by a large hand out of an opening going left and curving down/near); a beautiful bloomed crystalline flower shaped like a water lily but the blossom looked like a spiky crown);

The DNA typewriter and lamp prompted me to start flowcharting the things related to what was given, mainly the rod lifting fabric and DNA. I quickly saw the connections making a picture of how the H1N1 pandemic is related to the Tribulation. The chart also contained more than one command to speak this out, so I compiled it for presentation and announced it on Christmas Day. See the
Christmas Watchman Prophecy for details about this guidance.

The second set of images give further meaning to the purpose of the prophecy. It reveals how to mend a broken and fractured church (rod in sling for a broken limb) that has lost important principles of discipline (rod in sling). God is moving His Pure Bride (His people in Brideship) into the real world's spiritual battlefield to rid the church of false doctrine (heavy combat boot walk left, heel up refers to walking away from false beliefs). The Pure Bride's members have differing roles (different hats; hats symbolize roles) to bring life and birth to His people (flaming sun).

It's an orchestrated clean-up by anointed servants who were taught the truth about Brideship. It will truly free the church (arms unbound) from her false paths with God that come from the wrong interpretations of Scripture and His live Spoken Word (see 3/4/2009). Moving the church into the deeper knowledge of Brideship will correct her walk with God as she puts full faith in His plans and understands how to swim the River of Life by following His Spirit correctly.

Brideship is God's plan to rescue His people. His hand is sending the rescue vehicle (hand moves train, which represents a vehicle into Brideship, see 2/15/2009). The church needs to see this and get on the train by following those who are leading the church into Brideship. It requires strength and transformation as God calls His people to this mission. It's a difficult task, but when complete, the reward will be God's new temple, His Pure Bride, who will bloom with unity and harmony (crystal symbolism refers to unity and harmony) that defines His Kingdom into eternity (crown-shaped water lily; water lilies symbolize spiritual blooming and the reform of true Brideship from the River of Life). Walking this path will deliver the desires of God's heart to have a pure and refined Wife (see 12/25/2010).

There are further details to the symbolism of the flaming sun and arms being unshackled that are important to convey. The stylized sun refers to guidance about the movie Tangled (see 11/23/2010). The image here is the same sun shown in the movie that symbolizes Rapunzel's kingdom and true roots. It points to the scene when Rapunzel realizes she is the lost princess and that the mother she grew up with is actually not her real mother but an imposter.

God is referring to the church needing to realize that the Harlot Church is also not her real "mother," but an imposter that is keeping her prisoner (see 11/23/2010). This realization is the large shackle coming off, but the hands are still handcuffed. The church must still proceed into God's rescue plan of Brideship to be completely freed and saved (handcuffs disappear). Her traditions and misconceptions about how to drink from the River of Life have chained her. She must leave all those old ways behind so she can walk with God into eternity and become the Queen she was destined to be.

This thread continues on 1/19/2011, 2/10/2011, 3/5/2011 and 4/17/2011.

=> ROD LIFTING VEIL (Christmas Watchman Prophecy)
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=8319001995758840808
=> TREASURE HUNTING, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=3847213558976781800

12/25/2010 Saturday
After delivering the
Christmas Watchman Prophecy, I got the following visions later at night - a real, color pumping heart; an organic, slimy stretchy cover put over something round (RE: this - a cone like top of a missile rising up out of water; a man and woman face each other with their hands out holding a ball together, lift it up, and a long wedding veil is placed on the ball); a person wearing a hood and cloak walking toward me to the left, coughing;

I knew the pumping heart was God's because it links to Pastor Roy's guidance about Him never having a woman He could truly "love on." The "woman" in this context refers to His people as a whole Body. God could never truly give her all His love because of her state of being out of Covenant. For Israel, that means breaking the Law of Moses, and for the church today, it means breaking the Covenants of Brideship.

The organic cover over a round object represents the placenta around God's Kingdom, the Pure Bride. We are giving birth to Her together with God as His Bride fulfilling Brideship (man and woman facing each other). We also see here that His Kingdom is also His Pure Bride, because a ball, pearl or round jewel is often used to symbolize God's Kingdom of Heaven. Here, a veil is put on the Kingdom (ball raised by man and woman), which symbolizes the Pure Bride and process of Brideship.

The missile symbolizes a delivery vehicle for Brideship, which refers to the "Baby" here representing the Pure Bride. Giving birth to Her will choke the enemy (hooded person choking) as we continue to show and speak about following God into Covenant.

The process of this Marriage to Christ was a mystery that Apostle Paul spoke of in Ephesians 5:32. It is now revealed in the Book of Remembrance and continually reinforced by His guidance in the River of Life as we can see throughout this chart. The notion of God's Kingdom also being the Pure Bride is also outlined in Remembrance, and since I committed to Brideship, I can see now how the process works and why the Pure Bride is also His Kingdom. Revelation alludes to this Kingdom-Bride by referring to Her as the New Jerusalem and His Bride (Revelation 21:2). They are the same thing.

This goes with guidance about the return of Christ, because the church is blind to the way He will return. It refers to the notion of "parousia" in Scripture, which means being present with or alongside God. This is the manner in which Christ will return, appearing alongside us to individuals or groups at different times just like He did during the 40 days after His resurrection.

God has been revealing this knowledge for many years, but the church has misinterpreted and misunderstood the guidance as well as related Scripture. An important part of this is the central role that the Pure Bride and Brideship have in bringing His Kingdom to earth. The church will miss being a part of the assembling of God's eternal Kingdom solidified on earth if she continues to keep her viewpoints preventing her from accepting Brideship. Simply having eternal salvation is not enough of a way to be fully included in the promises of eternal glory with God in His Kingdom. Eternal salvation grants a place in eternity with God, but that place is dependent on how we choose to follow God's laws and commands.

=> ROD LIFTING VEIL (Christmas Watchman Prophecy), http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=8319001995758840808
=> REMEMBRANCE (Meetings & Behind the Lord's Heart), http://www.takehisheart.com/cometolifedoorpostboundaries.htm

12/28/2010 Tuesday
Song, "Secrets" by One Republic;

The song "Secrets" has a central theme of revealing secrets, which refers to God revealing the deep mysteries of Scripture, prophecy, and life through guidance from His Spirit. This song also links to guidance about how prophecy has changed since vision and prophecy were sealed by Jesus (Daniel 9:24, see

The next song in this chain is on

=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1910734824069846760

2011 January, February, March 2/13/2011 8:47 PM
1/16/2011 Sunday
RE: dragonfly - a funny shell inverted pot with many squid-like tentacles coming out;

The dragonfly symbolizes Python, the prophesying, deceiving spirit (Acts 16:16, 1 Timothy 4:1) that tries to mislead as a fake or false spirit of prophecy. The image here depicts a squid, which represents the enemy, trying to disguise itself as a jellyfish, which symbolizes true guidance from the Holy Spirit. Python often uses truth to mislead by giving out of context and skewing its meaning.

The church must understand how the enemy works to mislead and perpetuate false beliefs so she can break free of the influence of the mentalities that prevent her from understanding and accepting the full truth. Without knowing how the enemy influences her and how to validate spiritual guidance as truly from God, the church cannot walk in synch with God.


1/18/2011 Tuesday
Hebrews 6:19 - "This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil, where Jesus has entered as a forerunner for us, having become a high priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek." (NASB); this verse refers to the sure and steadfast hope of eternal salvation, which allows us to have a direct connection with God through our rebirth with His Spirit upon completing the terms for the covenant of eternal salvation;

Hebrews 6:8 - people going away in faith are in danger of being cursed and end up being burned, which refers to losing eternal salvation; this supports how eternal salvation can be lost through a progression of sin getting worse because it gives the enemy greater influence in that person's behavior and thinking, which can bring the person to deny Christ and thereby fulfill the covenant terms for losing eternal salvation in Matthew 10:33 (disowning Jesus before others has Him disown us in heaven);

Hebrews 10:23 - "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering?"  (NASB); this verse refers to how important it is to hold onto our confession of belief in Jesus to keep eternal salvation; "hold fast without wavering" means not to let go of it for any reason whatsoever because releasing your confession by denying Jesus results in eternal condemnation per the covenant terms of losing eternal salvation in Matthew 10:33;

This Scripture was given as reinforcement for the true mechanics of eternal salvation. Matthew 10:32 states that acknowledging Jesus before other people gets us acknowledged in heaven by God. That is the firm and secure hope that Hebrews 6:19 speaks of. It is secure because once we attain eternal salvation by acknowledging Jesus to someone else (confessing our belief in Him to another person), it cannot be lost except to break its covenant terms in Matthew 10:32-10:33 by changing your mind about who Jesus is or what He did or by denying Jesus in front of other people.

The Scripture around Hebrews 6:8 builds on this by noting how falling away from God's ways puts us in danger of being cursed and ultimately losing eternal salvation. It is not lost simply by committing sin, but can be lost by progressively getting worse through sin that can end up having us break the covenant terms of eternal salvation. See
1/19/2011 and Remembrance for more information about eternal salvation.

The reference to Hebrews 10:23 notes how important it is to keep the covenant terms for eternal salvation by keeping our confession of belief in Jesus and never denying Jesus for any reason at all. Holding fast to the covenant terms for eternal salvation ensures our place in heaven with God.

=> REMEMBRANCE (Mechanics of Salvation)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/salvationconfessionstraitgate.htm

1/19/2011 Wednesday
Meeting; some large closed flower buds, one in the foreground repeatedly opens, fires and recoils on its curled stem like a cannon or mortar; a bundle of fibers is clamped together, then it is a head of hair and an open flip phone goes between the hair and ear (RE: these - Exodus 12:22); a tube with three strings coming out of it like squeezed out of a tube of paste; an open book with the pages on the left side bent so they flip the pages backwards, then the book turns into a mouth that spills out water (RE: this - Revelation 12:15); someone kneeling and bent over under a cover, he takes off the cover and then pulls off another tighter cover or bag over his head and body; someone in a cloak and hood facing near right, he moves his arms under the cloak, flapping it slightly (RE: this - Acts 12:1); a long white frilly strip of fabric covering a long millipede; someone standing facing to left, stirring with a large stick and cooking; a hand hold a cylinder and squish it, then it is a large theater beverage soft drink cup with a thick lid and vertical red and white stripes, the cover is lifted slightly and much smoke or steam comes out; someone holds a metallic angle grinder type tool with long round thick handle that bends at the front and ends in a short flanged spout head, it was covered by a transparent sheet and then spun it and sucked it in like it was going down a drain, then a small but very bright light shone where the tool head was; a long knitting needle with the flat disc end near is held in hands, then the hands let go and the needle rotates free; a two waterfalls face each other, making a channel, they don't flow with water but of a very smooth surface with pictures on them; a man reclining with his hands behind his head, then a large hand reaches from the background and flips the image to the next page like it is a book (RE: this - Luke 22:27 onward); again, a tube squeezes out three strings like paste leaving a trail going into the background, the strings in the foreground melt down on top of dark ice cubes (RE: this - many round speeding objects going right, then they are sinking like in water leaving a trail of smoke and bubbles, the scene zooms out and there are many sinking smoking balls everywhere, then an explosion in the distance shows where the fire balls come from, a giant beam of fire and smoke goes up into the clouds, then it changes into a giant hole in the sky pouring a rush of bright white water down to the right and the water keeps running);

The guidance here combines several themes to understand false beliefs about covenants, throwing them away, and continuing in the full truth that Brideship teaches. The first set of images refer to the original Passover in Exodus 12 (recoiling flower is hyssop, Exodus 12:22). They show an important truth about covenants and the protection they give.

God commanded the Jews to apply lamb's blood on their doorframes, so He would not strike down their firstborn with the rest of Egypt's (Exodus 12:7,22). The image of the flower firing like a cannon and bundle of fibers refer to the hyssop used in applying blood to the doorframes (Exodus 12:22). This act of putting blood on the doorways was a covenant promising protection for the Jews during the last plague of Egypt. When God saw the blood on the door in accordance to the covenant of protection He gave the Jews, He would pass over that household and leave the occupants unharmed (Exodus 12:13).

The important thing to note from this is, if a family did not obey the Lord by putting blood on the doorframe, He would not have passed over that household and their firstborn would have died just the same as for the rest of Egypt because the covenant of protection would have been unfulfilled. It was not the state of being Jewish that protected the Jews, but it was obedience to God's covenant of protection that promised safety. This is an example of how conditional covenants work: a promise is given (protection in this case) only when the terms of the covenant are fulfilled or obeyed (applying the lamb's blood to the doorway, see
10/25/2010 for further notes about covenants).

The hyssop is shown firing like a cannon to refer to guidance about Brideship being a retaliatory strike against the enemy (rockets and mortar rounds symbolize delivery methods for Brideship, see 12/25/2010). The Passover is linked to Brideship (flower firing like a cannon, three strings coming out of tube refer to the three covenants of Brideship) so an important message about protection from today's "Egyptian plagues" can be heard.

These "plagues" are the curses brought by breaking God's laws, as well as the events of the Great Tribulation (ice cubes, volcanic explosion, heat). The church must listen (woman with cell phone to ear), get rid of her false beliefs about God and His Kingdom, and go into Covenant with Him, because she will continue to suffer from these things without the covenant protections that are promised to His Pure Bride (see 3/3/2009 and 3/6/2009).

Like most of the world, the church who is out of Covenant is not guaranteed protection from these bad events, just like Jews would not have been protected during the Passover if they did not fulfill the covenant of protection that night by putting the blood on their doorways. This means simply believing in Jesus and having eternal salvation does not protect Christians from curses or any other harm. It is the acts of fulfilling covenants with obedience and discipline, and especially the covenants of Brideship, that were shown by Remembrance to be the only solid guarantee for getting the promises of the covenants (see Covenant Protections and Beginning of Sorrows).

The blessing of protection is one promise that comes with walking in Covenant with God as His Pure Bride. This is emphasized by the image of the book flipping backwards and water spilling out of it. It is a depiction of Revelation 12:15 where Satan tries to harm the woman with a flood of water. This Scripture refers to the enemy trying to take out God's Pure Bride (the woman of Revelation 12) with curses and any attack they can muster, because floods symbolize attacks from the enemy.

The enemy is unsuccessful, though, (Revelation 12:16) because the people who are in Covenant with God have legally earned guaranteed protection by walking in Brideship. This shows how the Pure Bride is protected from the enemy as well as the greater trauma of the Tribulation that is noted above. Though this covenant protection is guaranteed, our sin in other areas can affect how much protection we can get (see 1/8/2015).

The next set of images shows how the covenant protection of Brideship differs from other blessings of protection and physical salvation. The person being uncovered twice refers to the arms being unshackled twice on 12/24/2010. It symbolizes being freed to move into Brideship once people realize who the Harlot Church is and that their false beliefs are working against them and God's plans.

This leads to the person in the cloak, who is Peter in Acts 12 when he is freed from prison by an angel. The image shows Acts 12:8 when Peter is told to wrap his cloak around himself and follow the angel to freedom. The image of the person cooking also refers to Peter's imprisonment. It notes how he was scheduled to be judged after the feast of the Passover (Acts 12:4).

The millipede carrying a frilly strip of fabric represents how the enemy helps carry false beliefs that come from taking truth too far (white fabric with frilly fibers on it). Even though some beliefs come out of truth, they become untrue when the truth is misconstrued. The enemy takes advantage of the church's tendency to jump to conclusions. In this case, it's the truth that God saved Peter from certain death, which is often misconstrued to mean that God will save a believer who deserves rescuing or that prayer will save the person from harm (Acts 12:5). While it is true that God saved Peter miraculously in Acts 12, it cannot be extended to mean more than that. Part of "rightly dividing the Word" as a good workman (2 Timothy 2:15) is to interpret Scripture properly by using correct context and not implying more than is stated. Giving further or deeper meaning to Scripture can only be done by God through guidance from His Spirit, like has been shown in Remembrance and here.

It is true that God can save people with miracles and angelic intervention, even to this day. I've heard many testimonies of this (see Bill's Testimony), but God is pointing out here that these rare instances of physical salvation, including Peter's rescue in Acts 12, happen by His will as He sees fit. They are not guaranteed.

This contrasts with covenant protections, like those of Brideship, being guaranteed because God promises that blessing with the fulfillment of the covenant. That was how the Jews were saved from the plague that killed all of Egypt's firstborn, and it is how God's Pure Bride is saved from the major trauma coming from the enemy and Great Tribulation today.

However, the church focuses on instances when people who are not in Covenant with God get saved with miracles. From this, they assume that being a faithful believer and asking for God's help is all that is necessary to be saved from a bad situation. Consequently, they reject Brideship, because they believe protection or blessings that people in Covenant get are not from being in Covenant. The full picture, though, is they're not seeing the fine details and are letting gut feelings and worldly thinking blind them to the truth.

The next image of the red and white theater beverage cup refers to this blindfold coming from the overly romantic, Hollywood mentality of the church (see 11/23/2010). The cup is squeezed to link it to the images of tubes of paste being squeezed, which refer to the truth of Brideship (white stripes represent truth, red stripes represent covenant, three strings of paste represent the three covenants of Brideship) cleansing false beliefs about curses (paste melts over black ice cubes). Brideship is how the church is to be saved from their effects, as well as from the Great Tribulation (heat coming from cup, fireballs coming from volcanic explosion).

The tubes of paste refer to toothpaste, which symbolize the daily maintenance and walk with God in Covenant. The dental hygiene symbolism also refers to the constant efforts we must take in the spiritual war against the enemy and untruth. The dark ice cubes refer to the church's false beliefs (frilly curtains) about spiritual warfare and curses (cold, snow and ice often symbolize curses).

All these images combine to say how the church rejects Brideship because she doesn't understand that being in Covenant with God is how He is protecting His People in the Last Days. The church's false beliefs must be washed with the truth (bright white rush of water falling from the sky) and her tarnished views resurfaced and swept up with the correct knowledge of Brideship and God's Kingdom (angle grinder tool). This is important to do, because the church's misconceptions are hindering God's marriage plans (fabric being sucked down a drain) that are meant to mature His people into true righteousness.

The church's focus on romance and celebration with God prevents her from going deeper into His Kingdom (theater cup and focus on romance theme, see 11/23/2010 and 8/10/2011), and following her own ideas and interpretations make her pursue incorrect versions of righteousness that can be harmful, because she judges people and real guidance from God by those standards. This not only creates skewed versions of God and His Kingdom, but also makes the church ignore His real time directions. The church needs to realize this and leave her false beliefs, so she is free to walk in the spiritual maturation that Brideship fosters (knitting needle refers to spiritual knitting/healing, making our wedding garments and getting closer to God; hands let go of needle symbolizes letting go of false beliefs; the needle spins free to refer to being free to pursue Brideship and knit our wedding garments, see 11/23/2010).

Popular notions of the Rapture and the grace of God throw off the church and prevent her from taking action, because she thinks she will simply be spared from the events of the Last Days. However, this is another unrealistic expectation fostered by popular ideas and Hollywood fairytales, because Scripture states the Rapture is post-Tribulation (see 3/3/2009). The church is suffering from its effects now, as well as the hardships of curses brought by being out of Covenant and committing sin.

The image of two waterfalls facing each other represent how multiple sources of guidance from God come together to create a more complete, detailed picture that we can see here and in Remembrance. The waterfalls are made of smooth flowing pictures to symbolize the information coming from movies in this stream of guidance (see movie posters, 11/23/2010).

God is showing the truth with mountains of evidence going through many people, events and even physical things that were prepared decades, even centuries, in advance (see 10/28/2011 and 12/7/2011). It authenticates the spiritual guidance and prophecy as truly coming from God, His true fingerprint, which cannot be replicated because of the amount of correlating evidence and its intricately woven components. It's all to free His people into Brideship, so we can proceed with Him into the eternal destiny He's planned by following His Spirit correctly.

This brings us to the images associated with the reclining man. It refers to being at ease about God's ways (see SPARKED) and the Scripture starting at Luke 22:27 where the reclining man is associated with the "one who is at the table." He represents the leaders of the church who are too at ease about compromising God's standards. The images flip over to refer to the Scripture that follows.

This guidance belongs to the chain about the greater meaning of Peter denying Christ (see 4/27/2009). It is summarized here and provides a good example of how to rightly divide God's Word to show its full meaning and further reinforce the true mechanics of salvation.

Later in Luke 22, we see how Jesus talks about Peter denying Him three times (Matthew 26:31, Matthew 26:69, Mark 14:30, Mark 14:66, Luke 22:34, Luke 22:56). Many people will bring this up as an argument that denying Jesus before others has no effect on eternal salvation, but remember we cannot jump to conclusions. We have to look at the details to see what is under the surface.

Jesus said Peter would disown or deny Him three times, using the same terminology as the covenant terms for eternal salvation, which state that denying Jesus before other people would result in being denied in heaven or losing eternal salvation (Matthew 10:32-10:33). Peter also denied Jesus in front of other people, which fulfills the covenant terms for losing eternal salvation.

We must consider if Peter's denials took his name out of the Book of Life. They did, because Peter fulfilled the covenant terms for losing eternal salvation (Matthew 10:33), but he had time afterwards to secure His eternal salvation again with new confessions of belief. Here's the proof for the deeper meaning in Peter's denials and later reinstatement (John 21:15).

In Luke 22:31, Jesus tells Peter he would soon deny Him as a result of his being tested, because Satan wanted to "sift [Peter] like wheat." That is a reference to sorting out people into the two eternal choices of heaven and hell, God's side of eternity or not. Jesus knew it would happen, but He prayed Peter's faith would not break and that he would return or come back and strengthen his brothers (Luke 22:32).

Why would Jesus say those things if denying Him was trivial? From where was Peter to come back from? Was it from the state of shame or was it from something more serious? And for what purpose would his experience strengthen his brothers?

All of it points to the fact that Peter's denials of Jesus flipped his state of eternal salvation from saved to not saved. They took his name out of the Book of Life, because of the covenant terms for eternal salvation (Matthew 10:32-10:33), "that very word [Jesus] spoke," which condemns at the last day (John 12:48) if a person denies belief in Jesus to other people (see SPARKED and The True Gospel for detailed discussion, Walking in Righteousness for video presentation). However, it was not Peter's last day, and he got the chance to return back to God's side of eternity and help strengthen his brothers to not make the same mistake he did.

Where in Scripture did Peter reconfess his faith, so his name was put back into the Book of Life and his eternal salvation reinstated by fulfilling its covenant terms? (Matthew 10:32) In John 21:15, where Jesus gets him to confess his love for Him three times. These were confessions of faith in Jesus before God Himself and other disciples. Why would He have Peter confess three times, though? It's an obvious link back to Peter's three denials, but the reason to link them is not obvious. It isn't that you need three confessions to counter three denials. Only one confession will do.

The reason to link the denials and confessions like this is only clear if you know the true mechanics of salvation. These are dots of knowledge God wants us to connect, so we can see the true picture of how eternal salvation works. We must link how Satan wanted to sift Peter out of eternal life with how that is done by breaking the covenant terms for eternal salvation and see why Peter's return from doing that would strengthen others not to do the same thing.

There is hope for those who believe, but denied their belief, if they just go back and acknowledge their belief in Christ to someone else and keep that confession solid before death takes that chance away forever "on [their] last day" (John 12:48). Everyone should be serious about the covenant terms for eternal salvation. No one in God's Kingdom should even think about denying their belief in Jesus. Not for threat of death or anything else. The treasure of eternal salvation is infinitely more valuable than anything else in our temporary, physical lives.

This chain continues on 3/5/2011.

=> REMEMBRANCE (Covenant Protections)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/covenantprotections.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (Beginning of Sorrows, Victory is Coming)
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=> Walking In Righteousness, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=5046731480754762728

2/2/2011 Wednesday
Luke 11:42, Matthew 23:23 - parallel passages referring to tithing;

This guidance is part of the chain revealing the validity of the tithe in the New Testament period. See
3/25/2009 for complete notes.


2/6/2011 Sunday
1 Timothy 1:11 - Warnings against false teachers: The Law is good if used lawfully or properly (1 Timothy 1:3-1:11); It was not made for the righteous but for those opposing God and anything else contrary to the sound doctrine of the Gospel that Paul was given to keep (1 Timothy 1:8); Women are saved through "childbearing" if they walk in proper faith, selflessness and holiness (1 Timothy 2:15);

2 Timothy 2:13 - Rightly dividing the Word and Remembrance (KJV, NKJV); translation is very important but men have slipped in it because they do not know God's thoughts behind His Word (its true meaning and context) and lean on their own understanding instead of God's; Godless people will not succeed in coming to the truth because their mistakes will be clear (2 Timothy 3:9); The church will turn away from sound doctrine and embrace unsound teaching that appeals to their ways of thinking and sense of fulfillment;

The guidance from these Scriptures refer to teaching sound doctrine and other guidance related to the numbers 111 and 213 (1 Timothy 1:11, 2 Timothy 2:13, see 3/10/2009 and 3/23/2009), which symbolize God the Holy Trinity (111, see The Meaning of Numbers), His promise to return for Brideship (213, see The Meaning of Numbers), and the entire age we're in now from the first coming of Jesus to His return (111 to 213; see The Meaning of Numbers).

1 Timothy 1 talks about true sound doctrine, which Apostle Paul knew and which God has reminded anointed servants of today through guidance from His Spirit documented by them in journals, like Remembrance and this chart. God has shown us that the church cannot understand His Word correctly by using her own reasoning. Instead of relying on her own thinking, the church needs to learn how to use God's mind and let Him interpret by His Spirit, because humans are utterly incapable of understanding God by themselves (Romans 8:6, 1 Corinthians 2:14).

The church has assumed she can understand God correctly simply by studying Scripture, but she doesn't realize that revelation from His Spirit works bit-by-bit, comparing spiritual things given by God, and assembling the complete message over time (1 Corinthians 2:13, see How the Holy Spirit Teaches). The church's errors have led her astray and created misleading translations of Scripture and skewed versions of God and His Kingdom, but God has taught anointed servants what is sound doctrine and how to correctly get revelation from His Spirit, so the church can be brought forward into correction and the destiny she is meant to walk in.

The last part of the first given Scriptures (1 Timothy 2:15) is noted because it is easily misinterpreted and gives a good example of rightly dividing the Word by understanding correct context (2 Timothy 2:15). The KJV translation states, women "shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety," while other translations state, "women will be saved through childbearing, if they continue in faith, selflessness and holiness with propriety."

The first question that needs answering is what is meant by "saved" here. Since we know that having eternal salvation has nothing to do with bearing children, we can conclude that "saved" here is a broader sense of salvation that refers to physical forms of salvation in this life, such as healing or other blessings.

The next thing that needs to be understood is what is meant by "childbearing." Since there is no support in Scripture for blessings of salvation coming from having children, it is logical to conclude that the bearing of children is not what God means in this Scripture. It was only through guidance given by His Spirit that I could understand what "childbearing" here means. It is a metaphor for bearing the products of righteous and correct acts as seen by God, because God uses the symbolism of babies and giving birth to mean bearing the fruits of those acts. With that knowledge, we can see which translation correctly conveys what God means in His Word.

It is through "childbearing" or through right and proper acts done in faith, selflessness and holiness that grants women the blessings of physical salvation. This example of correct interpretation shows how easy it is to misinterpret Scripture by using only our own knowledge and reasoning. It required God's direct instruction to get the correct understanding of this Scripture, and we can see many more examples of this in the following given Scripture of 2 Timothy as well as throughout this chart and Remembrance.

2 Timothy 2:13 is in the middle of "faithful and trustworthy" sayings that Paul says are important to remind the church of and teach correctly. We are not to quarrel over the meaning of these words because arguing is fruitless (2 Timothy 2:14), which links to guidance given in Titus 2:13 saying the same thing (see 2/27/2009). The sayings in 2 Timothy 2:11-2:13 are all about eternal salvation as Paul is talking about "his gospel" (2 Timothy 2:8), the true Gospel of Jesus, which gives salvation with eternal glory (2 Timothy 2:10).

See The True Gospel for complete details of what we must put into remembrance about eternal salvation (2 Timothy 2:14 KJV).

=> Messages (The Meaning of Numbers)
=> REMEMBRANCE (How the Holy Spirit Teaches), http://www.takehisheart.com/holyspiritspiritualthings.htm
=> The True Gospel, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1637356888129281768

2/10/2011 Thursday
a vivid dream where I was watching a movie reenactment of an aerial battle where four fighter jets were going into battle and one was shot down, which was painted all red. Then I had a model of the jet in my hands, and I was rebuilding it. I first painted on its flag emblem, which was a gold sword. Then I painted an outline of the cockpit and another outline around a long, raised, rectangular scoop behind the cockpit that extended most of the way back along the fuselage. The rest of the airplane was red;

Revelation 6 and Zechariah 6 - about the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the 4 Chariots of Zechariah mirroring the 4 Horsemen; the end of Zechariah 6 speaks of Christ rebuilding His temple and calling people from everywhere to help;

SEVEN Scriptures:

John 14:26 - about the ministry of the Holy Spirit;

1 Corinthians 2:16 - about our finite minds unable to understand God's eternal truths without revelation from Him;

Psalm 138:2 & Revelation 20:12 - about acknowledging God's temple, the importance of His Word in every form, and everyone being judged by what is "written in the books" according to their works;

2 Corinthians 5:17 - about having God "teach" and without the Holy Spirit, we would be empty of understanding and wisdom;

1 Peter 3:15 & Colossians 1:10 - about "not forgetting" or better, Remembrance

All this expands on guidance related to my duty and the Christmas Watchman Prophecy (see 12/24/2010, 12/25/2010, 3/5/2011, 4/17/2011). The jets refer to the 4 Horsemen of Revelation 6 and the 4 Chariots of Zechariah 6. Together they move the church towards the Pure Bride through events of the Tribulation creating pressure to change (Revelation 6, Zechariah 6, see 1/28/2009).

The last part of Zechariah 6 from 6:9, talks about this "new temple" of the Pure Bride that Christ (symbolized by Joshua) is leading to build. The last verse refers to how He is calling everyone, everywhere through the River of Life to help build her, and even more importantly, He says it requires obedience to Him to take part, which goes with the obedience needed change the church or leave her. "Those who are far off will come and build the temple of the Lord. Then you will know that the Lord of hosts has sent me to you. And it will take place if you completely obey the Lord your God." Zechariah also links to other guidance about building and maintaining God's new temple (see 3/10/2009, 10/1/2009, and 11/7/2010).

My role as the "pilot" and "builder" refers to my duty to help build the Pure Bride. The red jet goes with the Red Horseman of Revelation 6 because the color and the sword emblem matches the sword given to that rider. The Red Horseman and Red Jet refer to warfare and breaking of peace, which are not just human warfare but also spiritual warfare. The red jet being shot down goes with guidance about a jet disintegrating (see prophecy chart). The cockpit being outlined goes with the cockpit I saw there and me being the pilot.

The fighter jet getting shot down represents God's efforts in furthering His Pure Bride being destroyed when I stepped out of Covenant. This happened because my carnal nature could not understand God's reasoning without interpretation coming from His mind. That's a serious problem the church has, because she lets worldly reasoning override the truth of Brideship (see 12/20/2010 and 8/10/2011).
It took many months of fumbling in all the spiritual guidance I got to realize the truth of Brideship. The light turned on because God remained faithful to have me mature into the truth (2 Timothy 2:13, see The True Gospel), and I did not let His lessons fall into an abyss. I finally did commit to Brideship (see 11/3/2010 and 11/7/2010) and am now rebuilding that red jet after learning how to fly better.

The seven Scriptures given this day all relate to completing the picture given in this guidance:

In John 14:26, Jesus says, "But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have to say to you." This goes with God teaching and reminding us now through His Spirit about all the lost and hidden things in Scripture we've seen come back in the Book of Remembrance and River of Life.

1 Corinthians 2:16 quotes Isaiah 40:13, "'For who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?' But we have the mind of Christ," which notes how we need the "mind of Christ" to understand eternal truths. This coincides with 1 Corinthians 2:13, which is an important principle in cleaning up one of the Harlot Church's spots - that of understanding how the Holy Spirit teaches, bit by bit and by comparing more than one "spiritual thing" like we see being done in this chart (see How the Holy Spirit Teaches).

Psalm 138:2, "I will bow down toward Your holy temple and will praise Your name for Your love and Your faithfulness, for You exalted above all things Your name and Your word" and Revelation 20:12, "And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books." The passage in Psalm 138 talks about properly recognizing God's temple (the Pure Bride today) and how important His Word is, not just what was recorded in Scripture but His Spoken Word streaming down the River of Life now. Revelation 20:12 talks about the second resurrection when everyone, both the eternally saved and eternally condemned, will be judged by what they've done. This speaks about acts and action being important. Everything we do or don't do matters. This goes with the work of cleansing the church by "righteous acts" to turn her into the Pure Bride (see 5/14/2009). We the church are responsible for doing this, so remember that righteousness is not a state alone, but defined by the acts we do.

2 Corinthians 5:17, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" This is in God's "Ministry of Reconciliation," noting how we are a new creation after being reborn with His Spirit. This allows us to understand His truths if we just let Him do the teaching, which goes back to 1 Corinthians 2:16 about how to let God interpret guidance. This also speaks of letting go of our old ways and allowing the new to come, which relates to leaving behind sin and worldly thinking in us as individuals and as a corporate whole. It's by the Pure Bride that the "new" is coming and how He is reconciling the broken and divided Harlot Church with Himself.

1 Peter 3:15, "But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect," and Colossians 1:10, "And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God." These verses talk about remembering in our hearts who Christ is and to be ready, always, to witness and talk about Him, but we must always do it with "gentleness and respect," which goes with guidance about simply presenting and correcting, never arguing, about the things we've learned through His Spirit (see 2/27/2009 and 2/6/2011). We are presenting Brideship here so we all "may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please Him in every way," which goes with making the Pure Bride a Wife for the Lord who can satisfy His heart's desire (see 12/25/2010).

=> ROD LIFTING VEIL (Christmas Watchman Prophecy), http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=8319001995758840808
=> REMEMBRANCE (How the Holy Spirit Teaches)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/holyspiritspiritualthings.htm
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=> The True Gospel
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1637356888129281768

2/18/2011 Friday
RE: marquise gem - many folded sheets standing lengthwise, like books in a shelf, facing to the lower left, then they all came out together and are pushed back in;

This guidance links to 2/22/2011 and is explained there.


2/19/2011 Saturday
a round power plug and wire facing forward but the prong on it looks like a city or building (RE: this - a double row of pens with round tops and clips rotate back and forth, then look like rounded, swelled up rockets (RE: swelling and back and forth - a long line of pendulum balls); a bright yellow light like from a sparkler (RE: this - a dark object nestled sunk in fabric on left); the number nine in two styles, first like the one for FOX Channel 9 a simple thin san serif, and then a more curly 9 and it changed back (RE: this - bright white light from a sparkler on a stick with much white smoke coming from it, then it projects a white beam to the lower right that initially had shield shapes inside flowing out, then the beam looks like white mist, then it is white streaks of light flowing horizontally around a round object; a floppy disk spins at top of view then it looks like an egg and yolk (RE: this - long eye lashes very close up));

This set of guidance links up with 6/22/2010. The symbolism of power plug refers to plugging into or accepting the truth of Brideship (see 6/22/2010). The plug is round to symbolize Brideship, and the city on the power plug refers to the Pure Bride being the same as New Jerusalem, God's Holy City and Kingdom (see 12/25/2010). The rest of the images related to the plug refer to Brideship building momentum (line of pendulum balls) from anointed servants speaking out and working together (double row of pens). The world, but especially God's people, are searching for answers in the turbulent times we're in because evidence is everywhere that the Tribulation is happening now and God's Spirit is moving like never seen before. God has the answers in the information He gives to anointed servants (pens), which include the principles of Brideship (city power plug, rockets). The movement to Brideship is fully laden and ready to launch (rockets are swelled up, pendulum balls).

The yellow sparkler refers to shining untruths (yellow often symbolizes untruth) related to excessive focus on celebration (fireworks sparkler, see 8/10/2011). It symbolizes how the church promotes the wrong notions of God and His Kingdom (dark object sunken in fabric). The dark object symbolizes those wrong ideas of God's Kingdom. It is shown sunken in fabric to refer to the "enduo" notion of Brideship, which notes how we take on the role of the Pure Bride.

In Scripture, enduo is the Greek used for "clothed." It carries the idea of sinking into a garment (object sunken in fabric) and taking on its properties, like an actor becomes a character after putting on her wardrobe. The fabric here refers to the wedding garments of Brideship, so the meaning of the image notes how the church and her incorrect notions of God's Kingdom (dark object in fabric, yellow sparkler) are to change by sinking into Brideship.

These images lead into the visions of the nines. Their complete meaning is revealed a month later on 3/19/2011 when the vision of the Channel 9 logo goes with a story on the TV show, America's Most Wanted. A devoted Christian was killed in the story (see 3/19/2011) and with the guidance here, it illuminates a serious picture of truth that the church needs to pay attention to (bright white sparkler with white smoke, shields, round object). The white smoke coming from the white sparkler refers to a rescue signal flare. It symbolizes how the church needs rescuing from her focus problem (floppy disk/egg yolk, sparkler, see 8/10/2011). It is a truth she needs to accept (the white of the sparkler and smoke symbolize truth).

God is showing the church that Brideship is the clear way out (white beam to lower right symbolizes illuminating deep, spiritual knowledge). It gives protection to His people (shields come out of light beam) that involves cleansing them with a deeper understanding of God's Kingdom (white mist symbolizes cleansing with truth, light circling round object symbolizes God's wisdom feeding and supporting true principles of His Kingdom). We have to focus on the right things and not waffle or regress back into old habits (floppy disk/egg, close eyelashes). The floppy disk/egg and close-up of long eyelashes refer to keeping focus on the right things. The long eyelashes symbolize paying attention to attractive stimuli, like a flirtatious woman. This image goes with the floppy disk, which refers to the large floppy brim of a woman's hat worn in an alluring way. Both images make the point to keep attention off of attractive stimuli that make us overlook other things.

The floppy disk looks like an egg and yolk to refer to the overemphasis of the wrong things being fruitless (eggs symbolize useless pursuits, see 10/23/2010). In this case, it is the church's overemphasis on the wrong notions of God's Kingdom coming from focusing too much on the attractive stimuli of joy and celebration that ends up being fruitless. This is because without the correct knowledge of how to fulfill God's laws and covenants, all the passion being expressed does not bear spiritual fruit, which are the results of fulfilling covenants. One of those spiritual fruits is protection (shields), which is highlighted here because the church is suffering from curses brought by breaking God's laws and covenants (nines).

God is trying to move us from a top level, worldly understanding of His Kingdom (floppy disk/egg at top of view) to a deep and full, spiritual understanding (light beam pointing to lower left) by getting us to focus on the more important foundations of His Kingdom. We have to stop spreading the wrong notions about God and His Kingdom and spread the correct knowledge that is contained in Brideship (water ripple out). The consequences are serious because we can see by all the links that the man who died in the AMW episode did not have to. The nine changing to a curly style symbolizes the church's romantic and unsound interpretations (curly nine), which are hurting her because she overlooks the truth of how God's Kingdom really works.

The man on the AMW episode would have been protected if he was in Covenant, like the couple who was saved from Hurricane Ike (see 3/3/2009). His loss of physical salvation (being saved from an early death) was a result of being out of Covenant because curses are a result of breaking God's laws and covenants. The man was active in ministry and helped the needy, but because he was also legally in disobedience to God's laws, the enemy has legal right to steal, kill, and destroy unfettered (see Protections). They will often try to plague the most active Christians because they are the biggest threat to their work against God and mankind.

=> REMEMBRANCE (Protections), http://www.takehisheart.com/protect.htm

2/22/2011 Tuesday
a ring is taken off a limp hand facing right, the ring is a round engagement solitaire; a ball peen hammer appears and pounds a ring with a round solitaire gem and turns the gem into a marquise cut stone; a very bumpy, wrinkled sheet laid out like someone was on it; a marquise cut gemstone turns into a boat shaped like a leaf on water with a pearl inside, then the bottom of the boat disappears and the pearl sinks into the water;

The meaning of the marquise cut or double pointed gemstone is finally given here after it first appeared on
2/15/2009. With other guidance linked to this stone, it symbolizes one of the Harlot Bride's engagement rings. It "evolves" (hammer pounds gem into marquise shape) from rings with a round or pear/teardrop shaped gemstones. The perfectly round solitaire gemstone symbolizes the Pure Bride's engagement ring as she is in a perfect covenant relationship with God (circles symbolize covenants and Brideship). The round solitaire is taken off a limp hand to symbolize the Harlot Church taking off or rejecting Brideship. The hand is limp to refer to the church's sick state (see 3/1/2009).

The ring with a pear/teardrop shaped gemstone symbolizes the Harlot Bride's engagement ring that expresses sorrow (teardrop shape) over an imperfect relationship with God (semi-round shape). She is not in Brideship largely because she is unwittingly doing things that break God's laws and covenants.

The ring with a marquise cut gemstone symbolizes the Harlot Church whose out-of-covenant state is more deliberately maintained. The difference between the two types of Harlot Bride is the latter commits harlot acts more willfully even though she may have been warned. This would be a church or person who deliberately interprets Scripture a certain way to suit her doctrinal viewpoint. She fiercely maintains her viewpoint and false doctrine despite evidence that contradicts her. The guidance on 2/18/2011 points to this aspect of the Harlot Church by the folded sheets laid out like books on a shelf. They symbolize all the false, unsound doctrine and scripture she maintains. They go with the wrinkled sheet here to refer to the Harlot Church's "bed sheets," which symbolize her out of covenant state with God. The book-sheets on 2/18/2011 are also shown stuck together to refer to how the Harlot Church deliberately includes her own viewpoints with Scripture and God's Spoken Word.

This type of Harlot Church has let God's true pearls of wisdom fall to the depths, which is what the symbolism of the pearl sinking into water means. The boat is leaf-shaped to symbolize life, which comes from the truth (the pearl), but the Harlot that rejects the truth (marquise cut gem) cannot find spiritual life or travel by God's Spirit (the boat symbolizes navigating by God's Spirit or Living Water), because she is missing the renewal that comes from fulfilling covenants and she is not understanding the guidance God gives through Scripture or His Spoken Word.


2/23/2011 Wednesday
the silhouette of two coral reef branches;

Lamentations 4:4 - God's people are in sorrow for being exiled; Corals or rubies symbolize the former glory of God's Kingdom;

The coral reef branches refer to the given Scripture at Lamentations 4:7 (NASB, ESV, HCSB; translated "rubies" in other translations). This image links to the shadow scene on 10/28/2011 to symbolize how the church is chasing after a phantom or shadow version of God's Kingdom that comes from her mind instead of the real thing (silhouette of corals refers to the shadow theme, see 10/28/2011).


3/5/2011 Saturday
a white square frame; a white road sign facing to the right with black lettering and rounded black border, it read 4/13/7-8ths, the seven-eighths was shown like a fraction with the eight underneath the seven;

This guidance goes with other 4:13 guidance that starts on
5/1/2010. Here we see God is framing another picture about this theme and His Kingdom (white square frame) stemming from Philippians 4:13, "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."

The black and white road sign gives a "plain," easy to interpret message (black and white often symbolize being clear or apparent) that something will happen on April 13th (4/13) that has to do with the seven-eighths. It is related to Brideship, which is revealed in this stream continuing on 4/13/2011.

a glossy, black laptop lid with a glowing blue leaf emblem in the top right corner; a white filmstrip flows horizontally obscured by a spiky black splotch in the foreground, only see the very top part of the filmstrip is visible, then there is another filmstrip going vertically in the background, but the black splotch dominated the scene;

This next set of guidance refers to the church's misconceptions that are related to the MOVIES set of guidance (filmstrips, see 10/13/2010 and 11/23/2010). The glossy black laptop represents the church's improper focus on material things and worldly interpretations (glossy finish represents high-end luxury), which leads her into false beliefs (black color).

The glowing blue leaf later linked to a statement saying, "Do not shred a leaf too quickly, for you may not correctly understand why God created and sustained it." They symbolize how the church shreds or throws away God's guidance in the River of Life that would give her life (glowing blue leaf). She does this because she jumps too quickly to dismiss truth and accept her own interpretations, which keeps her understanding the full truth of Brideship.

The laptop, itself, represents the church following her "preprogrammed" tendencies without thought, like a computer functions by simply taking input and using set rules to generate a result. This represents how the church uses her own logic and knowledge set to understand and follow God. This has kept the church constrained to false paths with God. She needs to step outside of that mentality and rely on God more directly to run her life through following His Spirit correctly.

The last images relate to the MOVIES chain (filmstrips) and note how the church spreads the wrong messages about God (dark splotch dominating scene) because of her Hollywood romance mentality (see 11/23/2010). That mindset keeps the church focused on the top layers of love and celebration (only top of filmstrip visible), which is a truth the church needs to understand about herself (white filmstrip represents the truth in the MOVIES chain). The vertical filmstrip symbolizes the truth about Brideship being shown in the MOVIES chain of guidance.

This chain continues on 5/3/2011.

=> Messages ("4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7)

3/8/2011 Tuesday
Songs, "Speak Now" and "You Belong To Me" by Taylor Swift; (RE: these - a jeweled wedding band on a finger then many fingers shoot upwards like rockets);

The visions related to these songs refer to Brideship being launched (wedding band and fingers launching like rockets), because the themes of these songs convey a message God wants His people to understand so she will not continue to overlook true Brideship.

The common theme of these two songs is about a girl in love with her best friend, but he doesn't know it and is ignoring her. In "You Belong With Me" she is the plain, girl next door while her friend is focused on the popular, pretty girl. In "Speak Now" the friend is getting married to the pretty girl and the plain girl is trying to tell him not to commit to the marriage because she (the plain girl) is the true love he's been overlooking.

This parallels God's feelings with His Bride. The church has been focusing on the wrong things and the wrong "girl" because other guidance actually points to Taylor Swift as representing the Pure Bride, while the "popular girl" represents the Harlot Bride
(see 12/10/2009). God is pointing out that the church has been overlooking His Marriage plans in Brideship and giving their attention to the Harlot Bride.

I was doing the same thing before I committed to the Pure Bride. This was made apparent to me with many visions of someone rustling behind curtains (see 3/28/2011). The first time I heard the song "Speak Now," though, was early March 2011 when my son told me to listen to a new song he liked. I only heard a clip of it mentioning someone hiding in curtains, but it was enough to move me spiritually and investigate further, so I bought "Speak Now" and "You Belong With Me" on this day.

Most references to the person behind a curtain talk about God's Marriage slipping away and that I was overlooking God's plans in Brideship, or more accurately, I couldn't see them, because I was focused on the wrong interpretations of wedding visions and the wrong "girl." God was showing me, as He's showing the whole church through my role to witness and prophecy, that she, too, is paying attention to the wrong Bride.

The lyrics of "Speak Now" when the plain girl, who symbolizes the Pure Bride, says, "And I am hiding in the curtains, it seems I was uninvited by the lovely bride to be," says a lot for the real position of God's Pure Bride today. She is the plain, overlooked girl hiding behind the curtains because the church did not invite Her.

In the guidance related to Taylor Swift, I also understood that God used her as a physical representation of His Pure Bride, from her songs of being the overlooked plain girl, right down to her curly, golden hair that I've often seen in visions being curled up to represent preparing the Pure Bride. We have to remember, though, that God is using her symbolically, like he used Celtic Woman (see 12/10/2009) and Kim Kardashian to represent false Brideship (see 8/10/2011). This imagery doesn't mean Taylor Swift is actually God's Pure Bride in Covenant with Him or that she will be a spokesperson for Brideship. God is simply using her image and person to represent a concept. You can say she was predestined for that purpose, but only God knows what other things He has in mind for her.

This is not the first time guidance has referred to real people to symbolize a concept, so whenever you get guidance that refers to a particular person, it may or may not have to do with that physical person. Remember, the Holy Spirit uses a lot of symbolism and metaphor. You cannot jump to conclusions about what God is saying, because assuming that real people always represent themselves in spiritual guidance is a sure way to get lost in a wild goose chase.

The next song in this chain is on 5/28/2011.

=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1910734824069846760

3/19/2011 Saturday
The vision of the nines on
2/19/2011 link to America's Most Wanted tonight where they talked about a devoted Christian man being violently robbed and killed. His car was stolen, which they showed was a Volkswagen Beetle. The FOX 9 channel logo was in the lower right corner of the screen, which links further to the vision of the nines;

With the rest of the guidance on 2/19/2011, it's clear this Christian died because he did not have all the protection of Brideship and walking without sin. So many people, including many Christians believe "stuff just happens," but the reality is there's a reason for tragedies like this. He was a devoted believer and active in ministry, but it did not prevent his premature death.

How do we know it was premature? Besides the guidance on 2/19/2011, a telling sign was his car, a VW Beetle, which symbolizes a fondness for unsound ways of thinking, like preferring the "warm and fuzzy." This refers to the Harlot Church's fondness for unsound doctrine that overemphasizes love.

Am I jumping to conclusions? Look at all the other examples of God "stapling" the physical with the spiritual to support the truth in this chart (see 5/4/2010, 11/7/2010, 12/20/2010, 8/10/2011, 10/28/2011). God has a lot more control over things than people realize. I've experienced God's high level of precise control over people, timing, and events many times - things from influencing what we do, what we like, what we purchase, and even where we are at a certain moment. It's amazing how we have free will, yet He still has that precise control in our lives.

This man did not have to die when he did, but because of his legal state of being out of Covenant and accusable of sin, the enemy could legally come to literally kill and destroy.

=> AMW ("Unknown Dave Montney Killer")
, http://www.amw.com/fugitives/case.cfm?id=77225
=> REMEMBRANCE (Protections), http://www.takehisheart.com/protect.htm

3/28/2011 Monday
someone rustling behind stage curtains with outer curtains parted and straight inner curtains;

This vision goes with guidance about Taylor Swift's songs revealing who the Harlot and Pure Brides are
(see 3/8/2011).

=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1910734824069846760

2011 April, May, June 4/4/2011 4:33 PM
4/3/2011 Sunday
a vivid vision people were in water with many sharks and a person took one that was pointed upward and turned it upside down to subdue it. It was lying upside down and I could see red gills were on its whole underside jaw. There were many people around it examining it and one of them used his hand to feel the gills;

This guidance builds on what sharks symbolize in guidance. They are people who do not handle spiritual guidance correctly by letting God build the complete picture over time and allowing Him to interpret the guidance. They may understand the correct principles of following His Spirit
(see How the Holy Spirit Teaches), but because they jump too quickly when certain information is given, they jump to conclusions and misinterpret.

A reason is given here. The shark is shown with much more gill coverage than real life sharks. This symbolizes how "shark" people are over sensitive to things in God's Word in either Scripture or the River of Life. Certain stimuli triggers them to jump at information before the complete picture is given, such as guidance that appears to be related to a subject the person is very interested in, like their love life or dramatic events. We must have patience to let God give all the needed pieces of information and allow Him to interpret the guidance, because jumping to conclusions is a major reason why the church is constantly busy doing things she was not directed by God to do. Other guidance has shown sharks as long and barracuda-like, which symbolizes how "flashy" stimuli makes them attack information, like barracudas instinctually do in real life. This instinctual response refers to how our biological preprogramming makes us grab after and interpret information that appeals to us, such as guidance that appears to be about our fortunes. We must resist the temptation to use gut responses to interpret and focus on spiritual guidance because our carnal ways of seeing the world prevent us from understanding things as God sees them.

We have to have discipline and patience to correctly understand and follow God. The Brideship covenant of following God's Spirit correctly is very important in moving on the path of destiny He has planned for us. Without understanding what God is really saying AND acting on that information properly, our very best destinies will be missed because we let His guidance fall away as we follow paths invented by the misinterpretations of our minds.

=> REMEMBRANCE (How the Holy Spirit Teaches), http://www.takehisheart.com/holyspiritspiritualthings.htm

4/13/2011 Wednesday
I had lunch with a new friend who helps lead a class for Christian Asian outreach and seemed interested in my ministry work. He was the first person I ever directly admitted being a prophet of the Lord to. He accepted my role as a prophet and listened to the truth about Brideship, but was still skeptical about it.

My meeting today turned out to be a pivotal point in my process of sinking into the Pure Bride
(see 2/19/2011). It links back to the vision of the 4/13 sign on 3/5/2011, which gave a clear indication that something would happen today. The guidance today would help explain the vision on 3/5/2011 more fully. This meeting was scheduled the week before at my friend's request and ended up being today because of our schedules.

During lunch, we talked about ministry and he was actually the first person I told directly that I was a prophet of the Lord. Nowhere else had I done this. I always skirted the title and only made the suggestion of being a prophet by stating I have prophetic messages to share. I was performing my duties as a prophet, but I had not truly "sunken into" the role (see 2/19/2011) or became the servant God intended because I hid from it. I felt it wasn't humble to admit my anointment as a prophet (see 7/30/2009 and 3/5/2010), but we also should not run away from our God given roles because some of us are called to lead. We can't do that effectively if we don't stand firm in our station and stick out.

During my nightly prayers, I thanked God for giving me the strength to openly acknowledge my role and prayed that my friend would understand and acknowledge His truth in Brideship. That public acknowledgment of my role was an important part of reaching spiritual fullness. It is why the number seven appears in the vision of the sign on 3/5/2011 (seven means spiritual fullness). We must walk completely in our God-given roles to reach the completeness we need to fully participate in His Kingdom.

When I prayed about these things, I noticed the very strange sensation of something dropping from my left eye. I've felt things in the spiritual realm before, so I was not disturbed and stayed in prayer, but the tangible part of this was so strong that it shocked me. I could feel the drop form on my eye, fall, and hit my chest, which means it had real weight in the physical sense even though it could not be seen.

This experience notes how the spiritual world is right at our fingertips, intermeshed with everything else we can see and touch. People have actually felt the wedding band of the Pure Bride slip onto their fingers and tighten after they commit more fully into Brideship. For me, part of following through into Covenant was fully acknowledging my office as a prophet because that is my role in the Pure Bride (see 7/30/2009 and 3/5/2010). Flowing with God in our assigned roles as He directs is a part of Brideship related to learning and living from His Spirit, the River of Life. Neglecting that prevents you from fully participating in His Kingdom. The tent of our earthly bodies is actually being shed to some extent as we clothe ourselves with the wedding fabric of the Pure Bride because she is our planned "heavenly dwelling" (2 Corinthians 5:1, 2 Peter 1:13).

See 4/14/2011 for the continuation of this stream and find out the meaning of the spiritual drop falling.

=> SEVENS => 4:13

4/14/2011 Thursday
During night prayer again, I felt something on my eye and fall off like last night. This time it was my right eye and it happened once. The energy, light and tingling was around me again. I felt the drop compress my pajama pants when it fell. Then through most of the night I felt heavy tears condensing from my eyes and cheeks. I woke up several times and felt the drops forming and dripping, mostly from my eyes but some from other areas. I could feel them crystallize and run down my skin but nothing was visible. They seemed to saturate my pillow because it felt moist, but it was not physically wet. I did not feel sad or unusual in any way or weep normal tears.

The continued experience of the drops expands on
4/13/2011 and shows they are spiritual tears and sweat condensing and solidifying as they rolled down my skin. They kept forming slowly for hours into the night. Again, they were physically tangible, but invisible tears.

=> "4:13" in Chapters 3 and 7 in the Messages

4/17/2011 Sunday
a vertical spiraling DNA helix made of thin bars like the code for the DNA typewriter on
12/24/2010, the helix was rotating and looked like the number 8 as it spun, the scene rumbled and things fell from above;

This guidance wraps up everything related to the "4/13 / 7/8" sign on 3/5/2011. The meaning of the "4/13" and the seven was revealed on 4/13/2011. It relates to Philippians 4:13 guidance starting on 5/1/2010 because through Him I had the strength to fully assume my role as a prophet publicly.

The meaning of the eight goes with the DNA helix resembling a spinning eight, which links back to the Christmas Watchman Prophecy and 12/24/2010. The number eight means regeneration, renewal, a new beginning, and resurrection because the eighth day (Sunday) was when Jesus was resurrected. Sunday is called "the first day of the week" exactly eight times in the Bible (Matthew 28:1, Mark 16:2 & 16:9, Luke 24:1, John 20:1 & 20:19, Acts 20:7 and 1 Corinthians 16:2), so the link between the number 8, Sunday, and His resurrection has a preplanned nature to it.

The Tribulation too is preplanned and it is referred to by the rumbling scene and things falling in the vision (earthquakes symbolize events of the Great Tribulation). The link to the Christmas Watchman Prophecy with the DNA helix and thin bars is also a reference to the Tribulation (see the Christmas Watchman Prophecy). It's being noted because going through the Tribulation is also about the positive effects of hardship to mature us further. It is not all about judgment. God wants us to know true spiritual fullness and understand that putting on sorrow is a virtue we should all understand.

When we walk in a very close relationship with God through the hard times of the Tribulation, we will be renewed and refined in ways that are impossible with trivial hardships and change. We can see this virtue in Scripture like:

As I compiled the list above, I noticed the last verse is numbered 4:13, which goes with the whole 4:13 thread here. It is yet another example of Scripture being God-breathed exactly as He wanted. See
10/1/2009, 7/7/2010, 7/30/2010 and Chapter Seven in the Messages for more examples.

Having sorrow and suffering as Christ did should be an expected part of our Christian walk. It may be a part of maturing with God, but be assured there is the promise of hope in the 4:13 guidance, because the number four means hope and thirteen means great promise and blessing (see 7/7/2010 and The Meaning of Numbers).

=> ROD LIFTING VEIL (Christmas Watchman Prophecy), http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=8319001995758840808
=> Messages (Chapter 7), http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=8161957154485815272#j_8000581169678284776
Messages (The Meaning of Numbers), http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=8161957154485815272#j_8509252532317486056

5/28/2011 Saturday
Song, "Firework" by Katy Perry;

Goes with the next batch of songs on 7/12/2011.

=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds

2011 July, August September 8/25/2011 8:25 PM
7/12/2011 Tuesday
Songs on Colbie Caillat's album All Of You;

God is a personal God as well as Holy and Revered Lord. I've had numerous experiences relaying how He sends personal messages and "gifts" to give encouragement and show His love and support for us as individuals
(see 11/3/2010). The SONGS thread also shows this, and today Colbie Caillat's newest album, All Of You, was released on my birthday. I had it stream into my computer after hearing about it the night before when Colbie announced a song from the album on Twitter, "Brighter Than The Sun."

The title imagery piqued my interest because of the last song in this thread (Firework, see 5/28/2011) and the many visions and guidance related to shining bright and witnessing for the Lord. This new song was the next step in this guidance because in the last song, Katy Perry sings, "Even brighter than the moon..." while Colbie sings about being "Brighter Than The Sun," a natural progression I'm sure the singers didn't consciously orchestrate.

However, I knew God's orchestration was behind the progression because of further guidance and the content in Colbie's new album, All Of You. They all refer to completing God's plans for having true love with Christ in the Pure Bride and Brideship.

Around lunchtime while I was listening to "Brighter Than The Sun," I went back to my computer to see an iTunes update window on the screen. It was curious, because it said the new version was "2.13" and stamped with a 2.22. These are numbers with meanings that also point back to Brideship and its great promise of love and blessing (see 10/1/2009 and The Meaning of Numbers). It appeared to be a normal update window, but the synching with the songs and numbers was very curious.

Later, I got visions about the update window stating I had a duty to share the guidance about the songs, because it became clear that God was also saying He wanted "ALL OF YOU (Colbie's album title)" - every single person, no matter their circumstance or what they've done wrong. He shows no favoritism with eternal salvation (Acts 10:34).

=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1910734824069846760
=> Messages (The Meaning of Numbers), http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=8161957154485815272#j_8509252532317486056

8/10/2011 Wednesday
a small, feminine hand at left facing right (a left hand) with the thumb painted in a bright, light pink color (RE: this - square blocks of overlaid light with four prongs at the corners like a square cut gem, then a diamond shape is inside the blocks and shining rays of light project out and move about, then the light rays flow toward the right; (RE: the gem - at left, very bright white material sunken in a surface, then it is inside a very small slender spoon head facing me with a small heap of very bright white glowing material in it, the spoon is like used for scooping sugar into tea, the spoon is held facing me a little, then it is moved right and the white material is dumped into something on the right side and the spoon is tapped at the same time to get all the material out);

This guidance links to the theme on
12/20/2010 about the church's problem of using too much carnal, worldly focus. It makes her dismiss the truth about God's desire to move her into Brideship (see 12/20/2010). This guidance is also another excellent example of God stapling spiritual things with the physical world in how He uses real people and objects to get His point across (see also 5/4/2010, 11/7/2010, 12/20/2010, and 10/28/2011).

The original vision had very little to go on, but with subsequent visions and an magazine article a month later, the picture became clear. On September 1st, I was looking at a US Weekly magazine and noticed how Kim Kardashian's engagement ring looked exactly like the gem in visions, appearing layered and overlaid and mounted with four prongs at the corners. Then I noticed her photo showed her left hand on her hip with the same light, pink nail polish as the first vision, but her thumb was hidden behind fabric. The vision showed the thumb clearly, though, which symbolizes how God is using the two images - spiritual and physical - together to make a complete picture.

What is the picture? It has to do with Kim's enormous 20.5 carat diamond engagement ring and a truth that needs to be conveyed about the church's focus problem and Brideship (square gem, white sunken material, white material in spoon). She is blind to God's Marriage plans because she hasn't learned how to properly see the truth (white material in spoon) and filter out her carnal interpretations. The teaspoon goes with teapot symbolism about knowing how to understand revelation from God's Spirit, bit by bit (see 7/7/2010 and 10/13/2010).

This unbalanced focus on a worldly and physically based relationship with God that overemphasizes celebration (Kim's oversized gem) has caused the church to dismiss the truth that God wants all His people to change, understand His laws, and fulfill Brideship. However, the Harlot Church so completely believes the untruths that love and faith in Christ are the only things needed for salvation and a healthy life with God, that she has unwittingly made God's people miss His plans in Brideship and instead promotes her own incorrect ideas of a fulfilled life with Christ.
Sometime after posting this guidance, I found out through friends on 11/1/2011 that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce only 72 days after getting married. She stated that all the excitement of the engagement and wedding prevented her from seeing that she didn't truly love her ex-husband. People everywhere were talking about how the extravagantly funded and advertised engagement and wedding was a sham and farce. I then knew that God had used Kim as a symbolic example of false brideship in the church before she even wed, as well as a literal example of what happens when the church lets physical things distract her from the truth. It isn't just a shame, though, but also very saddening to God that His people are not moving in true Brideship, because they're focused on the wrong things, like versions of God and His Kingdom that are not based on the solid foundation of His laws and covenants (see 11/23/2010). He wants our focus to move to the true principles of His Kingdom. He's given so much evidence to the truth through Remembrance and the testimony here that it should be plain for His people.


8/22/2011 Monday
very vivid in center of view, a very tall skyscraper with a large explosion at its top left side and glowing light there, then the building began to crumble, the scene zoomed out and spun around to show it was the only tall building in the area, there were no other skyscrapers around it, but it continued to stand after the explosion and shine with light;

This links to the song on

=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1910734824069846760

8/26/2011 Friday
Song, "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato;

I felt compelled to browse an old Entertainment Weekly magazine after lunch, which I had not looked through before. I was trying to find information about a summer movie I found interesting and flipping backwards through the magazine, a title in the music section caught my eye. It stopped me. It read, "'SKYSCRAPER' Demi Lovato."

I'd never heard of either the song or the singer, but the title had me remember the vision a few days earlier on
8/22/2011. Curious, I looked up the song on iTunes and saw the album cover for the single was similar to Colbie Caillat's cover for "Brighter Than The Sun" with bright sunlight in the corner (see 7/12/2011). I also noticed the release date for "Skyscraper" was only a few days from Colbie's release of her album on July 12th. Interesting... so I watched the official music video for Skyscraper on YouTube to listen to the whole song.

I found its theme matched the vision exactly, speaking about going through a tough ordeal, crumbling a bit and sorrowful, but still remain standing in the end, even strong and able to keep on shining. I also noticed in the video, Demi walked around a white picture frame, which made me remember the white frame from the visions on 3/5/2011. Many people would dismiss the links from this song to spiritual guidance as nothing more than coincidence, but I've found that an overly doubtful attitude is responsible for people letting God's guidance fall away and them not being able to understand what is important.

The chain of guidance related the white frame was about learning true spiritual fullness and the purpose for hardship, which is to mature and be renewed. True renewal and transformation can only happen after experiencing real hardship and sorrow. Trivial problems do nothing to make us learn and mature, and we can never really know the full measure of joy without experiencing the opposite (see 4/13/2011 and 4/17/2011).

This song and guidance highlights this very important wisdom again, because the world is so in love with love that they reject God and the truth in His Word, because they just can't see any reason for the tough reality or laws He made. But no matter how much of the truth we choose to believe, it doesn't change the full truth of what God says in both Scripture and His live Spoken Word we're seeing unfold now.

Popular "Zen" philosophies and the contemporary church full of unsound doctrine reject God's truth in this way. They overemphasize love and peace and reject anything they think is "hateful" or "unfair." There's a much bigger picture to be understood, so don't let what is popular blind you to the full truth. Being blinded by love is the same as blind anger. Both will not let reasonable logic sink in, even if it is the truth.

On the flip side, don't let the reality of hardship suck all the hope out of you either. It is real, but don't let it be your focus. Keep faith in Christ and focus on what He wants, which your commitment to Him in Brideship. Do that through everything and your renewal and eternal joy will surely come.

Right after viewing the "Skyscraper" video, I understood all the connections God was making and went to my journal to record it. I got another surprise when I saw the time was 2:13 pm, which is of course a very important number in all this (see 7/12/2011). You shouldn't be surprised after all the testimony I've given that God can work all these details to the exact second (see 7/10/2010 and 10/28/2011).

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9/13/2011 Tuesday
someone wave a pink triangle shaped fabric with black polka dot pattern on it and there was a black splotch or bar on the right of it obscuring the view; a black skirt with band at top hanging from a clothesline with wood clothespins, one pin in the middle is picked up and the skirt is lifted up by a point, then it is pinned again on the line, there was bright light in the background; someone pushing a huge heavy cube made of stone toward the upper left to slide it down a high steep hill that was covered with green grass down the slope, the cube slides down quickly goes left into the distance, then another person runs down the hill after it; many sections of white filmstrips staggered at left, then they move into a line at left and I see the top one only shows the top holes in the film;

This guidance begins a chain giving further detail and depth to the guidance related to the shadow heart on
10/28/2011. The chain reveals more deep truths about the church's problem of focusing too much on love and celebration. The first part of this guidance relates to the Harlot Church's condition of being out of Covenant (pink fabric represents out of Covenant, black spots refer to the spots on the church, see Three Major Spots) and that reasons for the church rejecting the truth are going to be revealed and corrected (black splotch obscuring view).

The triangle shape refers to other guidance about saw blade tickertapes. They represent information that pierces and cuts quickly, getting to the point and often deal with difficult to accept truths. These truths often cannot be fully understood with a superficial glance, but need further knowledge to go with them so the entire context becomes clear. Sometimes the information is presented too directly, which can make people reject the truth without further evaluation, such as saying the church who is not in Covenant lacks spiritual life. Without the details showing why that is true, the information is often dismissed because people don't believe it to be true.

Like the pink fabric, the black skirt on a clothesline also represents the Harlot's "clothing" or acts of being out of Covenant by following the wrong interpretations and paths (clothing represent our acts). The short skirt links to guidance about the Taylor Swift's song "You Belong With Me" where the popular girl, who represents the Harlot Church, "wears short skirts" (see 3/8/2011 and Royal Wedding Mayday). The wood clothespins represent ministry and the clothesline metaphor of washing clothes symbolize how the church needs to be cleansed of all the wrong notions and paths with God by learning and walking in the principles of Brideship. Her ministry needs to change because the skirt lifted by a point refers to guidance about fabrics lifted by a point that show how God is trying to move EVERYONE into true Brideship (see Refining Wisdom).

However, the church and rest of the world are blinded to God's true path and don't act because they let their worldly notions and priorities override what God is saying (bright light from behind refers to the lunar eclipse theme on 12/20/2010). Traditions and the wrong patterns of man are factors that keep people from changing, but this will change because an explosion of knowledge is ready to move them into the correct patterns of Brideship.

The church's problem of ignoring Brideship is being addressed by anointed teachers (person pushing large cube) who are making known the truths about why the church is ignoring Brideship, as well as to teach the deep, heavy principles of God's Kingdom based on the solid foundation of His laws (heavy stone cube represents the solid, deep principles of Brideship). Our efforts to bring Brideship forward will bring real spiritual renewal and growth to people who follow through to become the Pure Bride (green grass, person following cube down the hill).
As revealing as the guidance in this chain is, it is only half of the proof God gave in the River of Life (only top of holes on filmstrip shown). The scene of white filmstrips lining up refer to guidance God gave that links to movies. I've already written about much of the guidance related to songs (see Refining Wisdom), but I have yet to relay the information given through films (see 10/13/2010). It shows how God uses deep layers of communication and symbolism to show how the church fails to see the truth because of a Hollywood romance mentality - an ironic message that uses Hollywood productions to show the truth. This guidance gives further proof of how God uses anything and people everywhere with precise orchestration to send messages down the River of Life to get people to change and move deeper into spiritual truths.

See 9/27/2011 for the continuation of the shadow hearts stream.

=> REMEMBRANCE (Three Major Spots on the Body of Christ)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/churchwithoutspotorwrinkle.htm
=> Royal Wedding Mayday, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=5188967080414634984
=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1910734824069846760

9/19/2011 Monday
the upper left corner of a round hole in a surface going down in steps, three or four stepped layers that alternate metallic gold and silver, then the individual layers shifted to line up perfectly instead of being disjointed;

This begins a chain of guidance going through
9/25/2011, 10/13/2011 and 10/28/2011 about the difference between Godly love and worldly ideas of love that the church embraces. It also shows how God precisely orchestrates spiritual guidance with real-world elements to demonstrate His level of control and fingerprint of authenticity on guidance about Brideship (layers move to line up perfectly). Continue on 9/25/2011.


9/25/2011  Sunday
a round section of brushed metal material that rotated to align the ridges in the surface, it was the same material as the gold and silver stepped layers on 9/19/2011;

The images here and on
9/19/2011 and 10/28/2011 symbolize spiritual guidance lining up with physical things in ways that authenticates the guidance about Brideship as truly God-given information (round sections lining up). The stepped layers symbolize the gradual process of walking in Brideship and bringing refinement in increments as we learn how to follow God closely (gold and silver stepped layers, gold and silver both represent refinement) and sink into the role of His Pure Bride (stepped hole, see enduo 2/19/2011). Continue on 10/13/2011.


9/27/2011 Tuesday
a fleshy heart with a dark uvula hanging above it, then it is a solid bright white "loby" heart being squished by two fingers; jumping oval things leaping toward me going up stairs in a shaking scene like they are running away from something in the background; (RE: this - a short oval lipstick canister; many people walking in a stream from top right to lower left);

This guidance continues from
9/13/2011. The meaning of the "loby" or irregular, distorted heart (see representation below) came the next day when the vision connected to a suicide prevention program that singer Colbie Caillat helped promote. The organization used a loby heart in their advertising. The uvula in guidance generally symbolizes vocalization and singing, and here it refers to Colbie, who God had referred to in guidance before (see 7/12/2011 and Refining Wisdom). The uvula is dark to symbolize the false beliefs that worldly focus on love produces.

The lobe-like heart is shown fleshy to symbolize carnal or fleshy thinking as well. This focus problem has been shown to blind the church from seeing the truth of Brideship and other important knowledge (see 12/20/2010 and 8/10/2011). This is further demonstrated by correctly interpreting the guidance here to focus on the larger context of all the connected pieces instead of jumping to conclusions with only the pieces that are easy to connect, like I could have assumed that God wanted me to support the suicide prevention program because the first vision clearly points to it. However, that would have been an incorrect interpretation of the guidance and not the message God wanted to convey. We have to always allow God to interpret by using all the pieces of guidance given, otherwise we risk wasting a lot of time and resources taking the wrong courses of action and following the wrong conclusions.

Those truths being conveyed here are symbolized by the loby heart turning bright white. It is squeezed to symbolize pressure from the world and enemy trying to keep the truth from being accepted. The specific truth, here, has to do with the suicide or self-destruction theme. With the greater context given about shadow hearts and how the church is not going after true images of His Kingdom (see 10/28/2011), we can see it's the Harlot Church who has become a harm to herself and needs the principles of Brideship to bring her complete healing and renewal. The loby heart has come to represent this truth in guidance, though, sometimes the symbol refers to suicide in general.

The rest of the images refer to the church's shaky spiritual condition (shaking scene), and how once that knowledge is understood and accepted, it will get people to leave behind their old, shaky beliefs and jump into Brideship (ovals/lipstick jumping from shaking background and up stairs, people moving toward lower left). This chain continues on 10/30/2011.

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2011 October, November, December 11/22/2011 10:41 AM
10/13/2011 Thursday
felt a ring solidify on my left ring finger; a radiant woman standing in a gown at a distance with straight cone rays of light projecting left and right behind her, then something like a stick touched her head and a bright white glow of energy dropped from her head and down (RE: this - a white heart shape form above the radiant woman's head);

Kim Fate's flash drive;

RE: song, "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey - a white close up of an eye and eyelashes looking up and left;

This guidance is linked to
9/19/2011, 9/25/2011 and 10/28/2011 by the theme of aligning elements and love. The things given here show again how precise God is about orchestrating real people and things to line up with spiritual guidance. They also show how real destiny is, or rather that we are predestined for purposes by God before we are even born (Psalm 139:16, Jeremiah 1:5).

The feeling of the ring solidify on my hand was a spiritual-physical manifestation of the Pure Bride's wedding band. I don't have a physical ring on that hand, but I can often feel the tangible presence of a ring there. Sometimes it can be strongly felt like in this instance to reinforce other spiritual guidance. Spiritual rings felt on the hand have been reported by others walking in Brideship as well. They symbolize different aspects of sinking into Brideship, such as the wedding band here refers to being in Covenant (being wed by fulfilling Brideship) and the spiritual ring on the left index finger refers to the Meros ring, which symbolizes our inheritance or portion due to us as sons and daughters in God's Kingdom (from the Greek "meros"). These spiritual rings are another example of how real spiritual things are, even though they are unseen (see spiritual tears, 4/13/2011 and 4/14/2011), and further proof that fulfilling Brideship covenants result in tangible spiritual and physical renewal.

The solidifying ring and visions didn't mean much to me until about a half hour later when I found my nine year old son had an odd object in his pocket. I thought he was stashing away candy, but he told me it was a flash drive he found outside school. I told him to give it to me so I could find the owner and return it.

I put the flash drive in the computer and browsed the files. The first ones I noticed were lyrics and other files for an old 80's song, "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. Then in another file, I saw the flash drive belonged to someone named Kim Fate. A big smile came over me because I knew it was no accident "Fate" brought me Kim Fate's files. God had something to say through this.

I didn't know God's intent until I found a story Kim wrote about a tragedy in her life. Her husband suddenly passed away when she was young mother and expecting another baby soon. It was her darkest day, she said, but the amazing thing was at the end of the story. After the funeral, she was so tired, she collapsed on her bed and started sleeping. Then she was startled by someone sitting next to her on the bed and an intense bright white light, like nothing she's ever seen, turned on over her head - a light from an angelic presence, she thought.

She was so scared she didn't move. Then she felt a kiss on her forehead like a tingling electric spark going through her head, like fireworks. It wasn't like any kiss she felt in life. She knew in her heart is was her husband come back to visit her, so she opened her eyes, but only saw a shadow dissipate before her. She cried and laughed at the same time, rejoicing, and felt peace and happiness come over her. It was God's love to comfort her when she needed it most.

The details of Kim's angelic experience matched the visions I had a half hour before I found the story (radiant woman). Kim's electric kiss was shown in the visions by the stick touching the radiant woman's head and energy flowing down. With the vision of the white heart and other elements, I knew the guidance was about true, pure love from God (white heart) and keeping focus on the bigger picture instead of only on the parts that interest us (eye looking up), like the wonder of miracles and power of having God in our lives (see 8/10/2011).

The song "Don't Stop Believing" also has significance because of the vision related to it. Oddly enough, Kim's presentation file about the song had the album cover for Journey's Revelation album on the front page. That album contains a rerelease of the song. It was originally released in their Escape album in 1981, which I found also contains another interesting alignment that goes with the complete revelation (see 10/28/2011). These separate pieces fitting together show how God gives revelation and that we cannot jump to conclusions until all the pieces are given.

A lot of elements truly were lining up, just as the visions on 9/19/2011 and 9/25/2011 were symbolizing, but the final message God was giving through all this wouldn't be complete until 10/28/2011. Continue there.


10/28/2011 Friday
two layers of star fields, overlapped and rotating to line up (RE: this - a faint white heart gets narrow and splits down the middle but doesn't split completely, then a black down arrow above it keeps pressing down on it);

real shadow scene of a heart above corals
[see photos below] (RE: this - white faint heart; a faint white comet shoots up in center of scene leaving a faint white beam of light that lingers a while);

The guidance here completes the chain from
9/19/2011, 9/25/2011 and 10/13/2011. A main theme is that of destiny and Godly orchestration (lining up elements), which the aligning star fields here represent. The stars aligning also go with the overall love theme as well. We've all heard of star crossed lovers and how all the stars seem to line up when we fall in love.

The visions weren't the most interesting part of the guidance, though. Many hours after the visions, I was having a late breakfast in the dining room when I was struck by an image made from shadows on the wall facing me. I clearly saw a heart hanging from a branch and corals underneath. It shocked me because I knew there wasn't a heart hanging around my house and at the time I had been receiving a lot of guidance about love, so I knew the image was another perfectly timed "sign" from God.

The shadows were made from sunlight and potted plants that my mother keeps by the window
(photos below). Nobody touches them except to water, but they had grown and were positioned in exactly the right way to make the shadow scene on the wall in that moment. Normally, I'm not in the dining room at the right time to see shadows on the wall nor did they ever make a meaningful picture before, but this day everything lined up to reinforce the things God was revealing about love in weeks past. I noticed just a few days later, the leaves of the plants kept growing and changed the shadows so the picture was no longer the same, which shows further that God had timed everything correctly so I could understand the whole revelation in this chain of guidance.

God's amazing level of control isn't the most important thing to see here, though. The precision is simply a Godly fingerprint showing this information is authentically coming from Him. The important information is conveyed by the shadow scene, which is a parallel to the lunar eclipse analogy from 12/20/2010. That guidance spoke about how the church is blind to the truth of Brideship because of her worldly mindset and excessive focus on love and celebration
(faint white heart and fireworks, see 12/20/2010 and Kim Kardashian on 8/10/2011).

The shadows were made from sunlight on green plants, which symbolize God's wisdom and life, respectively. They represent true wisdom and life with God, but the world and church are focused on the heart (their worldly notions of love and God), which is only a shadow of the real thing
(shadow heart, faint white hearts). This is because the visions going with the shadow heart and stars lining up depict a faint, white heart.

This image is a contrast to the pure, white heart that went with the Kim Fate story and radiant woman (see 10/13/2011). The pure, white heart represents true notions of God's love, which is linked to His Pure Bride
(radiant woman), because the principles of Brideship bring true renewal and life to people as we keep sinking into the refinement of Brideship (gold and silver stepped layers, see 9/19/2011 and 9/25/2011). The gold and silver stepped layers symbolize how moving into Brideship is a gradual process of refinement (gold and silver both symbolize refinement) as we learn how to follow God's Spirit correctly and shed off old ways of thinking and doing things.

Without the real transformation and maturation of walking in Covenant, the church is only grabbing temporary and fuzzy, shifting shadows of God's wisdom, because she is incorrectly interpreting things with her mind instead of God's. Becoming the Pure Bride is how we realize the true destiny God has planned for us, but the church has been focused on shadows of this destiny, which is the meaning of the corals in the shadow scene. They link to guidance about sorrow and Lamentations 4:7 where corals (or rubies in some translations) refer to the former purity and glory of God's people (see 2/23/2011).

That purity and glory will only return by following God's true, well defined path into Brideship. It teaches us how to follow God closely as His pure and refined Wife and understanding the important details of His laws and covenants, but because the church is so focused on unrealistic, worldly notions of God and love, she is stuck on the topmost layers of God and not going any farther.

This problem isn't entirely the church's fault, though, because the guidance about the faint, white heart links to guidance about how the enemy, especially Python, influences the church. The faint heart is shown getting narrow to link it to other guidance showing how it turns into a sharp barb shape, depicting a dragon's or devil's tail. The heart splits down the middle here to symbolize how having carnal, worldly desires split our hearts so we cannot fully pursue God's purposes and Brideship.

The enemy constantly pressures us and uses our worldly desires to keep us off God's intended path, which is the symbolism of the dark arrow pressing down on the split, faint heart. The church has to realize this and start focusing more on God's solid foundations - His laws and covenants - instead of love and celebration. She has to let go of the shadows and phantoms of God and love because it gives her false happiness, hope and security when she continues out of Covenant by breaking God's laws, which ends up having her lose the blessings of protection and eternal happiness that His Pure Bride has earned.

That's why all this is linked to Kim Fate's experience with the electric angel kiss (see 10/13/2011). God's love and peace are real, powerful and tangible, just like Kim experienced in her time of need. The church is so focused on the exploding fireworks of God's love that she blows it out of proportion and elevates those things over the rest of God. She misses God's fullness in the deeper parts of His Kingdom, which require understanding laws and covenants and walking in obedience with God. That is the very definition of righteousness
(Deuteronomy 6:25, 1 John 3:7), because righteousness is not a belief or state alone. It is action - the result of what you do or don't do.

We must remember all these lessons about the true images of God and His Kingdom
(faint white firework lingering as a beacon). His plans of Brideship define those images, because His Pure Bride is synonymous with His Kingdom (see 12/25/2010). They promise the results of righteousness that only action with God can produce, so we have to set and keep our focus on God's goal of becoming His Pure Bride instead of the top layers of love and celebration.

That is the link up with the Journey song, "Don't Stop Believing," because the world and enemy keep pressuring us to step farther away from God and the truth by making us focus on shadows. It happened to me when I waffled in committing to Brideship
(see 6/7/2010), but correcting ourselves and standing firm in the full truth with unshakeable faith in God's ways is the only way to finish the race to heaven as He intends. Don't stop believing, because you will be tested and refined. We all are.

Use the principles of Brideship to Escape from false ideas of God that are only reflections of ourselves instead of His true Kingdom. That is the message in the album cover for Escape, the original album that "Don't Stop Believing" was recorded in. It shows a glowing hot vehicle
(symbolizing being refined by "hot" or hard to accept truth) breaking out of a mirror ball, which symbolizes false ideas of God's Kingdom, because spheres symbolize His Kingdom and mirrors represent reflections of ourselves. The mirror or reflective sphere represents false kingdoms of God because they are defined by our own ideas of God, morality and eternity. They reflect us, not God's true wisdom and truth.

This chain of guidance is an extraordinary example of God stapling spiritual things with the physical to a mind blowing level of accuracy. One element lining up after another after another to give a revelation. It's almost impossible, almost, to see this much physical correlation with spiritual guidance when you think about all the things that have to align to get the message across: visions starting weeks before correlating with physical signs and objects, many people and objects manipulated years and decades in advance from my mother choosing and placing the right kinds of plants by the window, to Kim Fate's files reaching me through my son, to Kim Fate's very name synching to the theme, to musicians and artists guided invisibly by God's hands (see Refining Wisdom for further examples). All of it preplanned to shape a bigger picture for God's purposes. How can anyone not believe in destiny and Brideship after so much correlation?

=> Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1910734824069846760

10/30/2011 Sunday
Oasis Meeting; a black heart turns slender hanging on a line or chain, then it turned into down arrow shape, then it was a V with white glowing round lights along the edge; at a distance, a tall slender black lighthouse with two white conical beams spinning around on top; the front of a radiant crown tiara like Princess Rapunzel; close up of the top of a white heart hanging from a line with a small bright white ball glowing inside near the top; the Princess Rapunzel tiara again, a little farther but glowing bright white and radiant; a white teardrop; (RE: these- a horizontal beam with a white ball in a transparent wall barrier at center, the ball and barrier are pushed left, then the left side of the beam becomes a dendrite  that grabs the ball and lifts it out the barrier toward left, but the ball changes into a tickertape that moves free of the dendrite's grasp);

The black heart hangs on a dark line to represent an enemy lure. This symbolizes how the enemy uses our worldly mindset about love and tendencies to emphasize emotions to lure us away from God's deeper truths, such as the principles of Brideship that make it clear God's laws are essential foundations of His Kingdom to understand.

Truths can come from Scripture or God's Spoken Word, but because the Harlot Church hasn't learned how to let God interpret the guidance, she often falls to serious errors of interpretation. She needs to learn and follow in the principles of Brideship, which will teach her how to correctly follow God and keep the interpretations of her own mind out of the mix (V down arrow with points of light). All the points of truth (white lights on V) about how we cannot trust our minds to interpret God's guidance and that the enemy uses our nature against us and God's purposes give more than enough reason to trust God completely about following into Covenant.

A big problem, though, is the church is not listening to God because she has unwittingly become what she was told not to be - an imposter that teaches the wrong things about God. The radiant crown refers to this truth. It refers to guidance about a con-artist replacing the Pure Bride (Rapunzel crown, see
11/23/2010). The black lighthouse shining light refers to the Harlot Church promoting the wrong doctrine and paths with God. She is the imposter, while the radiant Rapunzel crown refers to the Pure Bride's crown. It appears again farther away to parallel the black lighthouse at a distance. Combined with the symbolism of the white ball near the top of a heart on a line, the images note how the truths being revealed about the church's condition and being on the wrong paths with God should make us distance ourselves from the erroneous teaching of the popular Harlot Church (objects appear at distance, dendrite let go of ball/tickertape).

The church doesn't understand she is doing the wrong things and opposing God's plans. This also has to do with her worldly mindset (dendrite symbolism). The beam pushing the ball through a barrier to the left symbolizes God's anointed servants trying to get the church into Brideship, but there's a barrier (wall barrier), which is the church's worldly views opposing the truth. The dendrite grabbing the ball represents how the church uses her carnal mind to understand God's guidance. The ball turns into a tickertape and is let go to symbolize how she must let go of her interpretations (dendrite lets go) and trust God's interpretations given through His Spoken Word and revealed to His anointed servants (tickertape, light beam).

The only way the church will move quickly into the deep spiritual truth and maturation of Brideship is if she lets go of her old ways of thinking and wrong ideas of God and His Kingdom. She must give complete control and trust over to God instead of trust in her own understanding (Proverbs 3:9).

All this is being revealed and made clear, because God expresses great sorrow for His people being lost to the wrong paths that the church promotes (white teardrop). People are being lost now and in eternity because they don't understand the details of God's laws and the serious consequences of breaking them. He wants us all to understand these truths and how important it is to follow through in Brideship. Action is required to move into Covenant as well as spread the message to the world. There really is nothing more important to focus on than completing Brideship, because God takes care of everything else that is important as we walk in Covenant and follow His Spirit in the River of Life. Our true destinies are in it, but if you miss what He gives in the River, you'll miss the very best destiny God has for you.

This stream continues on 12/7/2011.


12/3/2011 Saturday
the Word, SSL;

SSL is an acronym meaning Secure Sockets Layer, which is a standard of communications encryption over the Internet. This leads into
12/14/2011 about how God encrypts more than one message into His Word, both Written in Scripture and in His live Spoken Word now, as well as inside physical guidance and signs, like information taken from music and films (see the SONGS and MOVIES chains of guidance starting on 12/10/2009 and 10/13/2010). This notes how God points to parts of physical works, like art, song lyrics and films, to include in a larger prophetic message, so we can never jump to conclusions about other parts of the work that don't have anything to do with God's message. See 12/14/2011 for further notes.


12/6/2011 Tuesday
near top right, a white feathery hairy plant stalk grows toward the left horizontally, then it turns into plant with thick, smooth, lush green leaves, like a kind of tropical plant flower, then the scene changed to a rigid white inverted teardrop object that swung like a leg on crutches going left;

This vision links to
12/16/2011. It depicts a feathery plant growing at the top of the scene, which symbolizes how people are not getting true spiritual growth because of focusing on truths that are taken too far (feathery hairy quality). These truths come from the top layers of Godly wisdom (plant at top) and become skewed and untrue because they are interpreted with a worldly mindset (plant grows toward left which symbolizes growing toward the physical).

The plant turns into a thick, smooth green plant to symbolize how to realize true spiritual growth and life. This has to do with understanding the next image, which refers to guidance on 12/16/2011 contained in the A Time To Kill movie (rigid teardrop on crutches refers to the witness on crutches and rigidity of a leg cast). The white of the plant and the teardrop here symbolizes to the truth of that guidance, which is that overemphasizing emotions and passion prevents people from thinking clearly.

This skewed focus prevents true spiritual growth because it makes the church overlook the details of God's laws and covenants. They still have consequences if we break them, which refers to the teardrop shape. It symbolizes the hardship and sorrow the church is experiencing because she is breaking God's laws and out of Covenant. This truth needs to be understood and accepted to stop the bad spiritual growth depicted by the first growing plant. But it doesn't stop there. The church must also proceed into the full truth of Brideship to change her spiritual growth into a full and vibrant life with God.

Continue this stream on 12/16/2011.


12/7/2011 Wednesday
RE: heart stamped coins - a white sheet hanging from a horizontal rod is washed and drips and brought left; a fake jellyfish going right is blown left;

Matthew 17:24 - "The Temple Tax" where Jesus makes Peter go far out of the way to pay the tax from an outside source;

I was working on notes for the "loby" heart
(see 9/27/2011) when I found a curious image of coins stamped with irregular, loby hearts in an Internet search. It peaked my interest because of previous guidance I've had about a coin stamped with a heart. The image lead me to an article about Reverend Robert Poole, a theologian, who stayed in Gibraltar during the late 1740's and wrote about his experiences there.

He noted that the government of Gibraltar started to cut hearts out of their silver coins to distinguish them from the currency of neighboring Spain because both countries used the same currency. The coins could be purchased cheaper in Gibraltar, though, which lead people to buy them there and transport them to Spain for a profit. The government of Gibraltar decided to stamp hearts out of their coins to prevent people from trading their currency.

The officially stamped coins had a loby heart shape in them (see images below), while the fakes had more regularly shaped hearts in them. I knew all the links of the coins to this chain of guidance was not a coincidence, so I prayed and got the guidance related to the stamped coins and the Scripture of Matthew 17:24, which also refers to coins for the payment of the temple tax. These are interesting links, but the important thing to note about the Scripture is understanding why Jesus made Peter go to extreme lengths to get the money for the tax. It has to do with the tithe and using God's money only for its intended purposes.

The stamped coins are another amazing example of God stapling the physical with the spiritual. This time, instead of preparing things years or decades in advance (see 10/13/2011 and 10/28/2011), He prepared the evidence over 260 years before having it link to spiritual guidance today. The Lord truly does go before us (Deuteronomy 1:30, 9:3, 31:3, 31:8; Isaiah 45:14, 52:12; Psalm 68:7).

These coins link to the shadow and loby hearts guidance (loby hearts), as well as guidance about the Brideship Covenant of tithing with the Scripture of Matthew 17. God gave these coins to combat the church's stubbornness and wash away the untruth that she wants to hold on to (sheet being washed). The influence of the enemy trying to keep the church from accepting the truth (fake jellyfish symbolizes Python, see 1/16/2011) makes it difficult for the church to see things clearly, so like Thomas, one of Jesus' original 12 disciples, would not believe He was resurrected until he saw and touched the wounds of Christ (John 20:24-29), the church too sometimes needs even more tangible evidence that God is behind the prophesying here and in Remembrance despite all the evidence already given. All of it adds up with the other physical proof and precise lining up of elements in guidance (see 10/28/2011) to authenticate the truth that the Harlot Church is a harm to herself and needs to be healed and renewed with Brideship (loby heart symbolizes suicide, see 9/27/2011, authentic coins have a loby heart).

Furthermore, this guidance links to tithing correctly (Matthew 17), because the church's incorrect way of handling it is a big part of why she is in harm's way. When the law of tithing is broken, it allows the church to be cursed with all sorts of bad things that have been documented here and in Remembrance. Understanding why this is happening requires knowing that the tithe is sacred, which means the money belongs to God (Deuteronomy 26:13) and cannot be used for anything other than how God declared. The church has been using the tithe to pay for anything she wishes, which breaks the law of tithing by keeping the full tithe obligation we have to God (10% of our wealth) from being fulfilled. God's tithe money must be kept completely separate from other money, so it can be used as God wants. That leads to the Scripture of Matthew 17, which backs up this important part of tithing correctly.

Most people don't see what the end of Matthew 17 has to do with tithing, but it's actually one of the few things God gave in the New Testament to reinforce the current law of tithing and shows that God's money is sacred (Deuteronomy 26:13), which means it belongs to God, not the church, and must be treated exactly as He declared and not to be used for anything else. This means that the church needs to collect separate funds for money to be used in a general way. The Jews used to do that by collecting a temple maintenance fee that was separate from the tithe.

This careful separation of funds is shown in Matthew 17:27 when Jesus stops Peter from getting money for the tax from the church purse, which is why Peter went back into the house after the collectors asked for it. But seeing this, Jesus told Peter to get the tax money from a fish, of all things, instead of the church purse. Jesus corrected Peter on this and made it a point to go out of the way (far, far out) to ensure that God's money is used properly.

This Scripture is just one instance out of many that God gave with meaning that isn't obvious until He reveals it by His Spirit (2 Timothy 2:11 is another good example, see The True Gospel). The church gets the wrong messages because she interprets things using her own thinking and knowledge and misses the fine points that come from important details of context that are not recorded in the Words. An important point at the end of Matthew 17 is not only about how to handle taxes, but how to handle God's money.

Tithe money cannot be used for taxes, buildings, supplies, wages, processing fees, or anything other than what God declared it for today. Using it otherwise amounts to robbing God as He states in Malachi 3:8-9, and breaks the Law of Tithing just the same as if you did not tithe enough or at all.

God's tithe can only be given directly into the hands of certain people or used to supply appointed feasts. See Properly Handling God's Tithe and Our Taxes for complete details on what the tithe can be used for.

Like Peter, we too must go out of our way to ensure God's money is used properly, because it does equate to robbing God when all of it doesn't reach its intended recipients or usage (Malachi 3:8, see Walking In Righteousness for a clear, graphic illustration). Churches and ministries who receive the tithe from people must ensure it goes only to the people and purposes God wants (see Tithing and Properly Handling God's Tithe). They must pay for everything else from a separate collection or out of their own pockets.

Everyone in the church is responsible (not just leaders) for seeing that their tithe obligation to God is kept and used correctly. That includes taking care of any back debt we owe God because of improper tithing, such as by giving your tithe to a ministry that misuses the money, or not tithing at all. Doing so isn't just about the curses and blessings associated with the law of tithing, but it is about righteousness, helping the needy, and being close to God. Tithing correctly is a Brideship Covenant because of this. God's Kingdom would function most effectively if everyone tithed correctly and His money went to where He wants it.

The Pure Bride, God's Wed Wife, knows how to handle His money exactly as He wants. It flows into the Brideship Covenant of following His Spirit because the directions for distributing His money comes directly from His Spirit, as does the rest of His Kingdom instructions.

The principles of Brideship teach us how to correctly follow and be close to God, so that all the wrong notions and teaching about Him and His Kingdom fall away. They renew and change His ailing Bride by loosening her hold on fairytale dreams and replace them with sound knowledge that places her firmly on the solid foundation of His laws and covenants.

Those laws are much more important to observe correctly than the traditions of man that have misconstrued the truth. An example is Mark 7:4 where it notes the Jewish leaders observed many traditions that are worthless. And in Mark 7:8 Jesus says, "You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to the traditions of men... You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions!" Jesus was talking about the Jews using the excuse of "Corban" (Leviticus 1:2) to dedicate money and possessions to the Lord so they could avoid giving anything to their parents, but they ended up using that money for themselves.

This Scripture parallels how the Harlot Church is operating and using God's tithe today. The church is making excuses, just as the Jews did, to free themselves of financial obligations that God declared. The Harlot Church does not treat the tithe as holy or belonging to God because of her misconceptions. She spends the money as she wishes, falling into sin and disobedience even if she doesn't know it.

However, Remembrance, the Messages, and the guidance here convey logically and Scripturally why and how the tithe is still a law in force today. It is a major problem God wants corrected in His people and a requirement of coming into Brideship (one of the three main spots in the Harlot Bride that needs cleansing and are corrected by the three covenants of Brideship, see 3/6/2009).

You may wonder why God had the authentic coins stamped with a loby heart. It can only be understood when combined with other guidance from His Spirit that notes how coins represent "change" (the verb) and the loby heart represents suicide and the church's unwitting suicide from walking in false beliefs that come from our fleshy or carnal way of thinking.

Using the full understanding of how God uses symbolism in guidance, it becomes clear the authentic coins represent the authentic command from God to change our ways by correcting our false beliefs, such as how to tithe and how salvation works, so that we no longer commit unwitting suicide brought by suffering curses from sin. His message in the coins then is, "Your worldly ways of thinking and doing things does you great harm. Change your worldly hearts to think as I do." That means we must include the full picture of God's Kingdom, which includes His laws and covenants, and walk in them as He declares.

See Properly Handling God's Tithe and Our Taxes for more details about the tithe, taxes and how to deliver the tithe correctly.

This stream continues on 12/16/2011.

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12/14/2011 Wednesday
a lucid vision, I was looking at a long strip of paper with text paragraphs in it and when reading it, I noticed one paragraph I did not write; as I read it, I knew the Lord had inserted it; the text was in modern urban language and I found it amusing and amazing He put it there;

This links to the Word, "SSL," on
12/3/2011 and further notes how God encrypts or "inserts" (paragraph inserted) multiple messages and meaning into His Word that often isn't obvious until He reveals its deeper meaning. The note about God revealing the meaning is important, because anyone can interpret His Word any number of ways, which would be incorrect. We can never jump to conclusions using our own minds, but allow God to interpret through following His guidance correctly.

This deeper layer of encryption is another fingerprint of God that can be seen in Scripture and His live Spoken Word, such as the guidance in this chart (long text being read). I've noted this quality in prophetic guidance many times over the years, seeing that God often instructs on one subject in the moment while also revealing meaning or prophesying about another subject using the very same guidance.

This quality also shows how important it is to keep a detailed journal of spiritual guidance that you can review over time. Unless you have a perfect photographic memory, you won't be able to let God connect the guidance from His Spirit, and your part in His destiny will fall away in forgotten dreams, literally. I must also note that even though God puts multiple meanings into prophetic guidance, we can never jump to conclusions about that. We must always remember to follow His Spirit correctly and let Him complete the picture over time.

The reference to modern language here refers to "old" prophecies in Scripture, such as some that have already been fulfilled, being used or encrypted to also prophecy about further events, like the times we're in now. The Word, SSL, also refers to the theme of encrypting for modern times.

Examples of this multi-layered prophesying are:
  • Ezekiel 26 and Isaiah 23 foretelling the fall of Tyre, which also prophesies victory over Python and the enemy's control of the church (see 2/2/2009 and 5/14/2009)
  • Isaiah 14:12 where it foretells the king of Babylon, which also links to the fall of Satan (Luke 10:18, Revelation 12:9) and the "Babylon" of our time in Revelation 18.
  • Isaiah 33, which is popularly attributed to the fall of Assyria, but also prophesies about the Last Days now and the wars in the Middle East (see Message 3 in the Messages)
  • The Books of Haggai and Zechariah tell about rebuilding the Lord's Temple in that time and also prophesies about building the Lord's Pure Bride, which is His New Jerusalem "temple" now and into eternity (see 1/31/2009 and 11/6/2009)
  • Jeremiah 2 states how Israel has forsaken God by rebelling against Him and "digging her own cisterns" (Jeremiah 2:8, 2:13), which links to all the prophesying about the 213 Promise of Brideship that is correcting the church's false paths today and her "broken cisterns that cannot hold water" (see 3/10/2009 and 3/23/2009); the broken cisterns or leaking water wells refer to the church not listening to God through His Spirit;
  • Acts 10:9 to 10:48, gives a Biblical example of following God's Spirit correctly by connecting more than one piece of guidance, as well as showing how more than one message is conveyed in that stream of guidance. In Acts 10:9, Peter gets a vision and Words telling him that all manner of food can be eaten. That was the first message and piece of guidance. Then later, Cornelius the centurion meets with Peter because an angel told him to call Peter for a revelation. Peter is then able to connect the visit with the centurion, who was a gentile or non-Jew, with the guidance about not segregating food to mean that God's gift of eternal salvation was also not meant to be segregated. God welcomes and forgives anyone if they fulfill the covenant terms for eternal salvation, no matter their circumstances or what they had done wrong (Acts 10:34). An important thing to point out in this is that Peter connected the pieces of guidance through the Holy Spirit within him, which gives a tangible feeling of revelation when God's messages are correctly understood. Without allowing God's Spirit to connect guidance, we are still only using our own minds to interpret, even if we have the Holy Spirit. This leads to serious errors of interpretation and is a very important point to understand and get away from when we learn how to correctly follow His Spirit in Brideship.
  • In Matthew 23:26 and Luke 11:40-41, Jesus tells the Pharisees they must clean the inside of the cup/bowl first, and then the outside will also be clean. He said in Luke that God made both the outside and the inside and that giving charitably would make them clean. However, it does not make much sense if you take those words literally, because simply giving charity does not make "all things clean" for us as Jesus says there. Common interpretations assume God is only talking about giving out charity to people or having a righteous heart, but God is talking in parable and metaphor to the Pharisees.

    Cleaning the inside of the cup and plate is also a metaphor for the cleansing of our body and spirit through being reborn with God's Spirit when we are truly saved into His Kingdom. The symbolism doesn't just refer to wanting to do righteousness in our heart. This inside cleansing through Jesus's blood and Spirit is noted in Hebrews 9:13-14 and Hebrews 10:19-22. It allows us to come near God behind the curtain where God's Presence is in the Most Holy Place, simply as we are, because we have been cleansed inside by His Spirit if we are saved. This is analogous to how the high priests went behind the curtain in God's temple where the Ark of the Covenant and God's Presence was after they were sure to be ceremonially clean.

    Once we understand the metaphor of truly being clean on the inside through our rebirth with the Holy Spirit, we can see Jesus is telling the Pharisees that they need to be saved and reborn in His New Covenant of Grace as well as to have a righteous "charitable" heart. Only then could all things truly be clean for them.

    God's dual meaning of becoming saved and reborn and also of walking with a righteous heart here, is further linked in John 13:10-11 to say that Judas was not saved or "clean" like the other disciples were, at least when he betrayed Jesus. After all, how could God's Spirit in Judas betray Himself if Judas was saved? However, there's nothing in Scripture to say that Judas did not become saved after he realized what great wrong he did to Jesus, so I hope in the time between he realized his mistake and his death that he did confess his belief in Christ to someone to gain his eternal salvation. God's Love and Grace is so great such that all our sin is forgiven in the New Covenant of Grace if we just fulfill its terms.
=> Messages (Declaring the Last Days, Message 3)
=> Messages (213 Promise in Messages 9 and 10, Chapter 3)
=> REMEMBRANCE (How the Holy Spirit Teaches)
, http://www.takehisheart.com/holyspiritspiritualthings.htm

12/16/2011 Friday
two scenes in the movie A Time To Kill - a bleeding heart with a lit candle in it shown in the background of a jail cell scene (at 22 minutes); the witness testimony of the crippled police officer at the trial (at 1 hour 39 minutes);

This movie links to the visions on
12/6/2011 and shadow hearts chain of guidance starting on 9/19/2011 and going through 10/28/2011 and 12/7/2011. It gives another example of God's fingerprint authenticating the validity of this guidance because of all the physical elements that needed to line up to get the revelation. It isn't just that physical elements from a movie released in 1996 links to spiritual guidance, but that I came to watch the movie on this day because a friend gave me the DVD unexpectedly (see 11/3/2010 and 10/28/2011 for more guidance hinging on physical objects coming from other people).

I watched it at the right time to notice the two elements in the movie synching up with spiritual guidance being received at the time. The bleeding heart on the jail house wall was an obvious link to the SHADOWS guidance, but the candle in the heart also has meaning. Lit candles usually symbolize the role to witness the truth, and here combined with the heart, the image refer to giving the truth about what is contained in both the SHADOWS and MOVIES chains of guidance.

The second piece of guidance comes from linking the scene of the crippled deputy's testimony with the visions on 12/6/2011 and greater context contained in the SHADOWS and MOVIES streams of guidance - that of bad, worldly focus causing the church to not understand or accept the true mechanics of God's Kingdom. The specific message here is that the overemphasis of emotions and passion is not how the church should interpret God's laws and covenants.

The testimony of the deputy emphasized how he would not hold his friend accountable for murdering the people who harmed his daughter, because he would have done the same thing if that happened to his own daughter. In the end, the friend was acquitted for the murders, even though there was no doubt that he committed the crime. It is a result that did not uphold justice because there was little or no consequence for having broken a serious law.

This is being highlighted because God's laws and covenants do not work in the same way (see 10/25/2010). There are still serious consequences for breaking law and covenant, but the church has misconstrued the forgiveness of sins in Grace to mean that sinning has no consequences to worry about. However, the full truth is that having eternal salvation only saves a person from the consequence of eternal death in sin. Having eternal salvation does not negate anything else about breaking God's laws and covenants, such as the curses coming from sin.

The church needs to understand and accept these deeper truths, so she can move into true Brideship and get the renewal and blessing that walking in Covenant promises. This renewal is impossible without fulfilling God's covenants because spiritual growth and change are not promised by any other means. For example, it is impossible to be reborn with the Holy Spirit without having fulfilled the covenant terms for Grace by confessing faith in Jesus to another person (Matthew 10:32, see The True Gospel).

=> The True Gospel
, http://3rdcompass.com/core/network?c=jrnl&obj=1637356888129281768

2015 January 1/8/2015 1:00 PM
1/7/2015 Thursday
A woman from Virginia talked publicly about birds that came into her mother?s house. It happened two times before and in those two times someone died soon afterward. This time her mother panicked and she also worried and asked for God?s safety.

I had tried to move her toward Brideship before, but it did not look like she was taking any steps to it. In response to her asking for God?s safety, I told her:
"We can only have complete temporal safety in this life if we are unaccuseable of sin (see 1/8/2015 for more on this). The enemy not only takes away the Truth from us, but also works hard to accuse us of anything they can. I'm sure the Lord wants you to share what I teach with your mom and family. May you sow those seeds to bear good fruits through Christ Jesus. Amen."
People accused me and/or her of being superstitious about the birds and worrying for nothing. I responded:
"It's not about being superstitious. It looks to me that God is giving her guidance through signs. I'm certain He wants her to connect the dots with other spiritual guidance that notes how birds represent the enemy (Matthew 13:4,19; Mark 4:4,15; Luke 8:5,12) and how someone's home represents their beliefs. Together, God is saying that death comes from letting the enemy take away the Truth given to you so that it is taken out of your 'home' or beliefs, which I'm certain in this case is the life saving Truth about God's laws and covenants and Brideship that I shared with her. Knowing how it all works helps to prevent curses and bring us out of curses caused by our sin."

The most recent bird was a dove. I don?t know what kind of birds the first two were, but I know the dove symbolizes peace and the Holy Spirit, so it was obvious to me the Lord was linking His Spirit as guidance here, so I told them:
"Dove's have traditionally symbolized the Holy Spirit, peace and love. To me, the dove symbolizes God's guidance through His Spirit and has a double meaning with the love theme in that God is noting how our worldly way of thinking about love often has us blind in seeing the fullness of God's character and the full truth of how things work in the world and His Kingdom. That is, we often think that God is only a super-doting parent when we also have to realize He is Judge and He does condemn/punish everyone for their sins. Not even the angels are immune to being punished (2 Peter 2:4, Jude 1:6). God is the same as He always was and has His Ways and Purpose in doing things, so it is just as important to know Him through the history of the Old Testament as it is through Christ and the New Testament. His laws and covenants are still in effect, of which the New Covenant of Grace in Christ is just one out of many we must understand.

I believe these birds are God's guidance and He wants her family to understand the full truth as well as keep peace (because of the dove symbolism). We aren't supposed to let fear and anxiety overwhelm us, but continue to joy in God and His Kingdom despite seeing so much hardship in the world and despite understanding the more difficult Truths, such as God does punish us for sins we do not know we do. He had the Jews atone for sins they did not know they committed in the Law of Moses (Leviticus 5:14-19).

Through Christ, though, we are atoned for all our sins whether we know we did them or not, but that is eternal atonement for the next life and not temporal. We still need to pay for our sins in this life. You can see that happening everywhere when you see bad things happen to people who seem to be very good in following God's ways, but you still see them being cursed with bad things and dying before their time.

People just don't know what they do wrong, but God still judges them for it. Punishment for willful sin is more severe than for unwitting or unbelieving sin, but all sin is judged. Examples are homosexuals thinking they do not sin in their relationships or that much of popular culture believes that sexual intercourse before marriage is just fine. People think 'karma' just happens, but it is really the cause and effect of blessings and curses from breaking God's laws and covenants or walking in them correctly."

Then the next day I was reviewing Ministry Meeting Words from 11/23/2014 that were sent to me by Take His Heart. I was looking up the definition of "auspices" when I noted how it is also "a divination or prognostication, originally from observing birds" and immediately recalled the woman's birds.

I thought that was very, very interestingly timed, but I didn't want to jump to conclusions about linking them, so I prayed about telling her this guidance so she would believe that the Lord was trying to move her into Brideship.

Well, hardly a few moments passed when I got a message from her saying thank you for my help. I think she was talking about the tithe money I gave in her need, but I took the not so coincidental timing of her message as a nudge to tell her about God's Words, so I replied:
"Thank the Lord He led me to help you and not just in sending the money, but in sharing teaching and guidance. It's very interesting you speak to me just now, because I was looking at the Lord's Words from fellow servants I work with, and I feel some of them are directed towards you and what I said about the birds.

On November 23, 2014, the Lord gave the following Words, which I believe He wants me to share with you because of your timely message just now, which answered my prayer if I should share this with you.

The Words are: move forward, always forward / My auspices / allow Me in your midst / allow Me to lead, guide / My purposes, tend / Holy Ghost revival / time / for My chosen / you must allow Me first / foremost

The thing that links to you is the Word "My auspices". Auspices means: patronage; support; sponsorship; a favorable sign or propitious circumstance; a divination or prognostication, originally from observing birds.

Obviously, this is no coincidence and confirms what I said that the birds are guidance from the Lord and that He does want you to move forward in the things I teach, especially the principles of Brideship. May you do so and the Lord bless you in your endeavors to follow Him, through Christ Jesus. Amen."
Then she replied:
"It's interesting when my Mom called and was worried... Her words were... I want you to still "Move forward" with that you are doing... She said you are making good changes and don't stop at that... She said keep moving forward... and then you say those words."
Then I said:
"Praise God for how He weaves everything together. I think it is obvious what He wants you to do. Years ago when I did not believe, the Lord gave me amazing signs and things that lined up inexplicably so that I would recognize His Fingerprint to have me saved and follow on."
This woman is currently trying to walk in Brideship. It is a wonderful testimony and gives more examples of how God guides people and uses guidance from seemingly unrelated parties and links them up. It is also a good example of one of God's Fingerprints on guidance ? that He gives guidance that has more than one message to convey. I wrote about this "encryption" in 12/14/2011.

This is also not the first time I?ve seen the Lord give "auspices" through birds. I know another Christian woman who was active in pagan spirituality, and the Lord gave her signs through birds that made a spiral design. I recognized the spiral with my own guidance about "swirls of memory" that refer to remembering certain things and the Full Truth contained in Remembrance, so I told her the Lord wanted her to leave behind the pagan spiritualism because it is idolatry and He wanted her to move into the Full Truth contained in Brideship. She did leave behind the pagan spiritualism, but did not seem motivated to move into Brideship.

The auspices are unusual and it originally scared me that I could be sinning in "divination" by telling people what God means in the birds, but it is not divination when we let the Lord interpret the signs. That could not have happened if I wasn't already familiar with spiritual guidance from the Lord that gave me the correct picture automatically.

1/8/2015 Thursday

Scenes given to Roy Sauzek of Take His Heart showing mechanics of legal protections by following God's covenants (
see Legal Protection). One scene shows him being inside a large room with many doors of different sizes;

The scene where Roy is in the room of many doors depicted protection from the enemy by having all the doors shut. He said the doors could only be opened from the inside, which means it is our actions (or inactions: 2 Chronicles 19:10, Ezekiel 3:18-21, 33:8-9; Proverbs 24:11-12; Deuteronomy 22:1-4) that result in sin and opens the doors. Roy notes that deliberate disobedience to something the Lord told them to do or not to do was one way the doors were opened from the inside, but more specifically, it is any breaking of God's laws, commands or covenants that can open the doors and take away protection.

We need to remember there are still consequences for our sins in this life even though we have eternal Grace in Christ for the next life. God repays everyone for what they've done (Romans 2:6; Jeremiah 32:19; Numbers 14:18; Nahum 1:3; Hebrews 12:4-11) and judgment for our sins may come years after we commit them. That long delay for judgment is one reason why the Lord is described as "slow to anger" (Exodus 34:6, Numbers 14:18, Nehemiah 9:17, Psalm 86:15, 103:8, 145:8; Joel 2:13; Jonah 4:2; Nahum 1:3). He does not wish to cause harm (Joel 2:13, Jonah 4:2), but He must act as Judge.

The enemy also works constantly to accuse people of sin so that judgment comes quicker (Revelation 12:10), especially believers who try to do God's work and expand His Kingdom. Their attacks on people who choose to go into Brideship is especially pronounced, much like their attacks on new believers to try and turn them away from the Truth and Christ.

Progress for God's People is stifled when they are lost to curses or leave behind the Full Truth, so all this is important to remember when we walk in Brideship, because many people give up tithing correctly or walking in other principles of Brideship because they continue to be cursed with problems when they thought the covenant protections of Brideship would keep them from all harm.

However, the covenant protections of Brideship were more specifically stated to be from serious troubles, like those of the Great Tribulation and dying prematurely from cancer or other serious curses (see 1/26/2009, 3/3/2009, 10/25/2010, 1/19/2011 and Protection links below). Walking in Brideship is more like the covenant protection of the original Passover (see 1/19/2011) than a complete protection from anything bad, like minor illnesses or injuries.

Walking in Brideship is also a process where we slowly grow into more mature and knowledgeable disciples as we follow the guidance from God's Spirit. This takes time and brings us through tests, trials and tribulations to refine us, so we should not lose heart or faith in God's Kingdom principles and ways as He molds us into the people He wants us to be - those who are perfect and without sin as Jesus was on earth.

=> REMEMBRANCE  (Legal Protection), http://www.takehisheart.com/tithelegalprotectionlegallyprotect.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (God's Protections and His Plans), http://www.takehisheart.com/godsprotectionandplans.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (Protections), http://www.takehisheart.com/protect.htm
=> REMEMBRANCE (Covenant Protections), http://www.takehisheart.com/covenantprotections.htm

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